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exact work dates?
4:21 pm August 14, 2019


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Anyone know how exact the dates worked over the last 5 years should be? Do I need to contact previous employers?

Right now the best I can do is guess-timate.

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Taxes - certified copies?
1:53 pm August 14, 2019


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I keep seeing that in the past tax transcripts from the IRS were enough. The forms the government has all say that certified tax returns are necessary though.

I also came across this on an immigration site:

When applying to become a naturalized U.S. citizen, there is a requirement that you show good moral character for the period relevant to your application: five years for most applicants and three years for those applying based on marriage to U.S. citizens. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) now requires that applicants bring certified tax returns to their naturalization interview. Failure to bring certified tax transcripts can result in a denial of the naturalization case due to failure to show that the applicant possesses the good moral character required to become a citizen.

Any thoughts on this? Boy it seems like such a low blow for them to require this version that costs $57 each when the rest of the process is already so expensive!! And a convenient way of denying a naturalization case even if everything else is great.

Wondering what anyone else's thoughts are.... Thanks!

P.S. We had planned to file my husband's papers under the 5 year choice, as he's been here 8 years. However, if that's the case with certified returns, perhaps it makes more sense to do based on marriage to me? My only question to that is I was married previously, and he was also an immigrant. I would hate for them to think my bad choice with my previous husband is a pattern instead. My previous husband and I were married 5 years before divorcing. My current husband and I have been married 8 years and have 2 children together.

Anyways... I always seem to overthink/overstress everything, but probably with good reason in this case, with current administration and the way policies seem to be going. Thanks all!

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Eligibility Question- 2 are true...which to check?
6:00 pm August 13, 2019



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Hi all,

My husband qualifies for citizenship based on both box 1.A - he's been a permanent resident for at least 5 years (8!) and 1.B.- he is married to a U.S. citizen for at least 3 years.

Which box should he check? I know there is less paperwork required if he checks 1.A., but having his family here is probably a good thing. Does it make sense to check both boxes?Are we able to attach a cover letter or note about it? (Do we want to?)

Sorry if I'm overcomplicating this! Thanks!

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Can I travel outside the US with an I-797?
8:25 pm July 31, 2019


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Timeline is:

- Applied to remove the conditions as temporary resident back in March, 2019.

- I received the form I-797 in May, 2019.

- Nothing else since then.. no updates online, can't make an appointment in my local office either.

- I have a trip outside the US schedule for October.

So my question is: is it safe to travel out of the US with the I-797 paper, green card and passport? I'll be traveling with my wife (who is a US citizen).

Thank you in advance!

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PARAGUAY: Visas K1/K2 Seccion Consular
12:30 am June 16, 2019


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Posteo este relatorio sobre mi propia experiencia como beneficiaria de la visa K1/K2, tratando de ayudar en algo a otros que est n en el mismo proceso. La informaci n es sobre los pasos que segu luego de la NOA2. En adjunto: instrucciones enviadas por la embajada, instrucciones para certificado de antecentes policiales y judiciales, instrucciones para la fotograf a. A m me cost bastante encontrar informaci n en l nea sobre Paraguay, as que ah va:

NOA2 April 1

NVC case # assigned: 2019-04-23

NVC left: 2019-04-30

Consulate received: 2019-05-03

Packet3 received: 2019-05-07 fueron enviadas por email al peticionante.

Ex menes M dicos: No esper a recibir las instrucciones de la embajada para hacerme los ex menes. Nuestra cita fue el 11-abril. Al salir de la consulta fui inmediatamente al Sanatorio Bautista, que queda a una cuadra del consultorio del Dr. Ortiz, para los rayos x del torax para m . Al d a siguiente fuimos a Meyerlab para los an lisis de sangre para mi hija y orina para m . Los resultados estuvieron listos en dos semanas. Luego fuimos al Ministerio de Salud, 8va regi n sanitaria (Brasil casi Petirossi) para las vacunaciones. Todas las vacunas son gratuitas ah , solo se paga Gs. 20.000 por la legalizaci n de la libreta de vacunaci n, que se hace ah mismo. Luego esperar dos semanas por los resultados laboratoriales (Meyerlab env a por email los resultados) fui al consultorio del Dr. Ortiz nuevamente para entregar los resultados de laboratorio y la placa de t rax. Los sobres con los informes m dicos estuvieron listos el 25 de Abril. No se deben abrir los sobres, entregarlos tal cual en la entrevista.

Costo de los ex menes m dicos:







RX Torax



An lisis de Orina



An lisis de Sangre



Formularios DS-160: los fui completando mientras esperaba los resultados m dicos. https://ceac.state.gov/ceac/

Agendar la Entrevista: Luego de crear el usuario en la p gina https://ais.usvisa-info.com/es-PY/iv/users/sign_in , segu los pasos indicados en la p gina. Al llegar a la secci n Pago de Visa, no me permit a emitir la boleta para pagar la visa porque no hab a fechas de entrevista disponibles. Env e un correo a ParaguayIV@state.gov y me respondieron que habilitar an fechas para que pueda proceder. Respondieron los correos con celeridad y me ayudaron en todo momento. Luego de pagar la visa, fui checkeando a cada momento y apenas se habilit la nica fecha abierta, la tom (5 de Junio).

Entrevista: favor ver la rese a completa ac : https://www.visajourney.com/reviews/index.php?cnty=Paraguay

Retiro de pasaporte, visa y sobre: 6 d as h biles despu s recib la llamada de DHL informando que mis documentos estaban disponibles para retirar.

Espero que esta informaci n les sea de utilidad y les deseo xitos en el proceso!

Antecedentes Policiales-Police Certificates.pdf Instrucciones para examen medico.pdf INSTRUCCIONES PARA LA VISA DE PROMETIDO-A.pdf Photorequirements.pdf

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