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How soon after receiving your first Green card you can ask for citizenship?
3:04 pm April 23, 2018


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Hi everyone,

I'm just wondering , when is the first time you can file in paperwork for citizenship?

How much time since your first green card (the one you get for a year or two)?

I'm just asking since I'm so over fighting with some people from my EU country, who besides thinking that money grows on trees think that I can ask for citizenship within a year or two. My mother talked to some church lady,who is an American and she said I can already ask for it,while i was still waiting for AOS. I told her that's ridiculous that it's most likely at least 5 if not even 10 or more years of living on a green card before you can ask for citizenship? I'm talking about green card through K1 process.

Then I'm also wondering that if I apply for citizenship will I need to give up my EU citizenship or will I have 2 passports?

Thank you for your info.

Wish you a beautiful day <3

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Mailing time of green card from approval to your doorstep?
12:02 am April 9, 2018


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Hi everyone,

so how long did it take from your interview and being approved until you received green card in the mail?

So another way to ask: how many days, weeks did you wait for green card to finally arrived into your mail box?

Thank you

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1-Year CR1 visa
7:07 pm March 19, 2018


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I have married a US Citizen in January 2017. We have applied for CR1 visa (via consular process) in February 2017, which was issued by local embassy in January 2018 and I entered the US in February.

The catch is, that visa states "Upon endorsement serves as temporary I-555 evidencing permeant residence for 1 year" and that the stamp the CBP officer applied to my passport states expiry date in February 2019.

The office also told be I have to apply for removal of conditionality within 90 dates before this date.

But all the internet sites and forums I have checked state that CR1 should be valid for 2 years and that I should apply for removal of conditionality within 90 dates before 2 years pass.

Thus I am uncertainty about my exact status and when should I undertake further steps.

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Need help : We sent back request to reschedule our AOS interview and it's been 3 months no response
3:59 pm March 19, 2018


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I'm at my wits end. Our file is supposed to be at Dallas, TX ,we live in Fort Worth,TExas and we needed to postpone the interview that was issued on 31st January 2018 (our application was sent in on 12.september 2016) and we sent the paper back with all info as requested and it's been months and no response. We called the line you're supposed to call and all the did was sent in inquiry that didn't tell us anything beyond it+'s in processing. Now my insurance company is starting to threaten me to stop my insurance which i badly need coz of my serious health issues if i don't sent them in GC copy asap and now I don't know what to do. I'm really at my ends coz if I lose the insurance I'm basically ###### (pardon my words), but i can't afford to treat my chronic condition out of pocket since even with insurance it's very expensive.

So please anyone with any advice what can I do, whom to turn to , can I somehow expedite this and where do I turn to for this?

I'm in real dire situation now so please anyone that knows what can i do i'd gladly appreciate the advice...

THank you

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Rescheduling interview for AOS/GC
11:03 pm January 12, 2018


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Hi everyone,

has anyone needed to reschedule their interview and how did you do that and were you able to pick a date or they just send you a random date again? How far do they postpone it? Can you get a date maybe a week or two later or you need to wait another god knows how long?

Thank you

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