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  1. We are in the same area, we sent all the AOS stuff and got a notice for biometrics quickly. Hoping the rest of the process goes smoothly.
  2. So we applied for the SSN on Sept 18th, over the next two months we called SAVE and went to the office twice and kept being told things were fine just wait. Then the week our i-94 expired (this week) we got a letter saying immigration couldn't approve it. When he went back into the office they gave him a few random reasons (he can't work and doesn't need one, now that he is married the k1 isn't valid, the i-94 is out of date) I emailed the SS office based off what I could find here but because the i-94 is expired will they be able to do anything? Thanks in advance
  3. I-94 is the document that shows his status, that he entered on a K1 and is kind of like a count down of our 90 days we have to get married EAD is Employment authorization document
  4. we are in the same spot, we kept going back and being told its processing just wait. now we got a letter saying the case could not be completed and we are a week out from the i94 running out and i dont know what to do
  5. We applied on Sep 18th Went weeks without hearing anything, called SAVE to check in, and visited social security office twice and was just told to wait. Yesterday we got a letter saying "we cant complete your application because immigration failed to approve your application. Please contact us when you can give us the documents we need" (side note that one of the case udpates in SAVE was yesterday which is the same day we got the letter so is there a chance they are still working on it?) I will be calling USCIS later today but I am kinda at a loss, the i94 expires next week and he needs to SSN to get a drivers licence. What do I do? Going to the Social security office has been useless.
  6. My husband applied for his social security card on sept 18th. We were told to wait 4-6 weeks and we would hear something back through the mail however we have gotten nothing. I called SAVE and they confirmed that everything was done on their end and the social security office had the status verification information they needed. He has gone back twice trying to get an update but they continue to tell him to just wait. The i94 will expire soon, if it expires before we get any response from the office are we screwed?
  7. We the text yesterday that our case has been received! More hurry up and wait!
  8. My husband and I have a joint bank account and he also opened a personal bank account (both at PNC) We have applied for his social security card but have not received anything yet. A few weeks after opening the account we got a letter from the bank requesting for us to fill out the W-8BEN. I just wanted to double check if we should be filling this out? It says do not use this form if you are a resident alien individual which after AOS he will be. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  9. its a small christian university so while it may not be 40,000 up front it is expensive. My question is will I be able to get a private loan for his schooling fees? (yes i have a good paying job, good credit and own my home.)
  10. For someone who is on a k1 visa and who is adjusting status but does not yet have the green card what is going to be our best option when it comes to financial assistance for schooling. I realize he is not eligible for any financial aid through the government but the little information that the school gives me makes it sound like private sponsors and churches are the only other option. I have a good job but we don't have an extra 40,000 sitting around the pay for school upfront.
  11. Interview was Tuesday, he was approved! Picked up the visa Friday and we will fly out Thursday! Thanks to everyone here who helped along the way!
  12. Sorry if this has been asked again I have looked at reviews but didn't see much. Can the USC and k1 visa holder wait in the same line for immigration/customs?
  13. We just had our k1 visa approved today! The flights we are looking at include a layover in Frankfurt Germany. Has anyone had experience with this? Is a visitors visa necessary for a 5 hour layover?
  14. Beyond the academic paperwork needed is someone who is in the US on a k1 visa able to attend college before getting a green card? Do they need a social security number?
  15. So my boyfriend's visa interview was rescheduled due to a big planned political demonstration near the embassy in Malawi Africa. He went this morning for the interview, paid the fee, provided all the documents and then he along with 7 others were told the embassy was having an emergency meeting and were asked to wait outside and they would call them back inside in an hour. When he went in they told him that his case required more time and rescheduled the interview to next week. All of the other applicants were applying for student visas so they remained there. I'm thinking that because he is applying for a K1 is why they asked him to return on a different day or could be why they were unprepared? Am I totally off base? They also kept his passport so does that mean they could process it and return to him when he goes next week??
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