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I-864A Intending Immigrant as Household Member, using their continuing Foreign Income
2:46 am February 16, 2024


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Hi There,

Here's the situation:

I'm USC, resident in Washington State.

Spouse is Ukranian. She lives abroad in a 3rd country (Namibia), where she was previously married. Has two minor children from ex.

We were married in Olympia, WA July 2023. She went back to Namibia, where she is Permanent Resident, as we decided to go consular route, CR1.

i-130 file Sep 2023, approved within days

DQ on NVC early December. (We applied I-864 route by attempting to use her existing foreign income, which she receives from her two retail stores, which she does not physically manage. This is easily proven with long established business formation documents and also Namibian Tax Transcripts)

I completed an I-864 (not enough income; I'm still rebuilding business after Covid)

So completed I-864a with Spouse as HOUSEHOLD MEMBER (I successfully added her as one under the Spouse category on CEAC) but also as the Intending Migrant where we attempted to use her continuing FOREIGN income from the two shops mentioned above (about $75000 annually) as proof to meet the threshold.

All this was accepted by NVC. No issues.

Interview today 15 Feb 2023 JOHANNESBURG, South Africa as it handles Namibian Immigrant Visas

However, at the interview: Immigration Officer gave SPOUSE 221(g) Refusal/Administrative Processing - saying she cannot sponsor herself (Which as i understand is incorrect, as per I-864Ainstr - two extracts of that document below), and that we need a Co-Sponsor.


"Who May Be Considered a Household Member for Purposes of Form I-864A? For purposes of this contract, one or more of the following individuals may sign the Form I-864A as a household member if at least 18 years of age:

1. The intending immigrant, if the sponsor seeks to rely on an intending immigrant s continuing income to establish the sponsor s ability to support the intending immigrant s spouse or children;"

How Can the Intending Immigrant Be Considered a Household Member? Listed below are two ways that the intending immigrant may be considered to be a household member for the purposes of pooling income with the sponsor to meet the Affidavit of Support requirements: Form I-864A Instructions 12/08/21 Page 1 of 10

2. The intending immigrant is the sponsor s spouse and the intending immigrant can show that his or her income will continue from a lawful source after acquisition of lawful permanent residence.

Was he wrong, or am I missing something.

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Case ready on NVC CEAC portal - Next Steps
8:07 am January 31, 2024



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Hi Everyone,

I hope you don t mind I d just like to ask your input on my K1 visa process as don t want to make any mistakes

I d received indication from the NVC Indicating that they had sent out our case to the US Consulate in South Africa on the 16th of January 2024.

And each day checked the CEAC Tracking page https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx

And on the 30th its status has changed to READY

However I had not been contacted by the US Consulate as yet

So I contacted them and received a reply from the Johannesburg Immigrant Visa Unit ( attached)
(see attached email from JohannesburgIV JohannesburgIV@state.gov )

I followed the link provided and completed the DS-160 application,

And have now got to the point where I am to on to register my case on the South African Consulate page & Pay

I have not as yet clicked continue (attached image - Case Registration Disclaimer ) on the https://ais.usvisa-info.com/en-ZA/iv page to the

as I d like to confirm that the email I received from the
Johannesburg Immigrant Visa Unit will suffice as an instruction to proceed?

Johannesburg Immigrant Visa Unit Email.jpg


Case Registration Disclaimer.jpg

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12:33 am January 16, 2024



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My husband arrived on a k-1 visa we got married and applied for AOS when it was time we then got an extension last year I believe and the extension is set to expire this year will they send another extension? We have not heard anything since they sent the last extension

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How to bring son <18 over to USA?
12:29 am January 8, 2024



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I recently got naturalization. Married to a USC. I want to bring my 14 year old son over to live with me.
How do I go about this, and how long does it take? Can he move to me while paperwork is processing?


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Wife I-130 Approved and now DQ with NVC and awaiting Interview Date BUT kids I-130 not yet approved.
7:56 am November 17, 2023


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Spouse is Ukrainian national but her kids are of different nationality.

Her I-130 was approved within days and today we received notice that she is DQ with NVC and we should wait for Interview date at consulate.

Her kids (from previous marriage), both minors, I-130s are still being processed.

How do we proceed from here to get the kids attached to her application?

Thank you

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