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Interview Coming Up: What to Expect?
3:32 pm today


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Hi everybody!

Great news, my interview will be on Dec 5, now my question is, since I'm AOS from B2 through marriage with a US Citizen, what should I expect will happen? How should I get ready? How long will it be? I look forward to your answers.

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I-485 at Albany, NY Waiting time....
9:18 pm today


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Hi everyone,

My last update on my case was this: As of June 19, 2018, we are ready to schedule your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status. Haven't heard from USCIS ever since. I know that everybody is waiting in line just like me, but how much longer should I expect to be waiting? My local office is Albany, NY but since I haven't seen anybody from there post here recently is hard to get a reference point.


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Unlawful status and travel
8:34 pm today


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Wife came to the US with the K1 VISA and we married within the 90 days. We filed for adjustment a year later and have been waiting for green card for over a year. Wife traveled to Paraguay to visit family but we are worried now if delay in filing counts as unlawful status and if we should take other steps. Wife has approved travel permit but aware it is not a guarantee to entry. Aware that people recommend not to travel and the possible consequences. Yet wondering what steps should be considered just in case.

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What happens in my home country when I change my name in the U.S?
4:53 pm today


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Hi everyone!

I got married 3 months ago and I took my husband's name. I'm planning in going to visit my country later this year on Advance Parole and I'm wondering if I'm going to have any trouble due to the fact that I have a different name here in the U.S and in Paraguay. What should I do about it?

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Error in green card date, filed i90, but still they ask for i751 120 days before wrong date
2:41 am today


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My green card was approved on November 2017, date in which I became a conditional permanent resident. When I finally got my green card, the "resident since" date was wrong, it said I was a resident since November 2016, and that the expiration date was November 2018. I went to USCIS offices and asked them what to do. They said to file an i-90 and ask for a new green card due to the error. I did that in May 2018. Now, I received a notice of action requesting I file i-751 to remove conditions 120 days before the wrong expiration date on my green card, which was November 2018. That I could lose my permanent resident status if I don't do that. Is this true even if they clearly still have the wrong expiration date? What should I do? I'm afraid that if I do nothing, I will receive a letter saying I'm losing my permanent resident status, even though I have already told them there was a mistake in my green card. They clearly still haven't gone through my I-90 and have not corrected the information on their system. Has anyone had this same issue?

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