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US Immigration from Macedonia

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Student visa for 16yr old niece
3:35 pm May 11, 2022



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Hi All

Now that my husband is a citizen we are working to bring his nieces over from Macedonia. The oldest is 16yrs and wants to come and study, perhaps finish high school and then study pharmacy. I am not exactly sure where to start. Any ideas? Thanks os much.

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Divorce Waiver (split)
7:48 am January 9, 2022



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Hi guys!

I have my i751 joint petition interview in a few days, however, in the meantime, I got divorced and filed again but i751 waiver.

I'm going without an attorney to basically withdraw the old petition and let them know that I filled a new one based on divorce.

Do you think they will be interviewing me and what should I expect? Anyone had this situation?

Thank you!

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DS-3025 and new Covid Vaccine Requirements
11:46 pm October 4, 2021



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Hi everyone, I apologize as I'm sure this is being asked a lot but I have a quick question in regards to the new guidelines.

My wife came to the US under K-1 in November of 2020 and did her overseas medical in October 2020. We applied for the AOS in February of 2021 and included the DS-3025 with the application. She did not receive her flu vaccine during the medical even though it was during flu season because there weren't any flu vaccines so we were told that we wouldn't need one for the interview. The DS-3025 was marked complete.

We never received an RFE so far and are currently in the case is ready to be scheduled for interview stage. I am reading mixed information however on the vaccine and medical requirements. On the official uscis website and i-693 instructions it says if AOS is filed within 1 year of medical overseas, it is not required to have a new medical. However I am also reading elsewhere that if you didn t file AOS package within 60 days of medical, it expires in 1 year.

What is correct? Do we need a new medical? Would we need a flue vaccine or do a completely new medical just for a flu vaccine if needed?

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2020 taxes while AOS
8:05 pm February 3, 2021



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Hey everyone - I tried filing my taxes through the free turbotax option as I only have my income from my job to show and no additional deductions etc. With my wife coming to the US in November and getting married before Dec 2020, I was rushing to file as I needed to submit my 1040 with our AOS application. I didn't do much research as I now see that it would have been better to file married jointly. I filed married separately but since my wife has no SSN/ITIN number, what should I do now? Turbotax allowed me to print out my 1040 and said in the instructions to mail it it in because I can't provide a SSN for my wife. Since we are filing separately, do I need to also file for a ITIN or do I just write NRA for the SSN? I am still getting a decent tax refund so I don't care if I would have gotten more if I filed jointly, I just want to make sure that everything is being done correctly and I won't have problems with the IRS. Do I just mail my 1040 to the IRS as it is printed out from the turbotax site or do I need to add anything else to it?

Also, with us being from NJ, there was a question about whether we have insurance or not. I had insurance during 2020 under my parents and my wife obviously didn't. I am not sure if I answered that correctly (she got enrolled in January under my employer). There is something about an insurance mandate and a penalty if you don't have insurance but does she or I qualify for an exception? She was here for less than 60 days in 2020 and I was under a family insurance. There is a form (Schedule NJ-HCC) to complete for that as well attached to the 1040 where I need to fill in exemptions and dates on it which looks confusing.

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Affidavit of Support and i944
1:42 am January 26, 2021



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Hi everyone ! My wife and I are going through the AOS process now filling up all the paperwork. When we filled for her K-1 in 2019, my mother was the sponsor and filled out the affidavit of support papers. I was unemployed at the time and live with my parents. I started a new job in March 2020 however and just received my W-2.

Do I still need a sponsor or can I include my W-2, paystubs, and employment verification letter as proof of income without any recent tax history? I will be filing taxes before the deadline this year but won t be able to in time as her visa expires in a few weeks. Also, will I still need to fill out an affidavit of support even though I am her husband?

Likewise, I do live with my parents but they don t include me as a dependent on taxes. Do we need to include them on the i944?

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