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US Immigration from Sri Lanka

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Request for evidence” (RFE)
3:24 pm February 18, 2019


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Hello guys well i heard that no longer Request for evidence (RFE) option .. to complit our petition in 2nd mail it is true ? ....

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Expired passport
6:22 pm February 12, 2019


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Hello .. guys .. well i want to know one thing so seriously .. my passport expired at 28/3/2019 ... i submitted my k1 petition 25/1/2019 ... do you know any idea what will happen for our petition I'm now little nervous don't know what what will happen . I'm tired of waiting ..

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I'm a US Greencard Holder planning to marry my long time girlfriend (who is a sri lankan and currently an international student in Canada)
6:37 pm February 7, 2019


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Hi, I obtained my US Greencard recently (Born & lived in Sri Lanka), and planning to marry my long time girlfriend (born in Sri Lanka and currently an international student in Canada). I live in California and I have several doubt on the process.

During my search I found several visa centers have different processing times. And as I am living in California, California service center takes much long time to process the case(about 2-5 years).

1. Is there anyway to reduce this time limit?

2. She already has B1/B2 Visa from Canada, If we are marrying can she visit me during the process? or will her visa will be cancelled (at the port of the entry)?

3. Applying from Sri Lanka, or Canada which can make the process easy?

4. Is there anyone who lives in California, got approved visa? If yes, how long it took?

What are the things I can do to live with her and to minimize the time. Please explain. I'm worried.

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Applying for K1 visa after F1 visa danial
4:15 am January 17, 2019


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Me and my girlfriend have been dating for more than 7 years now. We both have been together in US for around 6 1/2 years. I was on F1 student visa and She is a US citizen. We had our life planned and nothing was stopping us from being together. I am currently enrolled in a university and pursuing my masters degree. My girlfriend lives with me and has a full time job as well.

Last December I came home (Sri Lanka) for vacation and had to renew my student visa because my previous visa was expired. I was rejected F1 visa twice for very unfair reasons and given the 214g form. I was told by many people I might be stuck here for a while with the current immigration situation in US. They are rejecting almost all the F1 visas in my country.

So the only way to be back with my girlfriend soon and to continue my studies is the K1 visa. We have lot of evidence to prove our relationship is legitimate but we have not had an engagement.

Do we really need to have an engagement before applying for K1 visa?

What effects will have my F1 visa rejections towards the K1 visa?

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On AP for 120 Days and Counting
10:36 pm January 2, 2019


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Hey everyone ~

My fiance has been on AP at the US embassy in Colombo, Sri Lanka since 4 September 2018 and our status on the CEAC site still has not changed from "Ready." We've emailed the embassy once a month and have gotten pretty generic responses. Our latest inquiry yielded this response ...

"Our office is waiting for certain clearances to further process your case. We understand your difficulty because of the delay in the processing. The timing for these clearances are generally based on the history of the case. Our office will contact you as soon as your case gets the clearance."

My fiance was born in Dubai, UAE and I'm aware that AP usually takes longer if the beneficiary is from a MENA country, so we're not really surprised.

Has anyone else's status been stuck on Ready? Also, does anyone else know what the "certain clearances" could be? Any advice appreciated!


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