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I-134 question, is my 2018 income of 34k as excludable income ok for sponsorship
2:47 pm September 12, 2019



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Hi my NOA2 was approved Aug 26th. I'm asking for help with I-134 sponsor form. My question is will I qualify to be the sponsor if my 2018 income is 34k but was reported as excludable income. I have no dependents to claim and adjusted gross income is $1,415.

I included tax return pictures to better explain my situation.



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Choosing not to provide social media information
7:21 pm August 25, 2019



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During visa scheduling processing, they ask for social media information if any. My beneficiary chose not to provide her social media information, her reasoning was she has been hacked in the past and therefore does not feel comfortable providing that information online. Is this okay or does it raise flags?

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Evidence use to petition a brother in Thailand!
7:50 pm July 28, 2019

Lis Xyooj

Lis Xyooj

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Hello VJ members,

I am pretty new here and would like some guidance on getting my brother who lives in Thailand to the US.

will I be able to sponsor my brother to the US if.. 1. We don t have any proof of being brother, not that I know of.. only DNA test...

We were separated when we were very little. We have been in contact for about 6 years now. I have gone to see him and his family 3 times.

My question is: besides a birth certificate, what other form of evidence can I use to support my case?

I m not sure where to begin in terms of evidence because he has a different last name.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.

Thank you


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Instruction Package/Medical Exam instructions
5:52 am July 25, 2019



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1.Is my fiancee supposed to receive this in postal mail in her country? So far I've only received instruction package as attachment in email from the consular section but my fiancee has not received any postal mail.

2.I have question on the below part regarding the medical exam instructions

"Step 4: As soon as you have scheduled your appointment online at ustraveldocs.com/la/ and printed the Appointment Confirmation Sheet, you (each applicant) must visit one of our designated panel physician with the Appointment Confirmation Sheet. You should also bring the letter your petitioner received from NVC (it has two barcodes) which includes the case number for the medical exam processing. "

I (the petitioner) never received any letter containing 2 barcodes from NVC, what document is that? The only document I see with 2 bar codes is the Appointment Confirmation Sheet. I did receive an attachment in email containing Case Number and USCIS Receipt Number, is this the document being referred to? That one only has one bar code which is what threw me off.

Is this common to receive everything as email attachments and not in postal mail?

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What is the interview wait time
7:10 pm May 30, 2019


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Looking for information regarding interview wait time at Embassy in Laos.

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