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RFE I-864 - what to submit if self-employed to prove income
7:39 pm September 25, 2019


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Hi, my husband, the sponsor on affidavit of support, is self-employed and owns his business with a business partner.

We got an RFE for:

- petitioning sponsor's tax documentation (I didn't include his 2018 last time, my mistake)

- to obtain a joint sponsor, as he didn't meet 125% of federal poverty guideline. This part is not true, but I guess we didn't provide sufficient evidence of his income.

- my tax documentation (which I don't have for most recent year, and I wrote the explanation why - I was not living in the US but waiting for fiancee visa in my home country)

So in reply, my husband is sending:

  • written explanation why he doesn't have pay stubs ("Because I own an LLC (Limited Liability Corporation), my company annually files an S-Corp tax return, and I file a personal tax return. As the owner of an LLC, I do not receive pay stubs from my company, but rather I am paid by checks from which I am required to do my own withholdings. My monthly income is company's monthly profit, split in half with my business partner.")
  • Proof of income with check images to show payments from company to him (his salary) for the past 7 months - all of 2019 to date,
  • Employment verification letter from the company (his business partner wrote it, it's also saying that the business is doing well and growing),
  • State issued contractor s license and business registration that shows he owns and operates his business,
  • Form I-864 with updated information,
  • Proof of citizenship,
  • Federal income tax returns for years 2018, 2017 and 2016.

Since he doesn't have pay stubs, will they accept screenshots of check images from his bank statements? Worried about this one.
Or is it actually better to include assets, or to obtain a joint sponsor?

Also, should he show his company's income in addition to his personal income?

Thank you for your help!

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Filing for a spousal visa
7:12 pm September 17, 2019


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I`m staying with my fianc on ESTA, we`re getting married this month, and I`m going back to Europe on the 16th of October. We`re filing for an IR1/CR1, what I`m curious about is; how long does the process take, about how much it is going to cost, and if I can still visit on my ESTA while the I-130 is active.

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Marriage license while on ESTA
8:19 pm July 30, 2019


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I have been in the U.S. with my fianc for a week now, and we`re planning on getting married soon. What are the steps to do so, what documents do I need etc. I came here from Slovenia, and we`re living together in the state of Georgia. Neither of us have been married before. He has a job here and I`m unemployed (not sure if that matters or not). I`m 21 and he`s 40, so I`m wondering if there`s gonna be an issue there? Thank you in advance for any tips, and all the help.

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Marrying under VWP
8:34 pm May 24, 2019


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I plan on visiting my boyfriend for the first time under the Visa Waiver Program. I would stay with him over the summer and leave before the 90 day period. We've discussed getting married in the US and filing for a CR-1 (there would be no adjustment of status needed from VWP to CR-1 since I'll be going back home). Considering this is going to be my first ever visit, is there any downside to us going this route? Are we going to have any issues, even if I didn't overstay the VWP? I've done quite some research on this topic, but I'm still a bit sceptical. Any opinion or advice will help.

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Received RFE for I-751, had a child since, is that convincing enough?
8:04 pm April 14, 2019



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Hi, we filed an I-751 back in Feb 2018 and received an RFE recently. I'm petitioning my wife.

We've had a child since filing initially and wanted to submit the birth certificate as well as a photo of us with the baby as new evidence. Is having proof of bearing a child "good enough" for the USCIS? Some of our other evidence may have been insufficient for a variety of reasons:

- We don't have a joint bank account at the moment

- My wife isn't listed on our lease (there were income implications that would have complicated things)

- She has a government issued state ID but it has our old address

Among the things they claimed about the evidence:

- Credit card statement does not show who actually made the transactions. As I understand it, my bank, Citi, doesn't distinguish transactions from card holder and authorized users

- Employee benefits printout showing her as beneficiary is vague

- Partial 2016 joint tax return not showing that it was processed by the IRS

So what I want to submit in the next packet are:

- Child's birth certificate

- Picture of us and child

- Screenshot of summary of benefits from my company's intraweb showing her as a beneficiary on a number of benefits

- Photocopies of our state IDs with a notation that her's lists our old address (renewal is not contingent on address change in NY)

- Photocopies of explanation of benefit notices for her and myself from our primary health care provider showing her name and our current address

- IRS transcript of 2018 tax return processing

I'm hoping that the birth of our child is sufficient evidence on its own among some of these others proving our ongoing marriage. Is there anything else I should provide to strengthen our case?

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