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  1. Just as a note a lot of officers now and even in our case wanted enough to see enough income for the AOS as well. Thankfully we were blessed enough to have it but we still used a co sponsor to just beef up up the affidavit. I would recommend you make sure you have everything documented because this will be just a on the line case, but even for some people they don’t even check the affidavit at the interview. Just really depends on the officer but a written statement along with proof will go a long way 🙂 Cheers!
  2. Right? I don’t even see why we would receive an RFE, I try to be a perfectionist lol. Thanks for clearing my head 😀
  3. Just make sure your fiancé has both affidavits and all evidence to go with them, they shouldn't give you a hard time no stress 😊
  4. All cases go through administrative processing can can take almost almost a month to clear, in our case our AP cleared only in a couple hours; but that is Slovakia. I don’t know Montreal does it but it could mean they found a paper that doesn’t add up or the officer needs more time to confirm everything. Patience patience patience, I know it’s hard immigration is a nerve killer but you will get there. A lot of times especially when it comes to visas they take until they very last day in this case being a month to the 30th or so day to update anything. Hang in there all should be fine!
  5. Hey all, my wife and I recently filed her form I-485 along with her I-765 and I-131 about a month ago, they received it on the 15th of October and sent us our NOA1 on the 25th of October. We are getting an envelope from the National Benefits Center where they are processing our paper work but I don't know what it can be, I get informed delivery from USPS every morning so I get to see what is coming that day, I like to plan ahead so I am writing this to see what this paper could mean considering the USCIS case lookup site gives no indication. I was reading a lot of places that the USCIS website would write if it was a RFE. I am thinking now if it could be the biometrics interview date but even then I know people are notified ahead online. We don't have e-delivery set up which was a big mistake when we filed should've done that. Anyone else know what this can be? Maybe so I can think a little bit straighter and plan ahead, I don't get my mail until 6pm on a lot of days and would like to send anything today but I may have to wait longer. So I'm just wondering if anyone has experienced the same and to possibly explain what it means. Sorry if I'm being impatient but immigration is stressful. Her current status on USCIS says "Fingerprint Fee Recieved". Thanks,
  6. Hey all just wanted to see if there should be any reason to suspect something maybe have happened out of the ordinary or maybe it’s just my pessimistic attitude.. my wife and I filed for her AOS last week and they received it Tuesday, it is now Thursday; sure the first few hours of the day, but I was wondering what could have happened; it’s been 9 days and they still have not cashed the check nor sent us her NO1. During the visa process I remember they cashed the check in two days max; and I definitely received the NO1 by this time. Is a longer waiting time for this normal? I know as soon as they cash whatever they need to it will go by faster just wondering if even just the filing time for each case is wayyyy longer than for the I-129.. Thank you in advance
  7. That’s the thing, I went for a replacement card about a week ago asked about her case but said they could not verify the information/case or there is a delay; I'm hoping it goes through.
  8. Just checked the case check; great link btw.. it says case returned to agency.
  9. She did not go through a name change as we want to have a ceremonial wedding later, we just had a civil one; no rings no name change. I will check the site thank you. Will the receipt for the EAD suffice? As in we have sent the packet along with the AOS; still waiting to hear back when they receive everything.
  10. We originally applied for a SS Number 5 weeks ago and received nothing back until now, we received a paper from our local social security saying my wife was not eligible for a social security number at this time, we applied on maybe about the 4th day of her K-1 visa as soon as she came to the states. Any reason on the denial? I went to the social security office and they told me immigration could not verify the information given, we gave copies of passport, I-94; all the requirements. Would it be worth it to apply again now that we are legally married?
  11. I understand then yes I would need the advanced parole document.
  12. *Disclaimer* Did not know what sub forum to put this in so please redirect if it seems fit anywhere else. We are currently living in the United States and are planning to file the AOS in the next week. If my fiancé (soon to be wife), needs to leave for a couple weeks is the form I-131 travel document needed? I read many articles which say if the travel is for 6 months or longer the advanced parole document is required, however this trip will only be for 3 weeks tops. Is it still needed for my fiancé to travel? We are striving for her to go see her family for the holidays this coming December, and don’t know if this will be enough time for her to receive her travel documentation in time. Any information is much appreciated. Thanks,
  13. Hope this helps anyone at Bratislava embassy and beyond, just thought I’d make a quick note for our timeline. Had our interview on Tuesday the 13th was approved on the spot; went to AP for two business days and the visa was picked up this morning by my fiancé and I. We are officially going to the states on Saturday! Thanks to to all who helped us through the visa process; honestly could not have done it without the help of this forum! I look forward to the upcoming advice on the green card process which is soon to be here.
  14. Oh my 😂 I just assumed it means us embassy in general
  15. So today my fiancé and I attended her interview at the USEM, the interview was almost perfect and we had no reason to think otherwise. The CO told us we would receive the passport along with the issued visa by Friday, stating that they would email us when it would be ready for pickup. However shortly after the interview I looked up our case status and the dreaded words of “Administrative Processing” came up... I was wondering if this happens to all visas, considering the CO said we were approved and handed nothing to us.. and if we should forget about seeing that passport by Friday as originally mentioned. Thanks,
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