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I-797 NOA: is it still valid? Letter marked by USPS/Postal Worker
11:53 pm December 28, 2023



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Hi all, happy holidays! So 4-month after we submitted our I-751 application we finally received our receipt notice in the mail. However, we noticed the postal worker circled the envelop a little bit bit too hard with pen, it punctured the envelope, and actually marked up our letter! (see attachments)

Now we are worried if the original receipt notice is still valid for us to use when traveling abroad/applying for job. The letter still has the petitioner section which shows the name and A-number, but as you can see the name on the mailing address part has been marked up (blue ball point pen). The good thing is we have an online USCIS account so we can also print out a copy of the letter and bring it along with the marked up original. So do you think this is good enough to use for traveling or might have some issues?




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I-751 Case Issue: Receipt Notice Was Not Generated But Still Has Receipt Number?
6:58 pm November 25, 2023



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Hi all, I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! We have some concerns regarding our I-751 case and want see what you all think would be the best steps for us to take from now on:

1. We filed our I-751 in early August this year and was never received anything in the mail.

2. After a couple of months passed, we decided to call USCIS and an officer actually provided us a receipt number for our case and we can see our Case Status Online as below:


3. I was also able to request an Online Access Code to add our case under USCIS online account, however, there's no Notice to download under the Documents section:


4. We called USCIS again and this time was told that our Receipt Notice was never scanned/generated. I emailed the Lockbox as suggested by the Officer, but got a reply that the Lockbox does not print notices for I-751 filings and we should initiate an inquiry with the adjudicating service center (we were told it's Potomac Center which is a little bit weird since we live in west coast and shouldn't the closest center be California Center?)

5. We filed a Case Inquiry online for not receiving notice by mail but it's been more than 30 days but haven't heard anything back.

We are a little bit concerned on what to do next as my spouse's green card has expired earlier this month and she is not able to travel internationally, find a job, or even get her driver's license. We tried to schedule an in-person appointment but never heard anything back after 30 days. Should we continue to file case inquiry online? Call/mail/email Potomac Center? Or should we contact our Ombudsman or local congressman? Any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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N 400 Based on 5 years rule - Evidence Documentation
10:12 pm July 15, 2023


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Can someone please let me know whats the checklist for people applying based on the 5 years rule after divorce?

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Recently arrived IR1 - AOS and Travel Permit
9:09 pm July 10, 2023



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Hello to all in this wonderful community. I am hoping to get some recommendations regarding my adjustment of status situation.

Please recategorize this post to whichever category it belongs.

My husband is a US Citizen and we got married in 2013 in Paraguay. Our daughter was born in 2014 in Paraguay where we were all living (my daughter obtained US citizenship at birth through her father). In 2020, my husband took a work opportunity in Florida and he moved back to the US. He filed the Immigrant Visa petition via form I-130 in 2020 so we could all reunite. I arrived here in Florida yesterday with my daughter. My passport contains the IR1 visa stamp. Now that we are here we face the challenge of figuring out our daughter's education.

She is currently enjoying her South American school's winter break and with my husband we are looking at local elementary schools. We would like her to finish her school year in Paraguay in November of 2023 while we still navigate how the school system here is.

Today, we went to apply for my social security card. Do we have to fill out any forms (i485 maybe?) for me to get my green card? Is it feasible for me to apply for a travel permit so that I can travel back to Paraguay with my daughter so she can properly finish her school year and if so, is it better if I apply for a travel permit at a local USCIS office? Or do I have to wait until I get the green card in the mail to make any travel plans?

Thank you all for your tips.

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AOS filing/Recently married on K1 visa
2:10 pm June 8, 2023


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I arrived to the US on a K1 visa on 5/31/2023. My husband and I got married on 6/1/2023 and we are looking to file for my adjustment of status. Does he need to file an I-130 petition for me? We will file it along with the I-485, I-864 and I-765.

I applied for a social security number on 6/2/2023. I want to change my legal name (change my first name and take my husband's last name). Social security agreed to change my last name but not my first name. Do I have to just file a name change with a local court or can I change my legal name with USCIS directly?

Please re categorize this post if needed. Thanks in advance.

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