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Waiting for an interview date for I-751/is it possible to travel?
1:53 am July 13, 2018


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Hi there! This is my situation.

Got married on a K-1 visa in December 2012

Got my AOS in October 2014

Got divorced in May 2016

Applied for I-751 in September 2016

Received a RFE in April 2018

Mailed out evidence in May 2018

Received a letter about 3 weeks ago stating that my case got transferred from CA to MO and that I will receive a letter for an interview date. I haven't received anything yet. I bought my ticket to Slovakia back in January because I thought I would be good by now. Is there any way I can travel? Thanks in advance for any help!

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I just want to make sure I have the process right
3:41 pm March 13, 2018


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EDIT: Just so there's no confusion, I am a US citizen.

Sorry for the long paragraph ahead:

My fiance came to the US on ESTA back in September. We were really stupid when it came to immigration laws and visas (and in this case, visa waivers/ESTA) and misunderstood how much time he had in the US under ESTA. Our mistake, I know. We're idiots. Moving on, we also got into some legal trouble in November 2017. It caught up to us this year in February. I won't waste time defending our actions, but I will say it was a weak moment right after we found out how much my MS infusions would cost us monthly. I'm thanking the lords every day because my fiance did not get ANY charges related to the criminal matter, but it DID cause Border Patrol to pick him up and start the deportation process.

I know that since my fiance came on ESTA, he doesn't have any rights. We hired an immigration lawyer, although he's not... Well, I've been researching this for probably 48+ hours throughout the last few weeks. I'm extremely confident in the process, but there are still a few things I'm unsure of. Hopefully you guys can help, because I already know our lawyer is not worth the money we're paying him. Oh well. Basically, we're waiting for my fiance to get deported back to Slovakia. He overstayed on his ESTA by 67 days, obviously meaning he can never use ESTA again. Because he's being deported via a decision made by an immigration judge, he has the 10-year-ban on him.

When he gets back to Slovakia, we plan to start the process to get him back immediately. We already confirmed that, as an engaged couple with A LOT of proof of our relationship, we can file for the K-1 Visa and then the I-212 and I-601 waivers (if the I-601 is necessary, our lawyer isn't sure yet). We have enough documentation to prove extreme hardship easily - I have Multiple Sclerosis and depended on my fiance to help me live my day to day life, along with financial support. I also suffer from Degerantive Disc Disease and can't perform basic actions like lifting heavy things, etc. We have the doctor reports and certified documents to prove all of that, as well as MRIs and psychological evaluations for depression/anxiety. Despite being very confident in proving extreme hardship, unintentional overstay, and getting approved on the waivers, I am still hoping for the best yet preparing for the worst.

My question is this: do we file the I-212 and I-601 together, and if we do, when do we file them together? I'm getting the impression that we file for the K-1 Visa first, wait for the interview where he will be denied and told he can appeal via the I-212/I-601 waiver and then file those ASAP. But I've also read that you file the I-212 with the K-1 Visa and then wait for the interview where they'll deny him and he appeals with the I-601. Also, last question, what time-frame do you think we're looking at? We figured anywhere from 8 months to 1.5 years, maybe even longer depending. I'm hoping that because Slovakia is a country where not too many people are trying to get to the US, maybe it won't take as long.

In the meantime, I know he is SOL when it comes to visiting on the visitor visa in the meantime because of his deportation and overstay, but are there any other options? And if not, when my legal situation is taken care of (which probably won't be for 1-1.5 years anyway), would it mess anything up in the K-1/waiver process to visit him?

Thank you so much for reading, sorry again for the long post.

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Filling i751 +divorce
10:06 pm February 16, 2018


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I read a lot on this forum and I found a few topics that was interested to me but my case is a lil bit different..

So me and my wife got married back in 9/15 we filled out the paperwork for iscis and I have my temporary CG...but back in the December of 2016 she become a drug addict(heroin) she sold the ring...she took money from our account(is closed for now because of her) also she stole a money rigns..neckless etc.from her mother..brother and now I moved out two weeks ago and I live by myself she has a boyfriend..some Mexican guy(illegal alien)and he forcing her to get a divorce w me and she treating me w the divorce if I'm not gonna pay her money etc...she went for a couple rehabs all over the state but nothing helped...but my question is what I suppose to do? Should i file for a divorce or hire a lawyer? I need to do my ROC in July 2018...(since end of 2016 we don't have any pics..or health care..account closed..she throw away all pics we had together pretty much I have nothing to proove that marriage was real..I have her arrest warrants...DMV tickets to showing her inresposlibily for everything..does any of you have experience w this type marriage? Or does any if u wanna give me an advice? I don't know what to do I'm helpless

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Tourist visa after esta denied and CR1 pending
3:29 pm November 21, 2017


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Hello everyone

i would like to ask, if anyone here have experienced getting tourist visa while cr1 pending?

our cr1 case prelonged regarding some issues (we had to reaply grrr) , and seems like i will have interview by october 2018 if everything go smooth. If.

I was thinking about applying for tourist visa in february which will be year after my esta was denied. The esta was denied bc i travelled to us too often to see my fiance at that time (no i didnt overstayed).

All i want is to be able time to time visit my husband.

Anyone who was in similar situation or informations from experience?

thanks a lot!

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Medical examinations
10:35 am November 6, 2017


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i have a question about the medical examination. I do know about what the examination is about and i feel confident i wont have any issues with it. I never did and still do not have any medical issues at all, any abuse and so on. yet,i thought about asking here, is there any limitations to what the doctor can ask you?

Do I have to answer even i dont want to? (Too private & sensitive info-nothing to do with illness or whatever they are suppose to determine)

i seen some pdf what they suppose to determine and any of it is related to it, yet they ask such questions.

Thank you!

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