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Divorcing green card holder
3:24 pm April 18, 2020



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Hey guys me and my husband immigrated together under his eb1 green card as alien of extraordinary ability. I came here with him as his wife almost 4 years ago. What happens to my green card if we divorce? Do i loose it or can i apply for citizenship? Thank you

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What can it be?
4:15 pm November 8, 2019



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Hey all, my wife and I recently filed her form I-485 along with her I-765 and I-131 about a month ago, they received it on the 15th of October and sent us our NOA1 on the 25th of October. We are getting an envelope from the National Benefits Center where they are processing our paper work but I don't know what it can be, I get informed delivery from USPS every morning so I get to see what is coming that day, I like to plan ahead so I am writing this to see what this paper could mean considering the USCIS case lookup site gives no indication. I was reading a lot of places that the USCIS website would write if it was a RFE. I am thinking now if it could be the biometrics interview date but even then I know people are notified ahead online. We don't have e-delivery set up which was a big mistake when we filed should've done that. Anyone else know what this can be? Maybe so I can think a little bit straighter and plan ahead, I don't get my mail until 6pm on a lot of days and would like to send anything today but I may have to wait longer. So I'm just wondering if anyone has experienced the same and to possibly explain what it means. Sorry if I'm being impatient but immigration is stressful. Her current status on USCIS says "Fingerprint Fee Recieved".


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Any possibility USCIS lost my form(s)?
12:52 pm October 24, 2019



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Hey all just wanted to see if there should be any reason to suspect something maybe have happened out of the ordinary or maybe it s just my pessimistic attitude.. my wife and I filed for her AOS last week and they received it Tuesday, it is now Thursday; sure the first few hours of the day, but I was wondering what could have happened; it s been 9 days and they still have not cashed the check nor sent us her NO1. During the visa process I remember they cashed the check in two days max; and I definitely received the NO1 by this time. Is a longer waiting time for this normal? I know as soon as they cash whatever they need to it will go by faster just wondering if even just the filing time for each case is wayyyy longer than for the I-129.. Thank you in advance

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N-400 name change (by marriage)
4:21 am October 14, 2019



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I'm about to file my N-400. When I filled my very first request for a GC years ago I didn't know how the system worked so I filled everything in my maiden name. Then my GC got issued with my maiden name and I never fixed it. Now I'm filing for citizenship and I finally want to correct this.

There is an option for name change in N-400, but in the instructions it says "You do not need to request a name change if your name has changed through marriage, divorce, or other court order.". What would be the best/easiest way to go about this? Should I go to SS, DMV and bank just with my marriage certificate, change it, then file the N-400 under my new name - so under my Legal name I would write my husband's last name and name as it appears on my GC I would put my maiden name; or should I request the name change through N-400 first, wait for the certificate of naturalization and then go to the SS and DMV?

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N-400 & I-912 (fee waiver) questions - unique financial situation
3:51 am October 14, 2019



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Hi guys,

last week I decided to initiate my N-400. I had my condition removed 2 years ago and I'm going to request it on 5 year basis. I have a few questions regarding both forms.

I'm very confused when it comes to filing I-912 - the fee waiver as my situation is unique, if any of you have any advice/thoughts, it would be greatly appreciated.

My husband (born citizen) and I both changed our occupation to real estate agents and we did not have much luck making money, actually we made $0. I have a part time job at an office and I made $4900 last year, my husband made $0.

We live in a house owned by his grandparents. The house is split into two separate units. One is occupied by his mom, and we live in the other one. We don't pay any rent or utilities. His mom helps us by letting us use her debit/credit card to buy groceries, gas, and she pays our phone bill. That's why we want to file the fee waiver for being under 150% under the poverty line.

I have a question related to Part 5 of I-912 - Item #4 - would household size include just my husband and I? Also, would I claim to be the primary financial provider in our household? I checked that, then I added my husband on the second line, I also checked Yes on his line "Is any income earned by this person counted towards the household income?" although he made $0 last year. In Item 5 I put the amount I made last year from my tax return. Item 6 I put $0, and finally, in Item 7 Total additional income or Financial support I calculated how much approximately my mother in law provides for us (over $7,000/yr) and I checked box "Other" with a reference to attached letter where I explained our situation just like in my post right above. How would you go about this? Is this the right way? They ask for any kind of proof of the financial support, I guess in a case if you get regular money transfers/deposit, child support, etc. but we don't get anything like that. We just use her card and the grandparents take care of the bills, I don't even know how much they are as it's a joint bill for the whole house including her unit. I have no clue how to navigate this situation.

Regarding my N-400, what do you do with the work history dates? I have no clue when exactly I started working part-time for the one office I'm with now as it was always on/off, then I also worked full-time for a different company, I know I started working there late February 2014, but don't remember the exact date, what should I do then?

I also left the country in 2015 for exactly 333 days and the only proof I have is that I filed tax return that year, obviously with our living arrangement we didn't have any lease/mortgage. I had my bank account but I switched banks since so I no longer have any access to it.

I also had an old citation from 2013, can't find the yellow slip, but found a court date which I did not have to appear to because the case got thrown out and I got it expunged, of course I'm going to disclose everything I have, but is the original missing citation going to be a problem?

Thanks in advance...

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