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Passport Style Photo Size Question
11:32 pm January 8, 2020



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I just returned from visiting my (now) fiancee, and during our visit we had passport-style photos taken of both of us.
When we said we wanted 51mm photos the people knew it was for a visa and said they did them quite frequently. It was a quick and easy process.

The photos meet all the requirements, except each photo we recieved is a set of two 2in x 2in photos with a black outline encased in a 4x6 photo.

Do I need to cut the 2x2 photo out carefully along the border, or can I just submit the whole 4x6 paper since each photo inside of it is a 2x2?

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US Citizen applying for Mother and Brother
6:11 am November 23, 2019


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Hi Members,

I have my Naturalization Oath Ceremony in a few weeks. Therefore, I will soon have my US Passport.
Here are my questions:

  • My mother is coming to visit for Christmas for a month and is thinking of staying to live in US
    • She has her flights booked and her ESTA ready
    • Should I wait to apply for her green card until she is here? This way, would she qualify for adjustment of status, since she is in the country legally through travel VISA?
  • My brother is currently under F1 VISA, and is thinking of doing OPT or doing his Master's
    • I will apply for his green card ASAP, however is there any way I can choose which processing center my application will go to? California where I reside has 8-10year wait time vs Texas 8-11month wait time. I have family in Texas and therefore I could mail from Texas if that means that it will go to Texas Service Center

Your replies are greatly appreciated!

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Birth Certificate AoS Interview
1:45 pm November 20, 2019


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Well as title states, i'm slightly stressed out.

We just realized my wife (beneficiary) doesn't have original BC with her (left it back in LT), and our interview is tomorrow. She has a notarized copy + Translation. Is that a problem? Or they don't really care about BC's?

I do have my BC and translation, passport etc.


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11:52 am October 7, 2019


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I know it might be redundant.
My wife doesn't have insurance. Long story short, she just had her EAD, went away for 3 weeks, came back just now, and yesterday we got the "Interview scheduled". Nobody wanted to give her healthcare without EAD for some reason before hand.
the new i-944 rule. Does it include Pre-October filers (Jan 31st)? meaning that, will they need us to file i944, do we HAVE to have the insurance at the time of the interview, or this will skip us since we filed before the rule was in place?

Insurance is in progress, should get one within a week or so, just shopping now. Just wanna know whether we should rush to get some kind of paper to show that she has insurance, or don't worry about it , if it comes, it comes, if not, not a problem.


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Medical Examination for K-1
10:14 am September 12, 2019


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I am curious to find out during what hours did your medical examinations take place. Were they early in the morning or later in the afternoon? Thank you in advance

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