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US Immigration from Kuwait

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Cosponsor should have good credit?
4:41 am


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Is it advisable to have a cosponsor who has good credit? Or would it be more beneficial? Asking for Affidavit of Support.

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NVC and Embassy Stage
9:14 am


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We received our NOA2 and we are currently waiting for our application to be sent to NVC and then the embassy.

Here is what I'm aware what happens next, or what we should expect. Can you guys please correct me if I'm missing anything?

1- Wait to receive case number from NVC

2- Use case number to fill DS160 form and schedule interview at the embassy

3- Fill out I134 Affidavit of Support form (petitioner)

4- Have medical check and police background checks ready before interview

5- Have copy of NOA2 receipt and updated letter of intent

6- Have proof of ongoing relationship

Is there anything that I'm leaving out? Thank you so much for your inputs in advance!

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Rapid fire K1 Q&A
7:59 am


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1) My USC fiance recently left her job and is currently unemployed. Her tax statements for the past 3 years show that she was making well above the federal poverty line and she recently got paid a severance package from her old job in one lump sum. In case she still can't find a new job by December, which is when the interview will be, would we still need a cosponsor?

2) Currently, how long is the wait from AOS to receiving EAD? and from AOS to receiving GC?

3) We haven't seen each other since January of this year. Would this cause an issue at the interview? I should point out that prior to filing, we've visited each other 6 times in 5 different countries with the 6th visit lasting one month. We've met each other's families, celebrated birthdays, Christmas, and 2018 new year together. Same age, same religion, no prior convictions/marriages/kids. So our case is pretty straight forward.

Thanks in advance.

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I 751 online change of address
1:41 am


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We want to change address online on pending i751. The form number in case status online is CRI-89 but that's not an option in dropdown . If i select i751 it gives an error because its not the right form type for the receipt. Any help? Thanks!

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No green card after 3 months of POE
7:32 pm


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Hey..I entered US in June 2018 POE Philadelphia....after 3-4weeks i received my ssn...but still now i didnt receive my green card and the uscis status tells fee received.

Is it normal?

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