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1-Year CR1 visa
7:07 pm


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I have married a US Citizen in January 2017. We have applied for CR1 visa (via consular process) in February 2017, which was issued by local embassy in January 2018 and I entered the US in February.

The catch is, that visa states "Upon endorsement serves as temporary I-555 evidencing permeant residence for 1 year" and that the stamp the CBP officer applied to my passport states expiry date in February 2019.

The office also told be I have to apply for removal of conditionality within 90 dates before this date.

But all the internet sites and forums I have checked state that CR1 should be valid for 2 years and that I should apply for removal of conditionality within 90 dates before 2 years pass.

Thus I am uncertainty about my exact status and when should I undertake further steps.

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Interview documentation
3:04 pm


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I received my 10 year GC in spring 2013. I married my husband in October 2010. I filed for citizenship in November 2016, so I did not file on basis of marriage. For my interview, the only documentation I need to bring is the notice, GC, and my passport. Am I correct in thinking that I do not need to bring my marriage certificate, joint accounts, taxes....?

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Sign your name on the light section of the photo?
1:12 pm


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Hello, I received a request to mail in a signed 2 passport photos. I had an interview in feb, got the decesion cannot be made a this time. Three weeks later the local office asked for the photos. It says the usual put your name and A# on the back. But also: "sign your name on the picture from left (shoulder) to right in the light section of the photo with a felt pen".

Pardon me my silliness but what is the "light" section of the photo? Is it the front or back of the picture?


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CR1 interview at Slovenian Embassy
2:22 pm


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I decided to share my CR1 interview experience.
The officer was very nice and before starting the interview, she explained the entire process. She had a file with our documents in front of her, and after taking an oath and taking my fingerprints, she asked me questions regarding each document, my previous status in the US (I was there as exchange visitor), and our relationship. There was also a newbie officer observing the process.

Questions asked:
What visa did you have while in US?
Did you first meet your husband in DC?
When did you first see each other?
Were you/he married before? Do you have any children? Does he have children?
How many times has your husband visited your home country?
Did you get married in DC? How many people attended? Did you also celebrate in Slovenia?
How did he come to the US - What was his immigration status? When did he become citizen?
What does he do? Who is the employer?
What did you study? Where? Where did you work?
Did you live anywhere else except Slovenia and the US?
Did you meet his parents?
Talked her into checking wedding photos.
What is your mom's name and where were you born.
Do you already have a job in DC? When are you planning to leave?
Everything was more like a conversation not interview.

When she finished with questions, she said all documents look OK, so does medical exam. I hoped to hear Congrats, you've been approved, but instead, she proceeded to explain that they will contact me in about 7 days (via email) to let me know when I can come pick up passport. She explained a couple more things regarding the (conditional) green card. So overall, it was a pleasant experience.
The status on CEAC website still says Ready, just like it did before the interview. Hopefully it changes to Issued soon and I can pick up passport with visa in it. It seems more difficult to wait now at the end of the process :clock:
?Good luck everyone on your journey!! :dancing:

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Interview date .. in Slovenia
12:58 pm


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My case was complete on July 1, now waiting for the interview date. How long (from case complete) does it usually take NVC to send you the letter/email with date for interview? We filed for CR1 visa.

If there are any Slovenians (who are going through the same process) reading this, it would also be awesome to know the current wait times for interview at the Embassy in Ljubljana.

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