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My Interview was cancelled two days prior to it
10:48 pm December 5, 2018


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Hello! I just wanted to know if there's more people out there who's interviews were cancelled for today Wed Dec 5. Because of USCIS Offices being closed. I'm honestly so pissed because they told me it could take another two months before I get another date.

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I - 129f information missing
7:07 pm November 27, 2018


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After filing in our packet we realized that there are 2 things that are incorrect /missing

1) petitioners physical address : my fiance forgot to fill the "date from", he did put "present" in date to

2)date of birth of petitioners parent : he made a mistake in the year of birth.

Y'all think these 2 things could cause us problems?

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Interview Coming Up: What to Expect?
3:32 pm November 18, 2018


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Hi everybody!

Great news, my interview will be on Dec 5, now my question is, since I'm AOS from B2 through marriage with a US Citizen, what should I expect will happen? How should I get ready? How long will it be? I look forward to your answers.

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I-129F Form. Part 2: Your Beneficiary's Physical Address Abroad
8:12 pm October 28, 2018


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My Fiance and I are filling the form and I have two questions:

1) What to answer in the section "Your Beneficiary s Physical Address Abroad" items 47.a to 48. We are thinking we could type there "same as mailing address" which is also the same as physical address or just type everything again. What would be the right answer to this?

2)Part 8. Additional Information : items 1.a to 2 is for Petitioner's or Beneficiary's information?

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Letter for K1
8:44 pm October 21, 2018


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Hello everyone, my fiance and I are preparing our k1 application packet. We have met in person in november 2016, and other 2 times afterwards. I have sent him (US Citizen) my letter of intent to marry, dated october 15, 2018, which is before the 2 years of us meeting in person, is that going to be an issue? We are going to file the application after november 16th this year.

Thank you in advance for your reply.


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