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CEAC still shows refused.
7:08 pm May 9, 2021



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Hello everyone,

I have posted before, but still failed to input a proper timeline, sorry. But my question is one I do not find reading the forums. As background, I, a US citizen, met my love in Sri Lanka January 2018. We attempted a fianc e visa with a hired consultant and were DQ Feb 2019. The interview in Colombo followed Apr. 2019, a handwritten request for more docs was given, and these were all sent within a week, and receipt confirmed by the Embassy. We were then ghosted for months, and my query emails unanswered. At the suggestion of the consultant, I contacted my Senator, and they sent a query, which was answered in Nov 2019. The CO stated the visa was declined, and failed to provide reasons either to the Senator or myself. My Fianc e was called back to Colombo and her documents were returned and she was told by the Secretary she was refused. Again no reasons. Not knowing what to do, we determined to marry (Jan 3rd 2020) and pursue the Spousal route. We were DQ Apr 2020, her interview was Feb 2nd 2021, oddly they jumped the interview date up, and her medical exam was not complete due to appointment times. So that was needed, also they wanted a current police from Korea where she had worked as a youth, not accepting the one from the prior application, even though her passport showed she had not left the country. And they wanted documentation on my income, since beginning the process I had retired and current income showed below the requirement (this was not actual, my social security does not show on the 1040 Total Income line) So real total income was documented (again, she had it with her at interview, but CO declined to look) As well as something over 10 times the liquid investments required to sub for current income. I did the math for them, we got all together and everything has been at the embassy for 50 days.

So finally here is my question;

Would it help to try contacting the Embassy? She has read that 60 days is a " normal" time for decisions. CEAC has said " Refused" since Feb 8th 2021 2 days after her interview, and before any supplemental docs were sent. I got the feeling they were not being " professional" when they took 8 months after interview to advise of refusal in the Fianc e visa, (Never said so) and I do not want to have them get irritated with me now and do it again. So, Would it help to try contacting the Embassy?

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My husband case is DQ from nvc
2:01 am May 1, 2021



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Hi there

I m from srilanka. My spouse case accepted from nvc.

on April 9th 2021 .I got email Thats DQ from nvc.

so after this how long my spouse have to wait for interview? Now 3 wks completed

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Stimulus checks for new immigrants.
5:54 pm February 7, 2021


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Hey guys!! I just wanna know if I am eligible to receive the stimulus checks as a new CR1 visa holder. I haven t filled taxes yet. I just came to USA in last December. Any opinion would be highly appreciated. Thanks guys!!

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NVC review, income
12:10 am January 16, 2021



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Greetings. We (Sri Lankan spouse and I US citizen) just received notice from NVC that all documents were approved, but another notice says I ( petitioner) do not have the income required to sponsor she and 2 children. This is just another layer of difficulty presented, we first applied Fianc e, with a paid consultant and a beautiful presentation only to have the Embassy deny the visa , and refuse to explain, even to my Senator. And fail to return all Mary's originals. This is an exhausting and, painfully long story.

So I flew back, ( 4th time) we married ( 01/03/2020) and filed the I-864 in which I explained that as I have retired since beginning this, ( and lost my 6 figure income) and since my " total income" AGI, was now close to the line, due to deductions, that my current actual income ( documented in the I-864 with the receipts) was actually about double the required, and included the optional everything, with liquid at 400 and holdings about that also. I thought assets could offset total income? I gave them proof of assets. Is there something else to do, or is this just another way they deny these days.

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Help needed! Expiring GC end of jan 2021!!
3:29 pm January 4, 2021



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My GC will be expiring this month, office can t give stamp since I haven t done this before 6 months of period. But the the rep repeatedly said file I 90.
I don t have plan traveling anytime soon. Should I just apply for Citizenship? Or file for GC renewal? How this will effect me of living here until I receive my citizenship?

Any one ran into situation like this?
Thank you.

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