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  1. Our case got ready on CEAC website on January 2023. Embassy did not contact us with the interview date, until the petitioner made a congressional inquiry. Interview date was received after 9 weeks. We received a phone call and had only one week notice before the interview date. Make sure to get your police report done early and have all the documents ready to go. Usually the medical takes few weeks, but in our case we were able to get the medical done the same week. It is better to get everything done before the interview so they don't have to delay your visa. Interview was straight forward. Asked questions about the relationship (First date, proposal, how many times met in person, petitioners job, state of residence, previous state petitioner resided in,asked proof of the engagement ring also a random question like why didn't you marry for so long). Also it is important to get all your documents originals, translations. After the interview we received a call in like a week to come and collect the passport. Keep tracking the CEAC website. Ours changed from application received- Approved- Issued. Once it states issued you can go and collect it on the specific dates and times listed on the embassy website. When we filed initially, K1 was the shortest route when compared to CR1. K1 processing times kept escalating and it took us 18 months in total to get our k1 visa. If you are considering K1, be aware that the processing times will likely be increased as you are waiting for USCIS approval. I recommend CR1 route for people who have a solid history in their relationships. Some people have experienced 1,2 years delays to receive their visa after CR1 interviews due to administrative processing. So weigh your options before picking the route that suits you. Hope this helps~!
  2. Hi I am a K1 applicant and my case has been marked ready on CEAC website since January 20th 2023 and I have not heard anything from the Colombo embassy. I was wondering if there are other people experiencing delays with the Colombo Sri Lanka consulate. Also if anyone have upcoming interviews. Thanks!
  3. You can go to CEAC website and check the status, but i was unable to create an account. My status says at NVC. I am not sure when NVC received my case. You only complete the DS160 when your case is ready at your consulate.
  4. I got my case number from NVC. NOA2 October 6th 2022 I did a public inquiry and they finally send the case number.
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