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Travel, passport expiring
7:59 pm October 3, 2019



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Hi, all,

We applied for the AOS in November 2017, and it is still just circling around and around. Now we have a stamp in our passport instead of a green card. The problem? That passport is expiring next June. If we fly back, renew passports, and then come back, there is a chance that there won't be a stamp to prove that there is a green card at all (and this is one of those countries that requires a visa just to get into the US).

In the meantime, we have even had a citizenship interview where they were stunned that the Green Card had not been dealt with, and refused to make any decision at all.

As of a month ago, the case was transferred to Lee's Summit, MO, and goodness knows how long it will be hanging around there before our local office will pick it up.

What is the correct procedure here?

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i765/i131 Case Approved but status updates mentions a denial notice??
11:38 pm September 18, 2019


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Yesterday 9/17/19 my i765 status was updated to "We ordered your new card". Today I got updates for i765 and i131 saying:
"Case was Approved
On September 18, 2019, we approved your Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization, Receipt Number XXXXXXXXXX. We sent you an approval notice. Please follow the instructions in the notice. If you do not receive your denial notice by October 3, 2019, please go to www.uscis.gov/e-request. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address."

If my case was approved why are they talking about a denial notice?? Has this happened to anyone? I know it's probably an error or a typo, but it got me a little worried because I can't find anything online about it, or any examples of someone receiving the same update.

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Influence of previous B1/B2 visa denial on future J2 visa application
11:00 am September 6, 2019



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I'm starting a job at one of the U.S. universities which sponsored me a J1 visa, and I'm going to get married soon. My future spouse's B1/B2 visa has been denied twice in the past. How large influence will it have when she applies for J2 visa, and are chances for her visa increased due to the fact that the sponsor for my J1 visa is an U.S. university? Any opinion will be very useful.


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Misprint on the n-400
9:40 am August 15, 2019



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Hi, all:

On the n-400 I entered the wrong date (the wrong year) for one of our trips abroad. How bad is this? Can it be corrected at the interview? Does this mean rejection and repeating the process?

Thank you

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MO Drivers license expiring on I-94 expiration date
5:02 pm August 4, 2019


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My fianc entered the US and came to live in KC on June 9th. We got married July 6th, we were able to get his social security card and a drivers license for him. When we went to the DMV they were able to issue him a drivers license but they said they could only issue it to the date of expiration on his I-94 which is in September. My question is, we are going to send all of our paperwork in for AOS on Monday, when USCIS receives this, I know we will get a 797 but will it change the I-94 date or update it? It looks like the MO dmv will only accept a passport and I-94 for K1 visa applicants. Any help is appreciated.

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