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  1. Does anyone know how long the police certificate in Malawi is valid for? Obtaining this kind of documentation has proved to be a lengthy process so I want to start early but am worried it will expire before the interview if done too soon.
  2. Packet was sent on Feb 8th and got NOA1 on the 15th!! Now more waiting...
  3. Hd1170


    My packet was sent on 2/8 and I got the text 2/15
  4. I got a text from USCIS that my case has been received and an official form I-797 will follow. Is this the same as NOA1? It does not list which service center is processing the application. Is this normal?
  5. My fiance lives in a very rural part of Malawi Africa so he does not have a typical house address. Does anyone have experience of what works best in this situation when the application asks for his address history.