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  1. The officer asked me questions about my relationship and my personal life. She was satisfied with all the documentation we sent with the original packet and just asked if there was anything else I wanted to add to our file, I gave here all the photos, bills, joint documentations, bank statements, etc although she didn't go through them, just added them to the file.
  2. Hey everyone! I have great news! I had my interview today in Lawrence, MA for my AOS from B2. My case was approved and the whole thing took around 15 minutes. My interviewer was a really nice lady that was professional and to the point. She interviewed me alone without my american spouse sponsor, that surprised me but I was not about to complain. She approved my case and told me right there and then that I will receive my green card in the mail. You'll find my timeline in my signature. My whole process lasted 255 days. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!
  3. And so what if I came to the US on a B2 and adjusted status? It's perfectly legal. You need to get over this already. You don't know other people's lives.
  4. Clearly you guys need to take a chill pill, this forum is honestly filled with so much hate. I said that what bothered me was the fact that it would take another 2 months, when my interview was already scheduled. As a republican myself I understand what happened and I'm not complaining about that.
  5. Hello! I just wanted to know if there's more people out there who's interviews were cancelled for today Wed Dec 5. Because of USCIS Offices being closed. I'm honestly so pissed because they told me it could take another two months before I get another date.
  6. Hi everybody! Great news, my interview will be on Dec 5, now my question is, since I'm AOS from B2 through marriage with a US Citizen, what should I expect will happen? How should I get ready? How long will it be? I look forward to your answers.
  7. I have yet to have my interview scheduled.
  8. Hey guys! Due to the backed up processing times, what should we expect for us who filed in May? My office is Albany, NY
  9. Thanks for the response!
  10. Hi everyone, My last update on my case was this: As of June 19, 2018, we are ready to schedule your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status. Haven't heard from USCIS ever since. I know that everybody is waiting in line just like me, but how much longer should I expect to be waiting? My local office is Albany, NY but since I haven't seen anybody from there post here recently is hard to get a reference point. Thanks.
  11. Alejandro_B


    You call USCIS and request an Expedite, they'll contact you requesting evidence for your request in 3-5 days. I submitted bank statements as well as medical bills. You could also use a job offer. Good luck!