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Timing of filing I-751 with dependent children
8:38 pm January 31, 2024


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This is still a ways off for us, but as with everything USCIS-related, we want to be as prepared as possible.

My husband entered the U.S. on 9/23/2023, and my stepdaughters entered on 11/23/2023. Per the filing date calculator, we can file I-751 jointly starting on 6/25/2025.

My questions/clarifications:

  1. Even though the 90-day window won't be open yet for my stepdaughters, they can be included on their dad's/my husband's I-751, correct? (pay 1 filing fee + 4 biometric fees)
  2. At the time of filing in June 2025, their ages will be 20, 18, and 15. They are still considered "dependent children" as USCIS refers to in the instructions, correct? They received their green cards as a result of their dad's marriage to me (USC).
  3. I'm confused by the new filing fees with the biometrics included for situations like this. Would we pay $750 for my husband (751 w/ biometrics included), plus $30 additional biometrics for each stepdaughter? ($840 total)

Appreciate your help. Wouldn't have gotten this far in the process without VJ's help!

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How long change the status RFE
4:18 pm December 20, 2023


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Hello everyone ,

I received RFIE , I response and USps confirm they delivered the package last Saturday , How long do you think take for my status in Ucsis website change ? Any experience

thank you

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Passport for Naturalized Child
9:49 pm December 18, 2023



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My wife obtained her citizenship this February and received her passport already. The original certificate of citizenship was either never returned or was lost in the mail. I only retained photocopies.

I want to get her daughter a passport instead of going through the naturalization process. Will the passport office accept my wife's passport as proof of citizenship and the photocopy of the naturalization certificate, or are we out of luck and need to get a 2nd copy and pay $500

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Does English Translation Need to be Certified by a Professional?
7:50 am December 15, 2023

Nyla J

Nyla J

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We have a 72 page document in Spanish. The embassy pre-interview checklist says it must be translated to English but doesn't indicate whether it must be professionally done or if we can just translate ourselves. Any idea?


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Doubts for Response RFIE ,
12:05 am December 13, 2023


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Hello, good afternoon everyone, I received a RfIe requesting a copy of the marriage certificate, a copy of my child's birth certificate, I believe, and a copy of my husband's ID, however, how in the last two they mention Mr. Grooms' documents bothers me. I doubt if the documents are not my husband's, I am thinking of sending what concerns my husband and my child, but you think there is some problem that sends information that you are not requesting, I also just changed my status 4 days ago and I will send a copy of the lease contract for this change

Thank you in advance for your comments.

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