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K-1 USCIS/NVC limbo.. Help!! (merged)
1:56 am March 14, 2023


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My fianc and I applied for the K-1 visa with USCIS in December of 2021. The NOA2 was issued on 02/10/2023 and it arrived in the mail on 02/15/2023. I inquired with the NVC on 03/10/2023 regarding the receipt of the USCIS approval and I received a response today 03/13/2023 that no records of the case were received (NVC was nice and requested a copy of the I-797 to advocate to USCIS on my behalf). I then called USCIS to find out if the approval of the I-129F was remitted to the NVC and was told to wait 120 days before inquiring about the status of the file transfer ?

Any recommendations on how to follow up to ensure that USCIS remits the file to the NVC? What can one expect about the file transfer from USCIS to NVC? Thank you for any input on this

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Entry Timing
12:07 am February 27, 2023



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Hello. Im trying to determine the timing of entry, or if it matters at all. If the petitioner (mother and LPR), who files for minor child under 21 and is approved with i551 in passport. If I decide to stay a few weeks in my country but the child with the approved i551 leaves with my daughter (who is USC) , can she enter the US without me? Or at time of entry do I need to be in the US before or at the time she enters?

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Must Prove Divorce if Applying Under 5-Year Status? [split topic]
4:10 pm November 28, 2022


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If someone can help me with this inquiry I will gladly appreciate it. I have been a permanent resident for 5+ years now, basically elegible to apply for the US citizenship, I am also physically separated from my spouse but not yet divorced. I understand that I can apply under the 5+ year permanent residency law but I am afraid that I will have to prove the end of my marriage. Does someone know if this is required?

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NVC - Consular
5:03 pm September 15, 2022


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 How can I know if I should send the documents to the NVC by mail? Or is it just uploading to the page. It's IR-1. 
 We have uploaded all the required documents. im overseas.  

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Reentry Permit (for trip less than 1 year)
2:51 pm February 6, 2022



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Hello. Looking for experiences traveling outside of US for less than 1 year with Green Card. Is there any value to get a reentry permit vs just using the Green Card (as long as trip is less than 1 year). Trying to determine if the reentry permit does anything more during reentry. And the trip will last less than 1 year. (I know if it were more than 1 year, the I would need to get a reentry permit).

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