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  1. Wow, that is very understanding! Fortunately, that isn't a problem for my partner and I
  2. My partner lives in Laos. I know that Laos currently does not recognize same-sex marriages.
  3. What do you mean they are a little more lenient for same sex couples? Could you share some examples? I'm from the US but my partner is from Southeast Asia. Our parents are both fine with us moving forward with tying the knot. I think manuvering through the law may just pose as our biggest challenge.
  4. Hi: There are a few things I wanted to run through ya'll just to make sure I am on track. From my understanding of my situation, if my partner's home country does not recognize same-sex marriage, then the route to bring them here would be to file via K-1 Fiance visa, correct? Which, K-1 Fiance visa requirements for same-sex couples are the same across the board with anyone regardless, correct? Now, here's the other part: Are there difficulties that anyone has came across when filing K-1 Fiance visa with same-sex partners? Could our application potentially get denied because someone (either here in the US or consulate in my partner's home country) felt that our same-sex relationship was intruding on their religion even though we've met all the requirements on the application with supporting documents? This is really striking my confidence and are there ways to troubleshoot this? Can folks who are in same-sex marriages share what their experiences are when petitioning for a spouse from abroad? Thanks!
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