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  1. Sure They asked me these questions: - your state capital - what does judicial branch do - name one branch or part of the government - name one state that border to Canada - we elect a U.S. Senator for how many years - why did the colonists fight the British I had to read: Who lives in the White House? and write ‘The President lives in the White House’ I was really surprised how everything went so smooth. Oh and my Oath Ceremony is scheduled for 11/20/19
  2. Thanks:) Just hope they won't schedule my Oath Ceremony on the date I won't be able to attend (I fly a lot for business) 🙏
  3. Passed my interview:) in and out in about 20 min...well let’s say an hour. Was waiting for 40 min to get into the building.
  4. I have an interview tomorrow and bringing only requested items from the letter. During this immigration process I've learned to do/send exactly what they asked for....Fingers crossed.
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