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Receive my approval letter for both i751 and n400
6:30 am March 3, 2020



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Finally receive my approval notice in the mail for both i751 and n400. When am I expecting swearing ceremony Philadelphia.

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I751 approve today
8:01 pm February 28, 2020



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After 2 years 4 months uscis approved my i751 today, thanks to the forum .

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Do I need to request a multiple filer waiver?
3:30 am February 18, 2020


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Hello everyone, I will most likely be filing for the fianc visa for my fianc in May, but I have been married before and recently divorced my ex husband in September 2019. I did not file a fianc visa for my ex husband because we met here, but I did file the AOS for him after we got married since he was on a student visa. According to him he has an upcoming interview for his citizenship in July 2020. I am clearly not going to be part of it because we divorced. now. My question is will I need a multiple filer waiver even though our case was different? I m sorry if this is a stupid question, but I want to get all the information to ensure that we get approved the first time I apply with no RFEs. Thanks in advance!

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Addresses within five years question on I-129 application
12:20 pm January 30, 2020


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Hello everyone,

I am planning to file for a K1 visa for my fianc whom I met when I visited my home country June 2019. I was married at the time of the meeting; however, I got divorced shortly after that in September 2019. My ex husband and I met while he was on a student visa (unknown until after getting married) but I loved him and didn t want him to leave so we went through immigration for his AOS. Unfortunately we started having marital issues shortly which led to us separating and me relocating to another state. We ended up getting back together under the same roof after one and half year of separation. My question is should I indicate on the two addresses that I lived at during the separation that I was separated from my ex husband and also that I reconciled with him on the last address we resided prior to the divorce in 2019?I know that they already have our file at immigration and don t want to hide such information, but I also don t want to disclose information that may not be required either. Please help and thanks!

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K1 visa administrative process (split)
12:53 am January 21, 2020



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Greetings guys

I am a Sierra Leonean

my fianc e and I met on the 4th of November 2018, about a week later we started dating. He left some time late in November, communication between us was pretty good. He came back on the 12th of February 2019 and we went to a beautiful resort...on the 14th of February, we invited some of our friends to have dinner at the beach and a burn fire afterwards , it was his idea...which went pretty well ?

After dinner, he proposed to me and I said yes.

We spent some time together and he left on the 3rd of March.

He started the K1 visa process in May. On the 7th of January 2020 I was scheduled for an interview, I went on that day but the interview couldn t commence, I got scheduled for the next day.

On the 8th I got interviewed, I was asked few questions and then the Consular told me that my case was on hold and she handed me a white paper which stated that under section 221g I couldn t be granted a visa and that my case needed additional processing.

she asked for additional documents (my fianc e s passport stamps and tickets receipts)

I dropped the documents on the next day...the paper stated that they ll contact me as soon the processing is complete, we haven t heard anything from them yet.

i checked online today for the status of my case and it shows that my case is on administrative processing and that it was updated on the 13th of January 2020...at this point my fianc e and I pretty much confused.

Any information regarding our predicament will be greatly appreciated.

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