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  Affidavit of support

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Affidavit of support
11:20 am April 8, 2023


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As I understand it, the sponsor must earn 125% annually from the poverty guidelines to qualify for the affidavit of support for the k-1 visa, so more than 24,650k annually?

Can someone please explain how does it work exactly?

Do they take in consideration the debts, loans, and child support payments of the sponsor if he is divorced and has a child from a previous marriage and deduct those from the annual income sum?

Do they take in consideration if the beneficiary has a sum of money from a previous property owned and that was sold? Would that qualify for self support?

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Life during AOS waiting time
10:40 am March 17, 2023


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Hi all,

I often heard about the limbo state after one has moved over to the US, got married and have applied for their AOS. I am wondering what are we allowed to do during this period of time. Maybe people who are going through it can shed some light.

Can we do the below whilst waiting for our AOS?

  • Buy a car
  • Apply for a driving license (Oklahoma in my case)
  • Open a bank account
  • Buy property or land
  • Work
  • Have a medical insurance (not job-related if working isn't possible)

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Divorce Docs
9:34 am December 23, 2022


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Please anyone knows, if a Certificate of Non-Appeal is good to present as proof of divorce? clearly states in it that I am divorced, along with the dates etc, and it was issued buy the court.

I often see "Divorce decree'' mentioned online, but I think maybe in my country it is not titled in that manner.

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4:50 pm December 15, 2022


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I need to have my divorce decree translated into English. Please can you advise if it needs to be just certified or also notarized?

Can anyone do the translation?

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Petitioner - Criminal Record
11:05 am December 9, 2022


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My fiance was charged with assault of the third degree when he was 19 (more than 24 yr ago) due to finding his friend sleeping with his then gf, he pleaded no contest. He did community service and was ''deferred adjudication''

We are in the process to file the form I-129F. Does he need to provide any paperwork related to this? and what are the odds that this will make things more complicated for the k-1 approval?

I'm so worried :(

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