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No available interview dates at Embassy in Malta for B1/B2 Visa
2:33 pm November 12, 2021



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My father submitted his B1/B2 visa application so he can come and visit me here in the U.S. from Malta, however, we are having no luck at scheduling the actual interview, as the website currently doesn't show any available dates. Last week, his friend saw a few appointment dates available in December, however, this week, there is no longer any dates available, not just for December, but for any month in the future.

Does anyone know how often interview dates get released for scheduling on the embassy websites?

Or has anyone else had a similar experience at a different embassy?

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2 weeks since expedite accepted by embassy, still no answer - should I contact them?
8:26 am May 17, 2021



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Hi all,

As the title mentions, I received approval of my expedition request on May 4th followed almost immediately by an email saying I would hear back soon from the Consulate (Naples, Italy in my case) to schedule an interview and have still not heard back.

I've seen various posts on this forum about embassies scheduling in the 2nd half of each month, some embassies needing to be contacted directly to schedule an interview, etc. Just wondering what you guys think about my case, should I contact them? We do have a rather urgent medical/financial reason for me to be in the US as soon as possible but I'm also trying to be patient (as much as possible under the circumstances) as I know everyone is overwhelmed during the pandemic.

Thanks in advance.

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