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4 weeks after Arrival No Social Security Card - DHS/SAVE Verification
3:37 pm May 25, 2022


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Hello, I was wondering if anyone has had the same issue:

My husband (IR1 Visa) applied for a social security card in person a few days after arriving in the U.S. It has now been 4 weeks and nothing.

The office had said that he needed verification with DHS because he wasnt in the system yet but that it shouldnt take more than 2 weeks.

According to the SAVE website, the status is still under review and when I contacted USCIS, all they said is that they can make us an appointment to go into a field office, but it can take weeks just to get an appointment.

My husband needs to get a State ID ASAP, and we need the social security card for that.

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How long does it take for medical to be sent electronically to embassy after results?
6:44 am March 25, 2022


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We completed our IR1 interview on Tuesday and the embassy approved our case but said they were still waiting for the medical results to be uploaded into the system. (The doctor had given us an envelope because they said they couldnt get a hold of the embassy?)

A couple days ago, the doctor sent an email that the embassy had given them the wrong code initially so now they need a signed consent form and another photo in order to send our results electonically.

Im assuming its pretty fast to send it electronically to the embassy? The medical exam was over 2 weeks ago so they have all the results.

We are planning to move in 1 month so I hope it doesnt take another week for the results to upload.

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Opening a U.S. Bank account from abroad/ Building Credit
3:39 pm August 17, 2021


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I (USC) am living with my husband in Slovenia while we wait for the spousal visa process/green card. I want to improve my credit score before we move so I recently opened a new credit card, but Im not sure how I will pay it from abroad.

I have transferwise, but from what Ive read, its not a good option for paying a credit card bill and I know that using my EU bank card would be very expensive.

Has anyone had success opening a U.S. checking account online from abroad?

Related to this, is there any way for my husband to start building credit before he gets a green card/SS number?


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Traveling from Schengen Area to US
12:11 pm July 7, 2021


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My husband and I recently decided that's it's finally time to reunite after nearly 2 years of being apart. I have been looking into travel restrictions for entering the US a lot, but am still confused as to how complicated it would be for me to travel. I am already vaccinated and plan on getting tested before my departure, I'm just having issues understanding how to prove that I'm eligible for entry. The US Department of State has posted on their website that noncitizens who are spouses of US citizens are not suspended entry, but I'm wondering how to go about that, what is the proof I need to present etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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My wife, an USA citizen is pregnant, can I go there for the birth of our child?
2:08 pm June 21, 2021



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my name is Mitja Duh, I am a citizen of Slovenia, Europe, my wife is an USA citizen and she is pregnant with our 2nd child. Her due date is September 27th and she will have to have a C-section. Of course, she would need help with the baby after birth and we are wondering, if there is ANY WAY that I would be able to visit her in the USA, be there for the birth of our child and afterwards help her with the baby ...?

We would be so much grateful for any answer or insight on this matter.

Thanks to anyone who reads the question and answers, I so much appreciate your time.

Best regards,

Mitja Duh

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