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I864A rejected
5:48 am November 7, 2023



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I applied for my mother and my income is not enough so I added my husband as a household member and we filled i864A for him but NVC rejected i864A and this msg popped up under ceac account.

We are unable to accept these documents as uploaded. Please add (your husband) as a Household Member under your name. All documents for your husband should be submitted under their own name.

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Petition to remove conditional status | Separated and Spouse called for interview | Help
11:14 pm October 28, 2023


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Hi all,

I am a bit stuck and will really appreciate your help with this!!

Below are the details of my timeline:

  • June 2018, I came into the US with a K1 fiance visa. My then husband and I got married and then filed the paperwork after which I received the conditional green card.
  • In August 2020, we had a daughter and our marriage was still fine.
  • May 2021 I filed for petition to remove conditional status.
  • Dec 2021, we decided to separate.
  • Feb 2022, we decided to file for a divorce and were talking to lawyers.
  • May 2022 I received an RFE letter from USCIS saying that they had received information that we are separated so i should file a waiver. My divorce lawyer was able to check that my ex husband filed for divorce online himself (without serving it to me) and then sent those papers to USCIS possibly as evidence of our separation. My ex husband did not tell me he did that and continued to lie. At this point I hired a lawyer and asked him to help draft a response, I sent all supporting documents, including daughter's information as she is with me since separation. During this time I also serve my ex husband divorce notice which I also attached in suppporting documents.
  • Since then I received two letters from USCIS, one extending my condtional greencard due to process delays and the other telling me my application will be now process in a difference center.
  • Today I received a letter from USCIS, addressed to my ex spouse but sent to my address, asking him to appear for an interview with supporting docs.

He will definitely not attend the interview and nor provide any supporting documents. He comes to see our daughter for a few hours every month and we are not on good terms so we do not talk.

Will really really appreciate any guidance here!

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Confusion for a question in IR5
10:57 pm October 27, 2023



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Hi Fellows,

I am going to file my mother petition and I am confused that do I need to write me and my dad information in Beneficiary's Family section? My mom is Widow.

could anyone help me.


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Dual Citizen or not?
8:58 pm October 14, 2023

Visitor User

Visitor User

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Do most USC that were born in Pakistan keep dual citizenship or renounce Pakistan citizenship?

I do have a valid NICOP so I can enter Pakistan without a valid Visa/Pakistan Passport.

Why or why not?

Pros and Cons?

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No appointments available when trying to schedule interview!
9:58 am October 11, 2023



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We have been trying to schedule an interview for my fianc but everytime I check it says There are currently no appointments available does anyone know when they release new appointment slots? This is very frustrating

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