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  1. Hope this helps anyone at Bratislava embassy and beyond, just thought I’d make a quick note for our timeline. Had our interview on Tuesday the 13th was approved on the spot; went to AP for two business days and the visa was picked up this morning by my fiancé and I. We are officially going to the states on Saturday! Thanks to to all who helped us through the visa process; honestly could not have done it without the help of this forum! I look forward to the upcoming advice on the green card process which is soon to be here.
  2. Oh my 😂 I just assumed it means us embassy in general
  3. So today my fiancé and I attended her interview at the USEM, the interview was almost perfect and we had no reason to think otherwise. The CO told us we would receive the passport along with the issued visa by Friday, stating that they would email us when it would be ready for pickup. However shortly after the interview I looked up our case status and the dreaded words of “Administrative Processing” came up... I was wondering if this happens to all visas, considering the CO said we were approved and handed nothing to us.. and if we should forget about seeing that passport by Friday as originally mentioned. Thanks,
  4. Don’t know if any of you have experienced this before but I will share my personal one. I recently called my foreign fiancés embassy because we are both nationals of the same foreign country and I am currently here as well. I spoke to the immigrant visa/K1 visa extension and briefed them on my I-134 stating I needed a joint sponsor and currently have the scanned one without the original signature from my joint sponsor, however I could receive the original if I needed to before interview time. Their response blew me away (Bratislava Embassy): translated from Slovak they told me that the affidavit isn’t really important at this stage; for them I guess. That copied/scanned papers and signature would be fine because they don’t really look at it as much, and that they rarely even ask for the papers however it’s always a requirement to bring as per packet 3. They only really care if we have enough assets/ finances to later apply for a green card after our marriage. Has any one else experienced this much leeway when it came to the I-134? I mean I can’t say I’m complaining I’m very ecstatic to be quite honest but just also dumbfounded that it is taken somewhat lightly or at least what allows this stance to be present. Hope this helps anyone Bratislava embassy & beyond. Cheers!
  5. Thank you all so much for the help! I thought I would have to reschedule my whole medical examination due to not having it.. you have all really helped me chill.. enjoy your day everyone I will see what they say Tuesday and go based on that, happy to see I haven’t done anything wrong per say.
  6. So my fiancé is having her upcoming medical exam Tuesday the 30th and today we finally received her medical records from her general doctor, we found out she does not have an updated tetanus, they embassy asks for no older than 7 years on this particular vaccination however her exam is in 4 days, and it is the weekend after-all.. and I am already speculating on what they will tell us. Is it possible for them to allow her through without the tetanus or can the embassy approved doctor ordinate a tetanus? I have also heard cases about vaccines being optional however I don't know if tetanus is applicable to be an optional one as they put a lot of stress about it particularly. Thank you all
  7. So my co sponsor two years ago when he worked for a company earned 75k, he has two tax returns for both ‘16 and ‘17, unfortunately the company he worked for until 2018 burned down, big whole thing in New Jersey what happened. He was self employed and only made around 47k in 2018 on his tax returns, his tax returns in 2018 also list he is self employed so there wouldn’t be any discrepancies there I would hope. I’m just trying to figure out what I, rather he would also need.
  8. My co sponsor has 3 years of tax returns readily available, two of which I have W-2 forms for because he worked for a company at that time.. the past year (2018) I have a tax return statement, and a bank statement.. for all years he has earned more than the 20,000ish minimum, would this have a good chance of being accepted or is more needed?
  9. Currently filling out my co-sponsors' and I's I-134 for my K1 visa, what has me stumbled is the question for annual income, my co-sponsor is currently self employed and has years of tax returns established, for the annual income should I put the co-sponsors income on last year's tax return, or what he expect to make in the current year. Thanks, -Karol Vida
  10. Makes sense, I saw a list somewhere that only listed maybe 5, or 6 embassies that did not allow them, and most if not all of them in Southeast Asia, Philippines being a big one mentioned. I’m just really stressing as the whole process is just a big kick in the gut sometimes. Thank you so much
  11. Recently got my fiancé’s K1 Visa interview date at the embassy in Bratislava listed for the 13 of August.. started filling out my affidavit of support form I-134; thinking co sponsors were allowed, did some research some say yes some say no; mainly depending on the embassy however the U.S. embassy in Slovakia does not specify, I am thinking about emailing them but trying to see here if anyone have any previous history using a co sponsor for the I-134 in Slovakia or Europe in general? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
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