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I need help with the address I should use
1:43 am April 11, 2023


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Hello everyone! Hope you're doing well.

I have a question regarding what address should I use for mailing. My mother, who was the petitioner (I-130 form) for a F2A visa unfortunately passed away and I would like to send a humanitarian reinstatement letter and expedite request to the USCIS.

The office that initially approved the petition in 2017. was the California Service Center.

For that, should I use the address that is on the NOA? (Is it still active?)

California Service Center
P.O. Box 30111
Laguna Niguel, Ca 92607-0111

Should I use their mailing address?

24000 Avila Rd, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677, USA

Or maybe a different one?

Thank you in advance for your replies!

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Green card arrived with UNKNOWN country of birth
5:07 am January 28, 2023


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My conditional gc arrived today with country of birth as unknown.

I can see uscis making mistake due to 2 reason.

I have dual nationality (Croatia/Serbia), i am born in Serbia. I came to USA with Croatian passport because my Serbian passport had expired like 5 years ago and i never renewed it, so on my applications from i-129f and ds160, to all aos/ead/ap forms i always put nationally Croatia (to match nationality stated in my passport) and COUNTRY OF BIRTH Serbia. So all forms states country of birth Serbia, even my Croatian passport states that my country of birth is Serbia, i have sent my birth certificate stating cob Serbia,,, and yet my gc arrived with cob unknown lol. Could it be that dual nationality confused them?

Second thing is that since i was born, Serbia has changed name from Serbia and Montenegro to Serbia (or Republic of Serbia). So idk if this caused some confusion, but name change happened like many years ago and i have sent them my updated version of birth certificate with correct country name.

Im pretty sad this happened, and i know that if i want to correct it i have to file for i90 card replacement. I have seen that it might take several months until corrected version is sent back to you (up to like 9 months, if not longer). I really don t want to give up my card as i never received ead/ap and we were planning on traveling soon~

Did this happen to anyone lately? What do you think caused them to put cob unknown? Do you think traveling with gc stating unknown cob would cause any issues at border? Did anybody filed i90 to correct mistake on their gc lately and how long you have waited until new card arrived?

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CEAC Website Status shows as No Status
6:31 pm December 9, 2022



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Do you guys know what does this mean and when will i know the decision? Thank you so much. ??

All the documents were sent yesterday and there is no interview because it's for a child under 14. (Tourist visa)

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USCIS response to AP expedite
9:25 pm November 16, 2022


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Around 6 weeks ago i requested AP expedite due to humanitarian reason (my poor grandparent was diagnosed with Alzheimer disease and his health is declining very fast). I did so through EMMA. Yesterday i got reply: USCIS records indicate that we are awaiting your response to our Request for Evidence on this case. Your case is currently on suspense or on hold until we receive your response. A copy of the RFE is included for your information. Please follow any instructions on that notice. You may request expeditious processing again once USCIS has received your response.

Is this standard email requesting evidence to expedite AP ( in my case that would be doctors notes for my grandpa), or are they saying that my AP can not be processed because it s on hold due to RFIE for i485 AoS (it was RFE for marriage certificate) that i have received in September and which i have responded to soon after ? (MyUSCIS status says that response for AOS RFE was received, that USCIS began working on my case again, that they will review evidence i have sent, and that if they need something from me that they will contact me). Confused cus although my evidence was received it s not reviewed yet, so that may have put ap/ead on hold~

I didn t receive any other RFE or instructions on how / where/ what email to reply to AP RFE, if that s what this email is referring to. I just want to know for future if i needed to request expedite again~ since unfortunately some circumstances have changed for me and i absolutely can not travel anytime soon (my ob/gyn can t clear me for travel due to current placenta previa durning pregnancy :( ).Another question: Do i have to reply to this email / use EMMA to withdraw my expedite?

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Question about traveling on AP durning AOS
3:37 am October 14, 2022


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Hello dear Visajourney members,

I have a rather silly question that i was unable to find answer to. I know that if AOS is denied your AP is done for, but what happens in case you travel abroad while on AP and you receive AOS RFIE (which temporarely stops the process), and you are unable to respond to rfe because you are not in USA (for example rfe is about medical exam) Is AP also temporarely revoked and you can t come back unless you find a way to respond to rfe or not??

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