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Help understanding expedited review response
1:39 am May 8, 2021



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Hi, I applied for expedited review of I-765 based on pending I-485. We received the following email:

"We received your request to expedite the decision on your application. Your case is currently under review. You will receive a decision or notice of further action shortly."

Our case trackers shows the case is now closed. Does anyone have more information on what this means? Is the case under review, the actual I-765, or are we still waiting to hear back on whether the expedited review has been approved?

Thank you

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I-864 or I-864a
1:31 pm May 7, 2021



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Good morning,

our I-130 petition to bring my stepson to live with us in the US was approved and we are preparing to file our affidavit of support with NVC. So, I am the petitioner but have no income as a stay-at-home mom. We were previously living abroad and 2020 was my husband s first year in the US. We arrived in February and He began his job in June (thanks, Covid). His annual income is sufficient to file on our own, but it doesn t look like it going by our tax return for the year so my mom is filing as a joint sponsor. Because I have no income, does my husband file an I-864A or is our joint return and letter from his employer sufficient for the I-864?

Also, we are currently building a house and will be all living together. My mom will have an in-law suite in the new house. So would she file an I-864 or I-864A?

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Final step after interview
1:02 pm May 7, 2021

Chane S Steele

Chane S Steele

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Hi there,

Has anyone else been requested to provide/send their unabridged marriage certificate ?

Our concern is that

1)After we submit this certificate, will it be all and then we will be granted a visa or will there be more documents requested or a second interview date? (The interviewer stated that there will be no second interview required)

On the pink form the lady gave to me whom conducted the interview there is only one box ticked (the long version - unabridged marriage certificate)

She said that after they receive this document they will then make the decision weather my visa is approved.

It seems this is the only thing that is still a issue, nothing else.

2)Is there anything we are missing, that we should take in to account that could delay the process more after this supposed to be final step? (anyone who as any experience of this situation)

3)My husband has dual citizenship (being both American and South African) we got married on his South African identity - will this course any issues or would they be able to prove the link without requesting the documents, given he went through the naturalization process 10+ years ago?

On our original short version marriage certificate it shows his identification as South African ID witch they have in their system and I had the original that was handed back to me on the day of the interview - they had no remarks about.

4) While we are in the unknowing of how long until the visa gets approved given (now that we have to submit a document we were not aware of , the unabridged marriage certificate that takes around 6 to 8 weeks minimum time, could take 1 year worst case) we are considering other options, I asked the interviewer if I could possibly apply for a holiday visa and carry out the process further in the US - she responded by saying that (yes I can but there is no grantee that I will be approved)

Firstly I can't without my passport that they have with them, but I'm not sure. Is there anyone who has experienced applying for a holiday visa after their interview and what was the outcome of that?

I highly apricate any feedback on these matters.

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Co-sponsor Necessary?
12:36 pm April 26, 2021



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Good morning,

I am in the process of filing to bring my stepson to live in the US with us. Quick overview of my situation: I was living abroad with my husband for several years. We decided to move this side. Because I was not employed while living overseas my mom acted as a co-Sponsor for my husband. We arrived in the US just before COVID so we were not working until June of 2020. Our tax return obviously only reflects 6 months of employment, which wouldn t appear to be enough for sponsorship. My husband has received a promotion since and is now salaried.

my question is this, is a letter of employment with his salary amount enough evidence that we can indeed support our son or should we ask my mom to co-Sponsor again? If she does! Will we need to pay filing fees twice or would both affidavits be covered with one fee?

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Issue with moving case from embassies
6:25 pm April 24, 2021


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I am having a lot of trouble trying to get the Embassy in Guangzhou, China to transfer my case over to Johannesburg, South Africa.

I have contacted both, and both are telling me that they need requests from each other. I have even forwarded the email that I received from Guangzhou, to the SA embassy.

Does anyone know what I can do?

I sincerely could do with the help. This has been going on for about 2 weeks now.

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