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Is this enough reason for I-130 expedite?
5:26 pm


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I am currently waiting for approval of my step-daughters I-130 which was submitted in March. In the last month some things have happened where she lived which has made her feel her life is in danger. The financial situation in Mozambique has been on a steady decline after years of growth. This is causing more and more people to leave business and enter crime. In her neighborhood signs started appearing with the names of young women from the town stating they were going to be targeted. Everyone passed it off as neighborhood boys being boys and didnt think much of it. One of the girls whos names had been posted, who lives across the street from my step daughter, had her house broken into during the night a few weeks back and was raped by multiple men till the point she expired. The signs kept appearing and last week a young girl who lives further down the street had her house broken into at night and she was also raped by multiple men.

The police are doing nothing and the town is itching to lynch / give a tire necklace to whoever they decide is responsible.

She is staying with my sister in law on the weekends but it is too far for her to go to school from there during the week. We have video from the local news station discussing the attacks and locating them in the neighborhood.

My question is would these events warrant an expedite request on the I-130?

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expedite request (split topic)
3:29 pm


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I am wondering if I should try to expedite my step daughters request or if it will just cause delays.

Recently in the neighborhood she lives in there have been signs on street posts with the names of girls saying they would be attacked. No one really took it seriously, but this past week one of her friends and neighbors, whose name had appeared on a pole, was attacked and raped in her home to the point she lost her life. People are moving their daughters out of the town and neighborhood. We moved her to her aunts house and she now has to take a bus over an hour to school and back each day.

any thoughts - my instinct is they will say she has adverted danger by moving with her aunt

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Issue with interviewer at Embassy
2:40 pm


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My sister in law and brother in law want to come and visit us in the US. They went for an interview at the embassy and the interviewer was very short with them out of the gate. Asked where are you going? Why are you going? How many children do you have? Your visa has been rejected. On this first interview at no point during the above questions did they pull out any documentation to support their answers which we had coached them to do. We reapplied and explained again how to present documents during the process. They went back and attempted to explain to the interviewer how they have documentation they didnt show last time to support their answers. He apparently became enraged and told them they were rejected again and refused to look at any of the documents.

They have a 2 months off of work and the money for the trip. They want to try again, but I feel like if it is the same interviewer he will see them and just say no. If he is refusing to look at their documents or give them a chance is there anything else which can be done to improve their chances?

The guards in the front and multiple people apparently were making comments about how this particular person is really nasty and negative and rejects almost everybody. Is there a way to request a different person to do the interview?

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HELP! - Unique situation
5:12 am


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Good evening, VisaJourney Members.

I'm about to submit my immigrant wife's I-751 petition to remove conditions on her permanent residency. However, we have two unique situations and I am very worried about getting an RFE or a denial.

Here are the two things I'm worried about:

1. We are a same-sex couple. Our son was born 5 months after we married. My mother is an attorney and informed me that I could not be on the birth certificate because I am not the "biological father." So we planned for me to adopt our son later. After we settled into our new life with a baby, we looked into adoption. It was too expensive for us since I am a graduate student and my wife is a stay-at-home mother. Our son is now 2 years old and we have never been hindered by the fact that I have not yet adopted him. So the adoption still has not taken place.

2. As a young couple in our twenties in low-paying positions (I am a grad student and my wife is a stay-at-home mother), we have had to live with a roommate to make ends meet in a fairly expensive college town. A family friend for many years agreed to be our roommate since we were comfortable with each other, he was accepting of same-sex partners, and was willing to live with a young child. We four (me, wife, baby, and family friend) lived together in an apartment for a year and it worked out very well. At the end of that year, we talked about moving to a bigger place. After looking around, we discovered that it was good investment to buy a house rather than rent since rent in our town was so expensive for three-bedroom apartments. Our roommate's parent's received a small inheritance from a deceased family member and they decided to give it to our roommate for a down payment on a house. However, our roommate would not be able to afford the monthly mortgage alone. We came to a mutually beneficial arrangement, in which he provided the down payment and I did all the leg work to purchase the house, then we share the mortgage. So we are co-owners on a house. Unfortunately, his parents did not like the idea of my wife being on the deed and mortgage because she comes from a very rural African town and has so little financial experience. Since they controlled the down payment money and we did not want to pass up this opportunity, my wife and I agreed to this. So now we all live in lovely home together, but my roommate/family friend and I are co-owners and my wife is not on the deed/mortgage.

The problem is that the I-751 requests both the birth certificate of any children born during the marriage and evidence of living together. I do not have evidence of us living together other than photographs and affidavits from family and friends. I have the birth certificate, but I'm not on it. So that seems like evidence against us.

Should I submit my application without reference to the birth certificate and our house and only address these things if I get an RFE?

Or should I submit explanations of why I don't have these things with my initial application?

I'm wary of submitting explanations in our initial application, because I do not want to draw attention to our case and its unusual situation.

Here is the evidence I do have and will be submitting:

  • Copy of federal tax return for 2016 showing status as Married filing jointly

  • Copy of federal tax return transcripts (2015 and 2014), showing status as "Married filing jointly"
  • Copies of letters from the bank, bank statements, and bank cards (front) showing joint accounts (XXX and XXX Credit Union) and joint financial obligations and responsibility, over the course of the marriag
  • Copies of XXX credit card statements and credit cards (front), showing <Cond. Perm. Res. Wife> as an authorized cardholder, further showing joint account, and joint financial obligations and responsibilities over the course of the marriage

  • Copy of XXX credit cards (front), showing joint account.

  • Copies of beneficiary letters for life insurance policies (XXX and XXX Life Insurance Company)

  • Copies of Notices of Approval from Medi-Cal showing joint health insurance account

  • Four Letters of Support/sworn affidavits by U.S. citizen family members, friends, and pediatrician, attesting to our relationship and marriage

  • Photographs demonstrating consistent and continuous public affection, attendance, interaction, and identification as a married couple at family functions and in public, over the course of the marriage.

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Visitor visa for step children
9:39 am


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I am a USC married to a Mozambican citizen who has 2 children. I am interested in bringing his children (my step children) to the US for the Christmas holidays. I am not their legal guardian. What documentation will I need to provide the US embassy in order for them to get a visitor visa? The children are 10 and 12.

Their mother is not in the picture and no one is able to reach her. My husband is working on getting sole custody from the court, but the judge said a waiting period is needed to see if the mother turns up. For now, the court in Mozambique has provided him with a document stating that he can travel with them, which also states that the mother is non-responsive. But he will not be traveling to the US with us as he has other priorities at that time.

Any thoughts on what documentation I can provide to show I can travel with the children?

Also, we live in Kenya. I have read a few posts on local groups sites stating that the interview wait time has taken over 2 months (though the embassy site says it is 33 days). If I get an appointment for after we intend to travel, what is the likelihood that the embassy can expedite. Does it have to be a real emergency?

Any information that can be provided to me is much appreciated.



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