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Where will my CR1 interview be conducted?
8:23 am May 16, 2022

Dewald & Brittney

Dewald & Brittney

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Hello everyone,

So my wife and I are still waiting on the I-130 to be approved, but I want to get my ducks in a row.

I currently live in Bangkok, which is where I work. I am also a South African, which begs the question on where will I have to conduct my interview?

Will it be possible to conduct it in Bangkok, which will save me a flight, or will I have to schedule it in South Africa?

Sorry for the rookie question and thanks in advance.


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Can a k1 petitioner be a joint sponsor for relative?
9:51 pm May 9, 2022


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Hi ! ???

I tried researching this information online and via VJ to no avail. I am the petitioner for my fiance and will be completing the AOS by myself. I make more than enough to meet the poverty guidelines for what would be a household size of 2 (non-military). I was recently asked to be a joint sponsor for another family member because their sponsor does not make enough. I initially declined given that I have to sponsor my partner. However, now I feel bad.

Does anyone know if there is a problem or red flag with sponsoring a spouse and being a joint sponsor?


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Steps once CR-1 holder is in the USA
9:52 am April 25, 2022


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Hi everyone,

We have received my husband s CR-1 spousal visa in February and are due to fly to the USA at the beginning of July. I have already paid the $220 social security payment from the info that came with the visa.

My question is what should we expect once in the USA. Are there any other steps we need to take upon arrival? Do we need to follow up with USCIS about the social security payment that was paid so they know to start to process this?

If we DON T have to do anything, how long should we expect to wait to receive his Green Card? My family goes to Canada for summer holiday and I m wonderibg if we will be able to join them or if we may still be waiting many weeks/months to receive his Green Card allowing him to travel.

It s been difficult to find any information on what happens AFTER getting to the US with the visa. I d appreciate any insight!



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Waiver and revoke
9:41 am April 22, 2022

Don Benny gold

Don Benny gold

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Hello everyone I submitted a waiver 2021 and during this process my i130 shows revoked while my waiver is about to be decided .please does that affect my waiver?

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time frame
2:50 am April 22, 2022



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My husband is preparing to apply for naturalization in July and we want to cruise in Dec. I was wondering do you think we will been done with naturalization by December. He will send his paperwork in July any advice is welcome thank you

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