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US Immigration from Montenegro

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6:40 pm November 4, 2019



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103 days, still waiting:(

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Anyone from Serbia who did k1 visa?
3:24 am October 21, 2019



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We are waiting for Noa2 and I would just like to hear from people from Serbia who went through all this process to share experience and help. I would really appreciate that! ??

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K1 visa timeline
5:58 pm September 29, 2019



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How long have you all waited for Noa2?

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Work with SSN while EAD is renewing to be corrected
8:44 pm March 16, 2019


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I received EAD card with AP combined ( so called ''combo card'' ).

My name was misspelled, due to my mistake, and I am afraid SSN will be misspelled as well.

Due to the fact that EAD processing times are much longer than for an SSN in a local SSA office, will I be able to work on SSN only while my EAD is being sent back to be corrected ?

I've read that SSN will demand the EAD card to match with the SSN, otherwise they wont issue/correct it, but, however, elsewhere I read that I might be able to change the name on SSN card much faster if I bring a document that proves my name is misspelled.

Will I be employed with SSN only ?

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Working with misspelled EAD (merged)
6:10 pm March 16, 2019


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Hello, guys !

I, really, need your help!

My EAD card was sent to me today, I received it in the mailbox and was so happy to open it.

Out of that happiness, I did not notice that my last name is misspelled on EAD card.

It came as a combo card.

After searching trough the papers, I have noticed that this mistake was on my end, as the EAD form was the only form that we sent with a misspelled last letter of my last name.

I filled the EAD form and Advance Parole form separately, with EAD form containing the misspelled name, while AP form contained the correct spelling.

I've seen that I entered the name wrong in the EAD filling form , that the wrong name was put on the NOA1, and 4 months later, NOA2 form, and I did not notice the mistake.

It is just one letter, the last letter of my last name.

Apparently, thats the legal name I put in the box of I765 form, with a mistake, but all other boxes on the same form, as well as other forms, had my name correctly spelled.

I have not received my SSN number and I am afraid that, since I opted to receive it along with I765 form, will have the misspelled name, as well.

Can anyone, please, advise me what to do ?!

I will be calling USCIS on Monday, to explain the situation, but from what I have read, I will have to send the card back, with a new application form, including the fee and with all of the other details supporting the fact that my name was misspelled.Apparently the process can take up to 90 days and I really do not have the nerves to wait another 3 months after I've waited for 5 months...

I have several question and I would very much appreciate if a person, who has knowledge in this, takes a look at this:

1.When opting to get SSN while filling out the I765 form, is the legal name put on the I765 form for EAD and SSN the same ? I am afraid that, in the situation I wrote up, I will get an SSN misspelled, as well?

2.Since, from what I've read, the EAD card has an alien number, which does not change, and, apparently, the SSN also has a number that does not change ( only under rare instances ), will I be able to work, using the numbers and copies of my EAD card and SSN card, while getting them renewed for a mistake ?

3.Since the processing times are long, and EAD serves temporarily, until the Green card is received, should the misspelling of one letter make a big issue with employers ?

I wouldn't be worried about this if the Green card was coming shortly after EAD, but knowing processing times, it can take months for that, and it will take approx. 90 days to get the EAD card renewed, because the mistake was mine and I have low hopes of USCIS having mercy and helping out by filling out that it was their mistake or to expedite my case due to financial losses I've been suffering because of the long waits.

Anyone that can help, please ?

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