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  1. We just interviewed for GC two weeks ago. GC game a week later and SS card the next day!
  2. Interview was thursday, all went smooth. They asked me (USC) more questions then my husband which surprised me. Still waiting for the GC and unsure of when we will get SSN
  3. Green card was approved on Thursday. We never received the SS card after getting EAD two weeks ago. I thought one would be mail but it wasn't. Can we call or do we have to go in person? (applied multiple times but they kept saying no until EAD) also when my husband gets his GC should he carry it with him always or keep it in a secure spot like we do with passports?
  4. I am in the same boat as you and came to the same conclusion, one question however. Can we still use turbo tax to input all the information and organize it and then we would have to print and mail it?
  5. we applied in late oct biometrics in november ready to schedule interview 1/30 now we have our interview and EAD was just approved
  6. We have an appointment to get our taxes done next week (Husband came in Aug, has no global income to claim, was unable to get a SSN after arrival) Since making that appointment his EAD was approved (said it was being printed 2/11/20 and we received our green card interview for March 5th wondering now what is going to be our best best. Should we still go through with getting the ITIN or just wait until we get his SSN (you get one shortly after EAD correct) One of the main reasons why I was having someone do it vs turbo tax or something was because they were helping apply for the ITIN so if we in fact don't need that I'm wondering if I should just plan to do them myself. Any advice is appreciated!
  7. Interview is March 5th and just got a notification yesterday that my husbands EAD card is being produced!
  8. our status actually just changed last night that it has been scheduled so now I just have to wait for the notice to find out when it actually is!
  9. Our interview has been scheduled, just waiting for the letter in the mail! Still no update on AP/EAD
  10. Got the notification last night that our interview has been scheduled! Took about a month after we got the "ready to be scheduled" message! Just waiting for the snail mail to give us the date!
  11. Hello there! We have also filed for AOS and are in Philly. Our status changed to ready to schedule interview on 12/20/19 but still have not heard anything. Any input from folks about how long it usually takes for it to be scheduled?
  12. based on your timeline it looks like we are in very similar situations. Mine went to ready to schedule interview on 12/30 but have heard nothing since. I know it is hard but there are still other folks who filed before us who have heard less. Hopefully soon for us both!
  13. I have been at "ready to schedule for an interview since 12/30 I am guessing it just depends on your office right? we are in philly
  14. did you actually get the notice that it has been scheduled? Mine switched to ready to be scheduled but have been waiting for over a week now wasnt sure how long it takes to schedule
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