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On H1b, family based AOS pending, might get laid off
2:22 pm June 1, 2020



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Hi, I am currently on H1B, we filed for family based AOS in May. Currently waiting for biometrics appointment to be scheduled. My firm is starting to lay people off. In case I get laid off before I receive my EAD/AP , would the 60 days grace period for H1B apply to me? Not sure if I would have to leave the country in that case?

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I-944 Credit Report letter with no SSS/ITIN
3:04 am May 30, 2020



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Hey guys,

I am making this post to help others and not because I need help.

First and foremost, many people ask "Why am I required to prove that I don't have credit history if I don't even have an SSN?" and the answer is that in the US, many banks will allow you to obtain credit without an SSN or ITIN. You can read more about this here: https://www.creditkarma.com/advice/i/credit-card-without-a-social-security-number/

So, you can get credit without an SSN/ITIN and can have a credit file without an SSN or ITIN. This is why USCIS requires a letter from at least one of the agencies confirming that you do not have a credit file.

How do you get a letter stating you do not have a credit file?

Simply write a formal letter to one of the three agencies requesting your credit file. In the file state and place the following:

1) Explain that you are requesting your credit file and you do not have an SSN/ITIN. Explain that if no credit file is found, please return a letter stating so.

2) Provide any names used, date of birth, and any addresses you've lived at

3) Sign the form and date it

4) Attach a government issued ID

5) Mail it to one of the agency addresses below:

P.O. Box 2002, Allen, TX 75013



TransUnion LLC
Consumer Disclosure Center
P.O. Box 1000
Chester, PA 19016



Disclosure Department,

P.O. Box 740241,

Atlanta, GA 30374


I hope this information helps people trying to get this proof.

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USC Petitioning for Stepchild
11:25 pm May 29, 2020


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Hi VJ, it's been a while. I petitioned for my husband and he received his green card 5 years ago. At the time, my stepson's mom did not want him to come live with us. Now, she has suddenly changed her mind and urgently wants him to come live with us ASAP, if possible for him to start school here this fall. He is 12.

From what I gather, the steps should be the same as when I filed for my husband. He needs a passport book first, I file the I-130, his mom writes a letter saying she wants this to happen, and the rest is pretty much the same. I checked the timelines, it's anywhere from 4-9 months depending on the center. It looks faster than when we did this in 2014-2015, so I'm happy about that. But the faster the better, for school purposes.

My biggest question is... what if we get him a visitor visa first and bring him here to adjust status? I know here in El Paso he can start school in the fall this way, our local schools will not deny entrance to any child without a SSN. (IF the current restriction on border travel is lifted in the near future - right now visitor visa holders are not allowed to enter the US at all due to coronavirus)

I have a feeling that getting a visitor visa for the express purpose and intent of filing the I-130 afterwards isn't exactly correct, but I know people do adjust status all the time when their circumstances change. I'm aware he wouldn't be able to visit Mexico until the process is complete. Is this inadvisable? Could his I-130 be denied if we approach it this way? I plan to consult with an immigration lawyer but just curious if anyone else has experience with this process, and making it as fast as possible.

Thanks everyone! When his mom didn't let us bring him the first time around, I didn't think we'd go through this process again, but here we are!

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Fiancée Bringing her Car and her Cat?
7:38 pm May 29, 2020



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Can my fianc e and I bring her CAR and her CAT to the United States once she receives her K-1 visa?

Car: How do I register the car in advance of our arrival (driving across the border once she gets her K-1)?

Cat: Do we have to have the cat examined by a veterinarian in order to bring him into the US? Is this going to be a problem?

Thanks for the help!


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Physical Addresses
6:54 pm May 29, 2020



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Hello everybody,

I am currently staying with my fianc in Mexico during the quarantine, and I've been here for the past two months. However, I still have my place in the US which is my official address. I will likely return to my place in the US in June, which is where I will then send in our i-129f. Should I include my fianc 's address in Mexico as one of my physical addresses since I've been here for a long period of time even though I'm technically just visiting and still have my address in the US?

Also, I studied abroad in Spain over the fall and bounced around different apartments. There are gaps in between while I was at the apartments. I stayed with a friend in Madrid during one of the gaps and during the other gap I visited my fianc for a week in Mexico. Should I just extend the dates I was at the apartments to cover those gaps? Or is it okay to have gaps in my physical addresses?


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