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  1. GC in hand...if not sooner I’ll be back in 2028:) Good luck my VJ friends!
  2. Status: new card is being produced 😎
  3. This is a generic msg that dhs portal automatically send every couple of weeks.
  4. I was transferred to TSC and it doesn’t seem anything is expedited for me:) that was 21 days ago.
  5. I-751, you are approved. Congrats:)
  6. May or may not....unfortunately no one knows. If I was you I wouldn’t withdraw.... as I said, you can travel with your extension letter worries free. Good luck whatever you decide to do.
  7. Withdrawal won't help you at all to speed up i751 process. You can travel with an extension letter or i551 stamp.
  8. nope...but I've noticed that case with 2 numbers more then mine got approved today.
  9. I’m from Sac but haven’t filed N400 yet. I think there will be no issues if you take your son with you. Security don’t check names etc. Also be there early enough. Last week when I went to get i-551 stamp, I was waiting for 30 min to get through a security check (long line)
  10. On this visa journey, I've learned one thing. Do not trust USCIS's reps and to any online 'mid' status, unless status shows "approved". Trust only to what you receive by snail mail, black and white on paper
  11. ...almost there:) I’ll give them month or two and then filling N-400.
  12. don't worry, even if you post complete number no one can do anything with it. My is WAC17314XXX, transferred to TX, still waiting. Haven't filed N400 yet.
  13. Just received an I551 stamp. They've kept my old GC.
  14. Just scheduled an Infopass appointment for next Wednesday. I don't like carry around that piece of paper when I travel. Will let you know if I'll get a stamp or not. PS. Maybe I'll get approved by then lol