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US Immigration from Laos

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  US Embassy in Laos

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US Embassy in Laos
11:54 pm January 12, 2019


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I tried to look up the US Embassy for Laos on this site but its a blank screen.

Has anyone here ever dealt with Laos US Embassy? Looking for advice and what to do next after Noa2.

I know every Embassy is different and I can't find any information for Laos.

Thanks in advance.

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Notifications form I-797
10:55 pm October 19, 2018


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I got a text message stating the follow:

USCIS: Your case was received. Receipt # WAC1990022096. Official Receipt Notice (Form I-797) to follow in mail. Msg & Data rates may apply. DO NOT REPLY

Does anyone know whether this means the Dallas lock box got it or USCIS actually got my petition???? And whether it is approved or not??

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i-129f : Employer end date
7:07 pm October 8, 2018


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What am I suppose to put down for "employment end date"? I still work there.

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F4 Questions Concerning Priority Dates
3:25 pm September 13, 2018


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Hello VJers, my wife is wanting to sponsor her sister, who is 18, to come to the USA. I've been researching and came across a possible issue of having to wait to 10 years before approval? Is that correct? Or does that only pertains to the countries listed at the top of the travel.state. document; such as, China, India, Pakistan, etc. Asking cause if that is the case it would be more reasonable for us to sponsor her mother, my MIL, who is a F1. Thanks in advance!!!


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221g k1 visa
4:36 am August 1, 2018


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Hey everyone

My fianc just had her interview today and I was with her. Everything seem okay. However we received a 221g form requesting a valid police record from Thailand since she did stay there a couple of years. They return her passport and they took my tax transcripts, pay stubs and etc. Return her copy s and original of birth certificate and etc.. I m wondering if we submit the required document do you think they will approve it fast or what so ?

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