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US Immigration from Peru

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I-129F Sanity Check Prior to Filing
5:49 pm April 14, 2024



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Hey all, I'm about to file our I-129F. At the advice of a lot of people on reddit we followed the S+Y K1 Visa Journey videos.

I have met my fianc e 4 times in total, all of which are within the last 2 years.

She is from Peru and I'm not sure whether that's considered a high fraud country, though I'm assuming being in LATAM it is.

Our packet shakes out to be about 95 pages organized like this:

Passport Photos



Cover Letter

Table of Contents


Question 54 supplement (1 page)

Photocopy of hers and my passport stamps and bio pages

Visit 1

--boarding passes or receipts if boarding passes aren't available

--hotel receipts

--photos (6 with landmarks)

Visit 2

--boarding passes or receipts if boarding passes aren't available

--hotel receipts

--photos (6 total some landmarks, x2 screenshots of social media posts with photos from this meeting one from hers one from mine)

Visit 3

--boarding passes or receipts if boarding passes aren't available

--hotel receipt

--photos (3 short visit)

Visit 4

--boarding passes or receipts if boarding passes aren't available

--hotel receipts

--photos (12 total spanning 6 months including with her family and mine, her wearing engagement ring and a photo of both of our closed passports with boarding passes sticking out, our names and destinations are visible, but no date).

Engagement ring receipt

Our letters of intent

Is this too much? If Peru is considered high fraud I would think that I should front-load evidence, right?

Our service center should be California.

Thank you so much in advance, this website is an incredible resource.

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RFE for medical exam - receipt not confirmed
12:59 am April 11, 2024


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In early February, we received notice of an I-130 approval around the same time we received an Initial RFE tied to the I-485 that was asking for the medical exam. We sent the medical exam overnight mail the same day we got the RFE (tracking through USPS showed it arrived at intended destination). This was two months ago. When looking at the status of the I-485, there is no indication that they received the medical exam. It just says that they sent that same February RFE and we have until a specific date in April to reply.

What should we do, if anything, at this point? Does it seem like perhaps they lost it? I am not sure who to call to check on it or if just waiting is all that's required of us at this point. Thank you for any insight you might have!

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IR-5 Visa Pickup Notification Lima, Peru Embassy
6:25 pm April 5, 2024


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My wife (now US citizen) petitioned her mother to come to the US as a permanent resident. The case was processed at the embassy in Lima, Peru. When she did her medical, she was required to do sputum culture testing which takes 9 weeks to come back with negative results. As such, following her interview, though everything else was in order, they gave her a 221g telling her notify the embassy once the additional medical results were available and held onto her passport. Two days ago, the clinic notified her the results were negative and they had sent them to the embassy in Lima. We emailed the embassy yesterday as instructed to notify them the results had been provided.

Today we checked the Visa status on CEAC with her case number and it now says "Issued - Updated 04-Apr-2024 - Your visa has been printed. Depending on local procedures at the location where you were interviewed, your visa will be mailed or available for pickup soon..."

We already pre-registered for the pickup location ahead of the interview. My question is, how can we expect to be notified when the passport/visa is ready for pickup? Will they send another email to the address we have on file that they used for all other CEAC/NVC notifications?


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Issue with hyphen in last name
2:45 am April 1, 2024

Mike B.

Mike B.

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Back in 2010, when my wife adjusted status and got her two-year green card, her last name was hyphenated, as she wanted it. When she removed conditions and got a 10-year green card, the hyphen was replaced with a space. She got an appointment with the local field office to complain about it and they informed her that the new USCIS policy was to refuse hyphens in names. She's lived with her unhyphenated name for some time on her green card, somewhat annoyed by it. Now we are thinking of applying for citizenship, and I wanted to see if there is any chance she could get a hyphen on her certificate of citizenship if we do, or if USCIS is still refusing to acknowledge hyphens in names. Any advice on what to do would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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NVC sent petition - no updates since
1:03 am February 7, 2024


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Hello -

I got a notification from the NVC in December that they sent my petition to the US consulate in Peru. They sent an email that said they d contact either me or my fianc when the petition was received bur nothing yet. The websites say I can start inquiring but I m not sure how to get ahold of anyone at the embassy - I ve tried calling and emailing.

I guess my main question - after the NVC sends the petition off - do we wait for a letter from them via mail or email? Is it just a waiting game? Should I be concerned since I haven t heard anything in two months? I started compiling all the paperwork and we did the DS160, and now I m feeling stuck bc I m not sure how to proceed. I m not sure if we schedule the interview or if we get a letter telling us when the interview is. Sorry for the long post - so many questions

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