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Application suddenly complete?
10:46 am yesterday



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We submitted all our supporting docs to NVC on April 3rd and were just sent a notice this Monday (May 10th) that my portion of the application was incomplete and that I (the petitioner) needed to provide all my W2s/1099s from last year to support my I-864. I logged into the portal today and see that my portion is now labeled "Accepted". Does this mean I still need to provide 1099s or am I ok now?

It seemed strange they would even ask for them since I live and work abroad with my spouse (New Zealand), which should be very clear based on all the other supporting documentation and cover letter I provided. They have my tax returns that show I made a minuscule amount of dividend income from my savings accounts in the US, which isn't nearly enough to sponsor my husband's application I have a family member as joint sponsor. Why would they even bother asking for my 1099s if they're meaningless in this application anyway?

Here's the message they sent Monday:


And here's what it looked like today:


(Yes, we're aware of the Invalid Doc in my husband's file, it's sorted.)

Another thing: 2 of our joint sponsor's docs haven't been accepted... does this just mean they have yet to be reviewed?

They clearly just started our review on Monday so maybe they aren't finished? Or should I be concerned that 2/6 of the docs have no response?:


Any insight or clarity would be appreciated! Thank you!

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Can Joint Sponsor file I-864 to USCIS directly?
1:52 am May 9, 2021



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I may have a joint sponsor lined up for my wife's application, but he (my grandfather) has always been very private about his income and assets. One of the conditions of him filing the I-864 is that the form could be filed directly to USCIS, rather than sent to me and uploaded through CEAC.

I know you're meant to bring a photocopy of the joint sponsor's I-864 to the visa interview, so I guess we wouldn't be able to do that, but in most cases it seems like they aren't actually needed anyway, is that correct?

I'm getting my information for filing the I-864 directly to the Chicago USCIS lockbox from here.

I have seen this same question asked on VJ before but I couldn't find the thread again, despite a lot of Googling!


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How long does it take for USCIS to make a decision for AOS?
3:11 pm May 1, 2021


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I'm feeling frustrated. We had our AOS interview for me on the 8th of March - at the end of the interview, the person interviewing us said that he was approving us and that we would be getting the green card within 2 weeks. But since then, nothing.

How long does it typically take? My work permit ran out on the 23rd of March and I feel like I'm back to being in limbo again after waiting almost 2 years to crawl out of it since filing in 2019.

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I-129F- child question
1:52 am April 22, 2021



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Hello all!

I imagine I'm overthinking this, but the paperwork (and a wild toddler) has fried my normally competent brain. So-

I-129f, questions 47-48b for the applicant (me), and questions 39-44h for the beneficiary (my partner), are regarding children. 47-48b ask whether I have a child, and the age of said child. 39-44h ask whether he has a child, and then the details of said child(ren) and where the child resides.

I do indeed have a child. So does he. It's the same kid we are referring to here, because the toddler in question is ours. It seems like I should be able to say 'yes' for the applicant and 'yes' for the beneficiary, but something in the wording or setup makes me question if perhaps I am doing this incorrectly. The child does reside with the beneficiary, but I live there, too, so the child resides with both of us- but there's not a lot of room for deviation from yes or no answers here.

I have of course included statements and evidence of us being the parents (photos, birth certificate, et cetera), yet I'm aware their a stickler for the form and I would prefer to just 'get it right' with the first shot.


Thanks, it's a wealth of knowledge we have here, and I'm grateful for the community.

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Do I bother trying to use assets (cash in bank) for I-864? Or just go joint sponsor route?
3:01 am April 1, 2021



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USC living with my wife in New Zealand. Planning to both move over to the US at the end of this year, but I would go ahead of her if necessary.

We were looking to get a joint sponsor, but I don't want to ask someone unless I 100% know that I'm going to need them to fill out the forms etc. Unfortunately I am a college student who works part time and therefore could not meet I-864 requirements alone (not to mention the fact that none of my income is US based...)

My grandmother owns a few rental properties and was looking to sell one. She is aging and understands the requirements of the I-864 that we are trying to meet. She made the very kind offer to give me my inheritance early, which would help get me to just over 3x the minimum household income needed for I-864. I would also liquidate the (few) assets I own in NZ and move all of the money to a US bank account. If I wrote a letter alongside the I-864 explaining my situation (where I got the money from, the fact that I was a college student only working part time), is there any chance they would accept that for I-864? I've read that the money should ideally be in the bank account for 12 months prior, so would it be an issue if it had only been there for 5-7 months? I don't even have a US bank account currently.

I will have two degrees when I finish college and plan on getting a job immediately once I'm living in the US, so another option is to go there and work until I have the income and evidence required for a more convincing I-864, but understandably I'd rather not be separated from my wife for longer than necessary.

Basically, would the NVC/consular officer understand if I only have just over 3x the required funds in a bank account and that I will be a newly graduated college student about to begin full time employment? Or shall I forget that route and just pursue a joint sponsor?

Thanks everybody.

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