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Securtiy clearance after interview?
8:08 pm May 3, 2017



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Hi all,

I had the CR1 interview today and was told that they still had to wait for security clearance..i gave them my police conduct/certificate and it says that i am a person of good conduct. Anyone knows what might be happening? They still kept my passport and was told that the papers all seem to be correct.

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receive visa after approval
1:39 pm April 9, 2017



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How long does it take to receive passport back after visa approval? We will have our interview in Naples, thus we need to catch a flight there and back...we were thinking of booking a flight back to our country that day after the interview. Would this be enough time to receive the passport with visa?

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are these enough for proving domicile during interview?
1:37 pm March 27, 2017



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We have finally received a case complete after waiting 11 weeks/close to 12. However, we received correspondence that we need to prove domicile. My husband is the US citizen. He was born in the US and came to Malta as a baby. He then left again to the US and lived for 3 years and came back to Malta about 4 years ago.

Would the below be enough to prove domicile?

* filing of taxes

* driver's license (he renewed it when he was living in Malta as it expired when he was no longer in the US)

* the bank account that he still has in the US

He has not been applying for jobs formally, as he has friends in the US who are looking for a job for him as they have contacts there..I don't know what else we can use as proof of domicile. Do you have any other ideas? We will be looking for apartments when we move there if everything goes well during the interview. We will be living with his uncle until then. So we cannot show lease agreements etc as proof.

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9 weeks and still no cc!!
7:36 am March 6, 2017



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My husband and I are now on the 9th week and we still have not received any information from NVC after submitting all the documents!! We have called last week and were told that we are now to hear at any moment. Any idea how long the 'any moment' time period is?

Am I correct to assume that if we do receive a case complete (cross fingers), we would still have to wait additional time to be informed when the interview date is?

This time waiting is driving me crazy! I can't make any plans for the near future and don't even know where I'm gonna be in two months' time.

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police certificate for us citizen/sponsor not residing in us
9:25 am December 24, 2016



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We are finally going to send our documents for NVC to review however we are stuck on the police conduct. We don't know whether my husband, a US citizen, who is also my sponsor, should produce a police certificate as well. He is a US citizen however he has been residing in Malta for the past 5 years. Should we send a one from Malta as well, given that he's the sponsor?

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