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US Immigration from Malaysia

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How does health insurance work after my fiancee arrives?
9:31 pm October 17, 2023


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I have healthcare through the healthcare.gov marketplace. The government pays for some/most of my monthly insurance cost. When my fiancee arrives here, and before she gets her green card, will she be able to join my plan or get her own insurance? I'm concerned since I believe this is considered government assistance and from my understanding of the I-864, the government won't provide any assistance to her? Would I no longer get deductions on my health insurance if she joins my plan?

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NVC Timeframes
2:03 am September 13, 2023


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Hi all - I noticed that the status bulletin from the NVC has stated they are working on cases from 7/19 for the past three Mondays. Has anyone noticed any delays in case numbers being assigned?


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Questions about income requirement?
3:45 am July 22, 2023


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I'm a little confused; Is there an income requirement during the k-1 visa process? I've seen mentions of it but its kinda hard for me to understand exactly. I'm right now finishing up the i-129f form so I can bring my fiancee and her daughter to America from Malaysia. Me and her are both self-employed. She is probably best described as living in poverty.

For me.. its very complicated. Last year, my "total income" was technically only $14.5k. But, I also own a house (currently worth $150k) and have a stock account currently worth $47,000. I also have a few thousand in my checking account. I have no debts, aside from ~$50k house mortgage. So I am "income poor" but "asset rich" I guess.

Is that bad, or doesn't matter?

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Where do I print a glossy 2x2 photos??
1:16 am July 21, 2023


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According to the I-129F form, I need photos "printed on thin paper with a glossy finish, and be unmounted and unretouched. The color passport-style photos must be 2 by 2 inches."

But I can't find anywhere that offers this. I can take the photo myself, but I can't find anywhere to get them printed. I checked walmart, staples, walgreens, and CVS, but none of them offered 2x2 inch images, except for walmart, but their photos are matte, not glossy.

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Do we need a joint sponsor?
5:06 am July 20, 2023



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If I were to marry my fiance and live with him in his country while waiting for the spousal visa, would there be any possible way for us to sponsor ourselves, or would we for sure need a joint sponsor?

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