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Are affidavits required?
8:34 pm November 13, 2017


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Getting ready to send this package off and just now realized that 2 affidavits are listed as suggested evidence, not "extra" evidence. But I've seen folks say they're less impactful than other types of evidence. So my question is, do you understand these to be required evidence, or just supplemental? Anyone submitted without those?

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Multiple addresses question?
4:42 pm October 9, 2017


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So, we are working on our i-751 for my husband. (I'm the US citizen, he's the applicant).
Question 22 says "Have you resided at any other address since you became a permanent resident?"

We have, but we did not submit a change of address because our living situation here has been somewhat volatile and we maintained my parents address (also our first address) for most legal documents. It's in another city, but within the same state, and we go back and forth frequently. I still work for an organization in the original city, though I work from home.

All our bills still go to that address, and my drivers license is still there, although my husband's has been changed to the new city. But evidence such as the lease on our apartment here is in both of our names, and would be helpful for proving our married status. We've technically been at the new address for about a year.

Are we going to face a lot of questions or negative consequences because of this? We still plan to list my parents' address as our mailing and physical address, but should we maybe put our new address as our physical address? Is that going to get us in trouble because we didn't submit a change of address form to USCIS?

Anyone else have any experience like this?

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accidently mailed affadavit of support with my i-129f.
3:25 pm October 8, 2016


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Do they return items to you? Will they fwd to the consulate?

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% of approvals with success after one visit?
11:19 pm October 5, 2016


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Just curious how many people succeeded with evidence of engagement in the form of documented ceremony with 200 guests/witnesses with formal invitations and public proposal but all on the first visit, but we had previous meetings in the past but irrevalent/undocumented.

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March 2015 Filers
12:40 am January 5, 2016


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Any March 2015 filers out there for F2A? Lets update each other on how our case is going.

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