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  Pending I-751

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Pending I-751
10:19 am August 28, 2023

Silas Ibrahim

Silas Ibrahim

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What does it mean when the automated phone system say s, we are working on your I-751, rather than we are actively reviewing it? And what does it mean when you can no longer view the statu, and history of your case in your online account, and it show s this


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Any new I-601 approvals lately?
11:34 pm July 10, 2023



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Any I-601 Approvals late?

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Flight Block Due To Medical Condition
11:48 am June 5, 2023



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Hello everyone!

I have been in a LDR with my man for almost a year and I felt comfortable meeting him in person and we planned to meet in a neutral country so we could test the chemistry and connection in fresh before moving into the marriage stage if all succeed.

Well. .COVID impacted my health and I can't travel at the present time because of extreme hardship so we changed plans. We want to visit the families and properly introduce our partner to the firing squad so to speak before taking the M road.

We have been told tourist visas are being giving out as much and I can't visit him at the moment I wrote an invitation letter and explained my condition and gave a detailed itunerary of his visit. He is afraid they will deny him and think he is taking advantage of a sick woman. My condition got worse this year and we met virtually last year. We don't want to apply for K1 visa because we did not meet on person yet although we are trying to meet several times but the medical condition is not easy to control and required specialized care that his country can't provide even if I was able to travel.

TThank you!

We have not filed anything but we do hope to file K1 in near future.

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Tourist Visitor Planning on Staying/Overstay
12:26 pm May 6, 2023



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Is there a place to anonymously report someone who has indicated their intentions or overstaying their visitor visa? A friend has asked about this, this distant relative of theirs has also lied on their visa application about criminal background and has some serious criminal history(rape, battery etc, alcohol related offenses). My friend is concerned about the relative coming to the United States due to their violent history (seems friend may have been victim to this person).

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Didn't send marriage cert with I-751, problem? (split)
12:15 am February 6, 2023

Silas Ibrahim

Silas Ibrahim

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Hi everyone, just want to know if it ll be a problem if we didn t send our marriage certificate, in with our I-751? Exactly what all is mandatory to be included with the petition? Thanks!

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