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US Immigration from Kuwait

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US Embassy Kuwait Awaiting Interview Gather Here
4:42 pm January 30, 2023



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Hello All,

Please gather here if you have been DQ from NVC and awaiting Interview date at US Embassy Kuwait. If there are any Whatsapp, Telegram, FB Groups please share that information here.

Share your DQ and visa class information.

DQ Date: Jan 17 2023

Visa Class: IR/CR1

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Re-entry permit.
9:40 am January 18, 2023


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Can I apply for I-131 as soon as I arrive to USA with my IR1 visa? Like next day? Is there a time restrict on when I can apply..

Any idea about how long it takes to get an appointment for biometrics?

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Confused about ethnicity..
3:40 am January 16, 2023


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Not Hispanic or Latino
Hispanic or Latino

Race Select all that apply
Black or African American
American Indian or Alaska Native

Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander

I m Arab. (Half North African/half middle eastern (Levant)

what am I supposed to choose? Am I supposed to check black because my country is in North Africa? Am I supposed to check Asian because my other country is in southwestern Asia?

can I leave this blank?

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What’s the meaning of this?
7:07 pm January 15, 2023


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Case left NVC? When I got my DQ?

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Can you help me understand this?
9:10 am December 6, 2022


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While logged in to ceac I noticed it says visa class IR1 but I have been married more than 2 years.

does it matter what it says on there? Should I contact anyone to change it?

shouldn t it say CR1

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