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US Immigration from Sri Lanka

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What to do when we are unable to optain police report (from Bahrain)
7:04 pm June 12, 2024



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Hello, I'm sponsoring my parents for their green cards. They went to the interview at the US embassy in our home country (Sri Lanka) yesterday. Dad got approved but mom's has a request for a document. This is for a police report. She worked in Bahrain about 42 years ago for about 12 months. She doesn't have any documents related to that stay any more. No old passports, or any ID she might have had in Bahrain. It all got destroyed in a fire. When I tried to obtain a police report from Bahrain they informed me that they will not be able to do so without an ID she might have used there all those years ago. The person I chat with wasn't even sure if they had the same ID system all those years ago. So I mentioned this when submitting docs to NVC and we got DQ'd. We were able to get police report for other places she lived. At the embassy though they have sent her back with a request for a police report. She had tried to explain but they shut her down with 'Nope we need a report'. We don't even have a Bahrain embassy in Sri Lanka. What do we do in this situation? I'm sure people have gone through the same situation.

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NVC messaged. You might not have a principal residence or be domiciled in the United States.
8:16 am May 23, 2024



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[You might not have a principal residence or be domiciled in the United States. Please submit proof of domicile. For more information on domicile requirements, visit https://nvc.state.gov/fin.]

I received the above message after I submitted my documents to nvc. I am living out of USA since 2012 up to now. But I have a house mortgaged in USA and currently one of my friend is living there and he is co-sponsoring my wife. I am planning to go with my family and start living there. So how should I reply to above message ?

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Wifes docs submitted to NVC and waiting for approval. Can I submit DS-260 for children now or should I wait ??
9:29 am May 17, 2024



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I petitioned for my two children and wife. So, I have 3 separate cases opened.

Since I am a US citizen my two biological children will be us citizens upon entry.

I just submitted my wife's civil documents to NVC.

What should I do for two children? can I submit their IV doc to NVC now or should I wait till wife gets her visa stamp?

We are planning to immigrate together.

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CEAC - ‘Ready’ Status
6:05 am May 16, 2024



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Good day to all,

The interview was held on March 19, 2024, and at the end of the interview, I was given a blue slip 221g without requesting any additional documentation.

After 3 weeks, we sent an email to the embassy, and they replied that the case is undergoing necessary administrative processing.

The date on the CEAC has been changing as follows, but the status remains as 'Ready': March 19th - Ready (Interview)

April 1st - Ready

April 10th - Ready (We received a reply from the embassy to an email we sent hence we assume they reviewed the file on this day)

May 10th - Ready

May 13th - Ready

We are confused why it says 'Ready' all the time as if we have to face an interview.

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221g - Blue Slip - Ready status after the interview
5:29 pm March 30, 2024



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I just want to know if anyone else has been through this situation. I had my IR1 interview almost 2 weeks ago. However, after the interview the consular officer gave me a 221g blue slip marked with no action or additional documentation required. Since then, the status has remained as 'Ready,' with only the date being updated. They kept my passport and the civil documents.


  • What will be the CEAC status after this?
  • When should I contact the embassy and find out the status of my visa?

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