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after GC approval
3:58 pm March 9, 2020



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Green card was approved on Thursday. We never received the SS card after getting EAD two weeks ago. I thought one would be mail but it wasn't. Can we call or do we have to go in person? (applied multiple times but they kept saying no until EAD) also when my husband gets his GC should he carry it with him always or keep it in a secure spot like we do with passports?

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wait for SSN or get ITIN?
7:54 pm February 12, 2020



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We have an appointment to get our taxes done next week (Husband came in Aug, has no global income to claim, was unable to get a SSN after arrival) Since making that appointment his EAD was approved (said it was being printed 2/11/20 and we received our green card interview for March 5th

wondering now what is going to be our best best. Should we still go through with getting the ITIN or just wait until we get his SSN (you get one shortly after EAD correct)

One of the main reasons why I was having someone do it vs turbo tax or something was because they were helping apply for the ITIN so if we in fact don't need that I'm wondering if I should just plan to do them myself. Any advice is appreciated!

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PA drivers licence after 1-94 expired
2:21 pm December 17, 2019



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Hello! My husband took all the required documents to get a learners permit here in PA. We had to wait until we had a decision about a social security card so his i-94 is expired and when they tried to verify him in the SAVE database there systems wouldn't provide an end date that apparently the DMV needs. They said they would send the info out to homeland security and we would get a letter stating if he qualified for a drivers permit. Has anyone been through this before? Its been over the three weeks time frame they quoted us and not sure where to even start. I contacted SAVE but they were unable to help.


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over it
2:03 pm November 21, 2019



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So we applied for the SSN on Sept 18th, over the next two months we called SAVE and went to the office twice and kept being told things were fine just wait. Then the week our i-94 expired (this week) we got a letter saying immigration couldn't approve it. When he went back into the office they gave him a few random reasons (he can't work and doesn't need one, now that he is married the k1 isn't valid, the i-94 is out of date) I emailed the SS office based off what I could find here but because the i-94 is expired will they be able to do anything?

Thanks in advance

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SSN help
1:36 pm November 15, 2019



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We applied on Sep 18th

Went weeks without hearing anything, called SAVE to check in, and visited social security office twice and was just told to wait.

Yesterday we got a letter saying "we cant complete your application because immigration failed to approve your application. Please contact us when you can give us the documents we need"

(side note that one of the case udpates in SAVE was yesterday which is the same day we got the letter so is there a chance they are still working on it?)

I will be calling USCIS later today but I am kinda at a loss, the i94 expires next week and he needs to SSN to get a drivers licence. What do I do? Going to the Social security office has been useless.

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