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I-944 help.
7:06 am today



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If any could give some advice. My husband and I are submitting our I-130 and i-485. I know with the I-944, he has to show he will be able to Sustain on his own. He owns a house in South Africa, but unfortunately we don t have the copy of the deed or appraisal because it s locked in a safe at the home, which he has a key for here in the US. Would it be beneficial to write a letter explaining that he owns a house, and once he is able to get his AP, we plan to go get it so we can have at the interview. Or, should i leave this out? I am over the 125% poverty limit, so not sure if this would make a difference or not.

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I-765 Question
4:15 am yesterday



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Hello. I am filling out the I-765 form for my husband. We plan to send out I-130/I-485 applications in soon. We were rejected twice, and now correcting our mistakes. I noticed that the I-765 form will expire 05/31/2020. Should we wait until they update the form to send it back in, since 05/31 is Sunday? When will a new form be released?

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I-130 Help
10:35 pm May 26, 2020



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Hello. I have filed the I-130 form for my husband and it was rejected. We are trying to make corrections and i want to see what others put for certain questions. For question 21 part 2 date marriage ended, should we leave blank or put N/A. Also, for question 41 part 2, did you gain lawful permanent resident status through marriage, should I put no or leave blank. I am a U.S citizen, and i have seen some people leave blank and some choose no.

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How do I remove a previous Immigration application from my filing times?
8:19 pm May 25, 2020



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I bought my Mother out to the USA to live with me about 12 years ago. She has since returned to the UK. However, I married a South African and have applied for his Green card. I cannot figure out how to delete the Dept of State IR-1/CR-1 NVC Receive, Consulate Rec, Interview and Approval as well as the USCIS N-400 Petition details from that particular application from my timeline. Any assistance would be appreciated.


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RFE for I-601 with duplicate copies for consular notification.
4:21 pm May 20, 2020

Mar and Mur

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Hey folks,

For my I-601 I filed back in august 2019, from the Nebraska Service Center, I received an RFE requesting duplicate copies for embassy notification stating this:

You are receiving this notice because U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requires additional evidence to process your form. Please provide the evidence listed on the attached page(s) include duplicate copies if you are requesting consular notification.

Anyone has a clue?

is for us to prepare copy to notify the embassy

Please Help


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