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Aos interview
2:38 pm December 16, 2018


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Hello, does anyone had aos interview for temporary green card based on marrige , which documents they asked, what kind and questions and supporting evidence ? Thanks !

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Adjusment of status interview (k1 visa )
11:29 pm December 8, 2018


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Hi everyione ,

Does anyone know for adjusment of status interview which documents are necessary, and is there some list of questions what they ask? I heard some people just get green card in mail through k1 visa when they come . Thanks !!

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CR1 Visa - A bit Confused on the Green Card process after POE
8:39 pm October 29, 2018


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Hi All,

In going through the CR1 process with my wife, I had mostly handled the paperwork and reading through the step by step process. My wife was approved during the Visa interview, and had successfully entered the country with me a few weeks ago. I had paid the USCIS Immigrant Fee a day or two after the visa was at hand nearly two weeks before the POE was made. With that said I am a bit confused on the Green Card process now.

At the port of entry, fingerprints and a photo of my wife were already taken. Today we received an I-797c Code 2 Notice of Action (Code 2 meaning Picture, Index fingerprint, and signature taken) that we need to show up at a scheduled time at an Application Support Center for biometrics to be done. I was under the impression that after paying the USCIS Immigrant fee the Green Card would just be sent to us in the mail, no need for further input on our end until within 90 days of GC expiration when the I-751 would need to be filed.

After reading a few articles, it seems like an I-797c NOA for Biometrics is usually a step requested leading up to a Green Card interview, which in our case should technically be at the point after the I-751 is filed if I'm understanding this correctly. Has something gotten mixed up here and I will be having a Green Card Interview soon or is this notice just a step that needs to be done before they send the 2 year Green Card in the mail?

Any information or input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! ??

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Fees going into the Visa Interview
3:59 am September 14, 2018


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Hi All,

Just wanted to ask especially for those that have been through the Visa interview already. Are there any specific fees or items not outlined in the general guides/processes that it would be useful to carry extra funds for just in case?

Going in now, I know we need to carry enough to cover the medical exam w/ the cost of additional vaccinations. As well as pay the Green Card fee contingent on being approved. Are there any other fees that are usually paid while at the embassy for the interview or anywhere in between?

Any input would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance! ??

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Money order for i-485
2:07 pm September 10, 2018


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Hi , I have a question regarding AOS . Does anyone know how to fill money order, or have sample of it? And what are all supporting documents for AOS? Thanks!

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