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SSN questions
10:08 pm April 13, 2021



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Hi everyone,

I have a couple of questions about my wife's (K-1) SSN timeline:

Jan 25 - arrival into US

Feb 12 - SSN application (waited 2+ weeks)

March 14 - wedding

March 16 - AOS forms sent (applied for SSN via 765 using her married name. Form indicated she didn't have a SSN, which was a true statement at the time)

April 13 - SSN arrived (in maiden name)

For 6 weeks after Feb 12, the SS card wasn't arriving. SS office kept saying how the application is still "with immigration" and their hands were tied. Because of this unknown timeline, we decided to send our AOS and not wait for SSN. Then it came in the mail on April 13.


1. Do I need to submit any additional docs to USCIS to correct the "blank SSN" in all AOS forms?

2. Will SS correctly reissue the new card with the new name, but the same SSN, via the I-765 request? Are there chances of them issuing a new number by mistake?

3. Should we visit the SS office to change the name on the card? Other than it being a good idea to use married name, will this help avoid confusion when SS receives the request from USCIS, given that the names will now match?

Thank you in advance for the responses.

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Which case center has jurisdiction over specific states?
10:22 am April 4, 2021


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Hi everyone!

My fianc and I are currently early in the K-1 Visa process, but are starting to plan out where we are going to live, in context of the Adjustment of Status process. We have heard that the 5 USCIS processing centers (California, Vermont, Texas, Potomac, and Nebraska) are geographically dependent on where you are applying from, but can get transferred for no reason. This worries us, because some centers, like California and Vermont, are extremely backlogged and can take up to three years to deliver green cards, whereas Nebraska has a processing time of up to seven months. Has anybody else had these concerns, or managed to apply to the processing center of their choice by moving to the Mid-West?

We are interested in a number of different states, such as New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and Michigan, and we wondered if anyone on the site has moved to these states; if so, which USCIS Center processed your case?

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I-693 frustration for K1 AOS - need advice
6:13 pm March 8, 2021



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Hi all,

My K-1 visa fiancee (wife) needs her I-693 filled out. She has a nearly complete DS-3025 and she had her exam and X-ray done in country of origin prior to the K-1 interview. They also did blood tests (but I am not totally sure for what other than STD). Her exam was last December.

I am calling around the area looking for a civil surgeon to complete my wife's I-693 and I am finding the following:

1. USCIS list of doctors is way out of date and some phone numbers aren't even in service.

2. Some who do exist have no idea what I am talking about in various forms ("what is DS-3025?", "we don't have surgeons here")

3. Some want to do a blank $400+ exam regardless what was done before.

I found two clinics that seem semi-competent, i.e. I emailed them the DS-3025 but they still want to do blood work for QFT (tuberculoses blood test), which I believe is unnecessary. Plus they want to do the medical exam, which I also believe to be unnecessary. Am I wrong? Can someone help me phrase my request correctly to these folks? I thought this would be way easier than it's turning out to be.

My understanding is that she would need literally two things: Tdap (shows due on DS-3025) and regular influenza shot. Everything else has code A and B.

Thank you for the responses.

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Last Name Not Changed by USCIS on 10 Year Green Card
2:14 am January 22, 2021



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Hello Everyone,

I am writing hoping that someone has had a similar situation to what is currently happening to me.

So, I filed the I-751 removal of conditions with a waiver, because I got divorced in the meantime. On the application, I used my maiden name to file the I-751 with the intention to change my last name back to my maiden name. The Divorce Decree enclosed in the paperwork also had a legal name change approval by the court.

However, my 10-year green card just arrived and it's under my ex husbands last name :( I am absolutely devastated.

Does anyone know what my options are? I just submitted a Typographic Error e-request. I also saw the I-90 form, however I am wondering if this would be considered a case where USCIS made the mistake and I wouldn't have to pay the fees? Any advice is welcome!

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"Ready" Status - Interview Question
1:48 pm January 11, 2021


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Hi All, my fianc and I had our case transferred to the embassy in Prague a few weeks ago. During our initial conversation, the consular officer sent us a link to the webpage where we can schedule appointments. They told us to wait until our case arrives at the embassy before we schedule.

Today our status on the CEAC website changed from "In Transit" to "Ready." I've tried calling and emailing the embassy to see if we can go ahead and make our appointment online or if we need to do it over the phone, but no one is responding. Has anyone else come across this issue?

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