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Issues with I-751 receipt notice
2:55 pm March 8, 2024



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Hi! Hopefully someone can provide some insight on what to do here for my husband.

We moved during the 90 day before his green card expired.

I put in a request to update the address the literal day we moved. Received all confirmations that it was updated.

In early December we filed for the I-751. It was rejected and returned to us due to missing 1 page of the application.

January 5, 2024: I-751 case re-filed

January 9, 2024: Text message with case #

January 11, 2024: Greencard Expired

Case Status: Case was received and a receipt notice was sent.

Checked his pre-existing online account and nothing was uploaded, just the old cases throughout the journey. At some point realized we used a secondary email address on the actual application. Made another online account with said email and nothing was there.

Waited about 15 days.. no receipt notice or biometrics notice ever came in the mail.

Tried requesting an OAC code.
continuously received this generic message

We understand that you did not received your Receipt Notice, Acceptance/Confirmation Notice, and/or Online Access Code Account Notice for the application you submitted. Notices are general sent to the email address you provided in the application. Please make sure you are looking for your notice in the correct email inbox. Also, be sure to check your spam or junk folders for the notices as well

After 30 days passed, contacted USCIS. They told us to reach out to the lockbox.

The lockbox responded after weeks that they do not print I-751 receipt notices and to reach out to customer service.

Submitted an online case for missing notice.
Was informed we d receive a response within 30 days.

Went back to customer service and the agent was like they don t reprint notices since when we ll have to agree to disagree The agent stated we had to wait on the response for the missing mail and that he d open a request for the OAC code.

A few days go by and we receive a response for the OAC code and it s the same generic message as above.

February 20, 2024

Response for the missing mail service request received.

Stating on Jan 5 , he was provided with account acceptance notice that gave instructions on how to access his online account. Xyz about adding the case and an unfortunately your account does not include a receipt notice. If it has been more than 30 but less than 180 days since the date of receipt, you can email the lockbox for a duplicate notice.

At this point I m annoyed because the lockbox has already stated they don t reprint I-751 notices. It s even in their auto response to any email sent to them.

We immediately contact USCIS. Explain the issue and advise how the OAC code has been requested at least 10x at this point as well.

Agent states she ll try to submit an urgent request for them to send a new notice & code and to have someone call us for an ADIT stamp for his passport.

About 2 weeks past by & No one ever calls! The Service request for the new notice receives the same generic OAC response.

We then submit an online request for an ADIT appt. Maybe a week passes and receive a response that the appt isn t needed due to him having a pending I-751 and a receipt notice indicating a 48 month extension.

We call them back again and this time I m on the verge of tears because he can t work and we have an international trip coming up the first week of April.

The agent listens intently and finally agrees the continuous loop is unacceptable. She types a very long detailed request asking for an ADIT stamp.

The very next day a Tier 2 agent calls him and takes his information down and says she believes the holdup may be no biometrics?! (Unsure how because he did biometrics to get the original green card and it seems everyone s is getting reused)She advises she s going to relay the request to our local ASC and we should hear something back in 15 days.

2 days letter he receives an email from the local ASC that his address was updated.

Confused as the verbiage about the address being updated is in the findings/response to the service request section..we call Uscis again.

Received a rude agent and after demanding to have another tier 2 callback, the agent hangs up in my face.

1 day later, I can see via the case tracker that the service request was assigned to an agent.

Another day passes and he receives an email that the ADIT has been approved and will be mailed out.

We received the ADIT stamp in the mail yesterday

March 7, 2024

However we re both extremely nervous about him using it.

The photo they used on it his head is kinda tilted and we have no earthly idea where the photo came from! It s not a passport style photo or anything he took for biometrics. It almost looks like a selfie! Aside from that his birth country is spelled out SRBIA instead of Serbia. Idk if they re using the abbreviation.

We re just afraid he s going to have issues boarding his flight to America with it.

at this point I just wish we could finally get a reprint of the Receipt notice for the I-751. I m just not sure what else to do in this respect.

Has anyone had issues traveling with the I-94 with adit stamp? It has an embossed seal on it and the paper is like cardstock.

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Should a person carry a passport alongside EAD while AOS is pending?
5:55 pm February 7, 2024



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Just like the title said. Is an EAD document alongside Drivers license enough or does passport needs to be carried too?

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5:24 am February 2, 2024

Aicha Sawaneh

Chacha kay

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Hi everyone, Please I am experiencing emotional, financial, and physical abuse from my husband and I want to file a Vawa case but all the lawyers are expensive, asking for 10k, 12k, or 15k and my job on campus pays 10.49$ so I definitely can not afford that! We got an apartment but we could not get his name on the lease because he had an eviction a week after our wedding and we stayed in that apartment for 6 months, I left after three because he was always cussing me out and calling me names and called his family and told them and his mom told me to just "bear with him, as he also calls them names" I got an email from the apartment about a week ago and they that the 6 months he stayed there he never paid the rent. Now the apartment is charging me 10,055.71$!

There is so much more I promise but just writing this is making me cry because I feel so hopeless and hurt by all this, someone please help me get a cheap lawyer because I am scared of doing it myself and getting denied!

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I need help regarding some forms and questions
8:10 pm December 1, 2023



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Greetings people,

Since we got married recently, we are preparing documents for AOS stage.

Do I have an USCIS Online Account Number and how do I get one? I already made an USCIS account.
Do I have an Alien Registration Number yet? Is it on my I-797 Notice of action? There is a number that starts with AXXX XXX XXX above my name as beneficiary

Form I-765

24. Immigration Status at Your Last Arrival is of course K1.
25. Your Current Immigration Status or Category should be still K1?
27. Eligibility Category should be (C)-(0)-(9), right?

Form I-693

I am confused with this part. Since I have completed my exam overseas, had all my shots, received DS-3025 paper and gave CBP officer the packet. Do I have to fill in the form or just some parts of it and/or include DS-3025?

Form I-485

22. Nonimmigrant Visa Number from this Passport (if any). This should be those red letters and numbers from the visa in the passport?
27. Again, same as in Form I-765, What is your current immigration status (if it has changedsince your arrival), It is still K1?
1. section 3. says: Have you ever applied for an immigrant visa to obtain permanent resident status at a U.S. Embassy or U.S. Consulate abroad? I have never applied so it should be now? Excluding applying for K1 visa.

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I90 denied, I551 based on it
5:39 pm October 30, 2023



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Hi everyone, I am in a bit of a pickle. I have travel plans outside of the country but I just received my denial in the mail.

I applied for a I751 when I became eligible (came here on K1, adjusted status, etc). My conditional green card arrived with an error and I immediately submitted the I90 to get that fixed. Well, it took USCIS two years to say no and that s after it already expired, so I wasn t surprised that that happened.

However, I have a stamp that is based on the pending I90. My question is as follows: can I still travel and return safely, or do I need to go to a field office yet again to get it? I just got this one in August of this year.

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