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Need help with N400 question
6:54 am February 2, 2024



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Two years ago, I was given a criminal citation for failure to transfer a car title. Bought a car and didn't change the title to my name in time. The prosecutor mailed the citation and a date to appear in court. Call the prosecutor and was told to change the title and she would dismiss the case, I changed the title, and the case was dismissed. I was not arrested and didn't enter a plea.

Now am filing for N400 and need help in how to answer the below questions. I think i need to answer yes to question number 3 but am not sure if i need to answer yes to 1 and 2.

1, Have you EVER committed, assisted in committing, or attempted to commit, a crime or offense for
which you were NOT arrested?

2, Have you EVER been arrested, cited, or detained by any law enforcement officer (including any
immigration official or any official of the U.S. armed forces) for any reason?

3, Have you EVER been charged with committing, attempting to commit, or assisting in committing a
crime or offense?

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US Africa- best way to get married? (split)
6:03 pm August 24, 2021



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I have a question..im in us.my fiance is in africa..Whats easiest way for us to get married..

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I think I got two NOA1s???
7:35 pm June 27, 2021



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We filed the i-129f in September 2020 and received an NOA1 on September 8, 2020. We were supposed to receive an NOA2 in early April, but that did not happen. This week, I got something in the mail that appeared to be an NOA2 (it's labeled I-797c), but from looking at it, it says "Notice Type: Receipt Notice." It has a June 2021 date on it. The form looks different than the initial form that we received, but it doesn't say "approval" anywhere; instead it describes the processing times and says they have received my payment of $535 (which the first form had already said they received). It says it can't tell how quickly things will be processed. On the first form, my fiancee didn't have an A-number and on this one she does. I tried to Google images of NOA2 forms and they don't look exactly like this one, but I can't tell if maybe they're just older forms. Both forms having the same official title makes things even more confusing. Additionally, on the USCIS, website it says that there hasn't been any update since September 8th. So somehow I got this letter without it updating in the system. I plan to call tomorrow, but I was wondering if anyone has had this happen before? I have no idea if they took 10 months just to accidentally send a form that they were supposed to send in September or if there is some sort of mistake or what. Any help or advice would be great.

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Sponsor does not meet minimum income requirements
3:12 pm February 26, 2021


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Hi all, I'm sponsoring my mom and dad and today I received this message
"This case does not meet the minimum income requirement to sponsor the intending immigrants. To avoid delays, an additional Affidavit of Support Form I-864 from a joint sponsor may be submitted. For more information visit https://nvc.state.gov/aos. The consular officer will make a decision regarding this requirement at the time of the interview. For more information, please visit https://www.uscis.gov/i-864p. If joint sponsor is used to assist in sponsoring the intended immigrants, please note that a Form I-864EZ may not be used and a Form I-864 must be submitted, if it has not been already."

I submitted both AOS on August 2020 using my 2019 tax transcripts, I only made about 20k on 2019 but after graduating from college on 2020 I got a job on June 2020 and my salary raised to 75k. I have uploaded my current pay stubs, verification letter from my employment and I'm waiting for my 2020 tax transcript so that I can add I can add to AOS Supporting Documentation. I just want to know if I still need to find a co sponsor even though my salary is above the poverty guidelines. Please let me know. Thank you.

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Where to get PCR test
3:38 pm February 25, 2021



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We are looking to book a trip back to my husbands home country and having a hard time finding a clinic in the US that can guarantee PCR test results in the 3 day time frame. Any consensus on the best places that get results quickly?


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