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  1. Thanks @Greenbaum, @BJ & Christine @Daniela M_______ and the others who’ve helped me through this journey, had my interview today and got my visa. You are all legends. @Greenbaum please send me your email address to forward you the Tanzanian p3. Good luck to the rest who are still waiting. Your time will come too.
  2. Thank you very much @Greenbaum I appreciate you with your kindness and help.
  3. Absolutely disappointed with the US Embassy in Dar es Salaam, my case has been ready for interview since the 12/11 but haven’t heard a thing, tried calling them/email but no reply, I just did my medicals and tried to go to the embassy, went there last week Thursday they said the interviews are conducted only on Thursday early in the morning, and the guard outside gave me a number and asked me to ring, rang them and the lady mentioned that they don’t have my file, rang the NVC, the NVC said the file was electronically sent on the 12/11, went back on Monday, the embassy was temporarily closed, went yesterday (Thursday), they said the interviews taken place on Thursdays are not for K1, the guards gave me their phone to ring inside, when I rang the lady mentioned they don’t have my file, I told them they have my file since the 12/11, after a long argument the lady asked me for my file number and now has told me to drop the documents on Monday and that they’ll let me know about the interview date. How Pathetic and unorganised Embassy this is. Iv never had such an experience with any countries iv travelled to. P.S I doubt if it’s a busy embassy as I hardly ever see anyone from Tanzania.
  4. Been trying to check in the DHL tracking system but don’t get any results.
  5. Hey guys, can anyone suggest me what am I suppose to do, been almost 2 weeks for my case to be ready for interview, I haven’t received a single correspondence with the local embassy. I rang them today after 12000 attempts and finally got hold of them and they say that they don’t have my file yet, the NVC says they are no longer in charge of my file. Iv travelled miles away to come and do the medicals, yet no sign of my visa.
  6. Aww maybe it’s the same for me then. I may have to wait to get p3. Thanks for the info.
  7. My case is ready for interview but can’t seem to get anything from the embassy or NVC. Can’t schedule my interview either, iv been told the payment should be made at the embassy.
  8. Hey guys, I really need help. I’ve submitted the Ds160 and got a confirmation however can’t seem to see a place where I need to make the payment, and the letter from NVC says the petition has been forwarded to the Embassy and that the Embassy will contact me when ready to process the petition. However my case case ready on CAEC. So do I wait for NVC to send me my interview date, do I have to book the interview and where can I do ? How should I make the payment.
  9. Just a question with the required documents, are they asking for copy or originals, doesn’t mention much there https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/family-immigration/nonimmigrant-visa-for-a-fiance-k-1.html#1 also, I know you mentioned this last time, I’ll just confirm again, it’s ok for my fiancée to send his docs on email isn’t It? Or?
  10. I’ll do that for sure @Greenbaum I remember this when you told me the last time. 🙂 thanks for everything. Really appreciate all your help.
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