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Still no SSN in mail after 6 weeks
5:26 pm January 3, 2019

Shodan's Faery

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Hi, my husband arrived on 11/22/18 - we are CR1. On the DS-260 we did check that he would like to apply for a SSN. On his papers it directly states to contact the SSA if his card doesn t arrive within 3 weeks of arrival. 3 weeks passed so we called the SSA - they said the wait has turned to 6 weeks. Today marks the 6th week and we still have not received his SSN in the mail.

We plan on calling again today but I m afraid that they ll up the waiting time even longer. We wanted to avoid the SSA office but if that s the only way to expedite the process we will go. Is this a normal waiting time after applying for it with the DS-260? Would it be any faster if we just go to the office? His green card came immediately - around 2 weeks after arrival.

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New job and pending I-751
6:15 pm October 29, 2018


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Ok, so I just got the job and my boss told me to look up form I-9 and which documents to bring.

I am currently in the pending status for I-751 and I have my 18month extension letter.

Can anybody help me what to put on the form?


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I 864 - Out of Country
9:05 am October 9, 2018


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Hello all,

I am just filling I 864 for my wife and daughter after we got our I 130 approved.

The problem is currently I am on US Government mission outside the country and I am worried if it may cause any problem with I 864, because of me currently not residing in the States. I am a US permanent citizen.

Does anyone had any similar problems? Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you

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I-864: Current Tax Return - 2018 Update
4:35 pm September 12, 2018

M + K

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All of the questions in the forum regarding this subject are more than a couple years old so I want to pose the question again. My 2017 tax return is on extension. I called NVC and the rep told me that I could just provide a reason why it wasn't filed. I have done so on the I-864 plus provided my most recent pay stub as well as the 2016 & 2015 tax return transcripts. We were just notified that the NVC has APPROVED the Affidavit of Support (AOS) and documentation but what concerns me is they added a "Response note" to AOS section that reads as follows:

If a Federal income tax return was not required to be filed, submit an explanation for not filing. If eligible for an exemption for any reason other than income level, evidence of the exemption may be submitted.

My concern is that the NVC rep may have misinterpreted my question about why I didn't file the 2017 tax return yet or was just rushing to get me off the phone. Has anyone heard if this will end up being an issue at the interview? The income is obviously there for all previous years and 2018 income so that's certainly not a concern at all. My spouse getting to the interview though and then get asked for my 2017 tax return that is on extension. Please advise if you have any info about this. Thank you!

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After losing two joint sponsors, we are now on our own
10:22 pm August 21, 2018


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Long story short, two joint sponsors (one after the other) who at first were both super excited they can help, decited that it was too risky for them to go through with it, and while my fiancee is quite dissapointed at that fact, we respect their decidions and will proceed alone, as much as we can.

So our situation currently stands like this:

Going by fiances last years income, he was at 123% of the povery guideline, and while certanly not ideal, technically it should be enough for the interview (and just short of the 125% needed for AOS)

A litter over a month before the interview date, he started working a new job with a bit better pay and way more hours, and is on track to make over 170% of the poverty guildeline this year with it.

Three months before the interview he started working as a freelance writer, and has a contract now that pays him a certain ammount every month (the contract is good for 6 months and should be extended longer once it expires), if we add the 6 month contract to this years projected earnings, he will be over 200% of the povery guideline.

While I am aware that they are looking for the USC income, my plan is to bring a bank statement of my own to show savings (of over 10k$) and a letter showing I bought a studio apartment last year that I am now renting out (and plan on selling before we file AOS, to boost our savings), I know this may mean nothing, but I'm kinda just grasping at straws at this point.

Our plan is to go to the interview together and hope for the best, if we get approved, we want to wait at least two months before filing for AOS, to show that the jobs are more permanent even through they are recent.

My biggest concern is his last years income, we want to do everything and anything we can to help with the AOS process (if we even get there) by showing steady employment and a nice chunk of savings.

I apologize for going so much into detail, but after learning today that we are out of a second joint sponsor, my brain is working overtime trying to figure out how to best approach the situation, and you guys on VJ have been invaluable with your wizdom so far in the process.

Any and all imput is more than welcome.

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