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Refusal for Name change on social security card
10:35 am April 1, 2022



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Hello All,

been quite a while.

hope everyone is well. I had some questions about the social security card process as my sister in law has immigrated on a k1 visa through my brother.

She applied and received a social security card shortly after she arrived in the USA.

yesterday she had an apppintment to change her last name, she had her marriage certificate with her. The agent told her she can t change her name until she receives her green card with her new name on it.

this doesn t seem right, but she was by herself and didn t feel empowered to advocate for herself so she left.

is this accurate? If not, what is the right protocol? If this happens again what should she do or what should she do when she makes the next appointment. By the way, when making the appointment she was only told to bring the marriage certificate and application and social security card.

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NVC stage while pregnant
12:06 pm March 1, 2022



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Hello guys,

my husband s I-130 got approved recently on 02/26 and we received the case creation letter from NVC today 03/01. I am currently pregnant and will be having our baby next month and for that reason I have plans of paying the fees and submitting all required documents to NVC. The only issue is the DS-260 form has a question about whether my husband has a child which would be yes if we submit the documents after our child is born in April, but I will be submitting no later than March ending, so it will be a no. Would we be able to update this information after our child is born?


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1:15 am February 24, 2022



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Hi. I have a petition pending for i 130 to bring my daughter under age 21. My question is can I submit an expedite request as my child needs to attend school during next academic year.

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Wait time from Documentarily Qualified by†NVC†to receiving an interview date.
4:29 am November 11, 2021

Adam ba

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Hello Everyone,
Finally, last month we received the email from the NVC informing us that our case becoming DOCUMENTARILY QUALIFIED, 7 months after submitting all the requested documents,
Can someone help us to estimate our waiting time from the time our case has become DOCUMENTARILY QUALIFIED and have an interview date (US Embassy in Freetown, Sierra Leone).
If anyone has had the same experience lets help us reduce this waiting pain.

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Having problems getting medical exam completed
5:39 pm September 10, 2021

Van jones

Van jones

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Hello. So my fiance had his interview on the 30th of August for himself and two year old son. After he was asked all the questions, he was then told to bring passport back to embassy after medical is completed for him and son. The problem is that the medical clinic is very unorganized and its frustrating. After three trips to the clinic my fiance was finally able to get his medical results, but of course we are now waiting on the bbys. So he received an email to bring the bby today. They arrived at about 10am and is currently still waiting and its past 5pm and i know that they will be closing soon and they have yet to be seen by the doctor. I dont think it will be completed today and im guess they will have to come back on Monday. It just feel like wasted time. There is no communication from the staff as to what is going on and when other patients ask them, the staff seem to become irritated with them. My fiance hinted at they are probably trying to get bribes from the patients. Which is very frustrating to me since we paid 300$ for my fiance exam and over 500$ for the bby. The bby has yet to receive his vaccination that they claim was part of the requirement for the medical exam. This seems to be the only thing that is keeping us from getting visa processed. Has anyone else had to deal with this during the medical?

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