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  1. Me and my wife do have a son but he is not in the USA he is with the mom I did not use him as a dependent on my tax or work would I still put him on as one of my household size ?
  2. Can someone help explain this section of the affidavit of support to me I'm a bit confused thanks in advance Last year ? Estimate this year ? Current amount ?
  3. I just file I 130 for my wife and I sent scan of marriage license in the local language and English both of our passport , passport size photo , photo of our relationship, documents such as flight ticket, money transfer and our crba for our son.
  4. This sadden me I just filed my I 130 for my wife my son is also with her at the moment he has his crba and passport but I want to bring them both at the same time I hope we can get through crisis fast so we can all be with our love ones
  5. So I have visited my wife 3 separate time each time we were physically together for 2-3 week would that be considered as living together
  6. Hello two years ago my wife apply for a tourist visa at the us embassy to come to the US but got deny twice would I answer yes on the third question. Asking refuse a visa?
  7. Hello I went to the country of Laos where my wife and child is currently residing to file for a CRBA and Passport at the local us embassy filing out the crba application there was a question that asked was the child born while we were married I check no cause he was born befor we got our marriage license finalize In the country of Laos . I scan all required documents and sent it to the us embassy via email and got a schedule appointment 4 days later. At the interview I presented all my documents that was on the check off list to the first person the package of file got accepted I pay the fee and waited about 30 mim got called up the window there was a different person who asked us to raise our right hand up for the oath after that I was asked explained my relationship with my wife I wasn't prepared to tell the whole story of my life with my wife so I made it pretty short and simple he then asked me how long have I lived in the US, did I travel anywhere else other then LAOS, when did I first come to Laos, did I go to highschool in the US, not asking my wife anything then the officer responded that all for now and had me and my wife signed the crba application and the passport application also a agreement I will take care of my son Intel he is 18 because he was born out of wedlock. Gave us all our original documents back and said we will call you to inform you of a approval we went on our way. Should I be concerned about my interview cause I felt like I didn't explain my relationship really detailed only up to me traveling to meet my wife for the first time and the interview was really short less then 10 min. How was your experience and how long did it take for you to know your CRBA was approved. Thanks
  8. Thanks for the reply i just took a look at my filed 2019 tax return line 7b and it looks like I'm in the clear thanks again for the information
  9. Hello I'm currently in the process of submitting my I -130. last time I checked the affidavit of support requirements for me my son and wife was 33,300 in the state of Alaska I just check today march 8 2020 and it jumped up to 33,939. I'm a little concerned cause on my 2019 w2 form box number 1 is different from box number 5 and I googled why the difference it was because I had money that was pre tax will I still meet the required income ? Please help.
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