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US Immigration from Kuwait

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Online status post approval
8:20 pm January 15, 2019


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Hi... we moved during the I751 process and changed address and recieved confirmation. The case was approved but the status still says card is being produced while all cases that were in the same status on the same day have changed status to "card??????? has been mailed"... could it be because of change of address that our application's status hasn't updated? How do we know if they gonna mail to new address or old?

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Interview in Kuwait- Petitioner unemployed
11:09 am December 12, 2018


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The embassy in Kuwait has our application and we are ready to have the interview. However, my USC is currently unemployed; she just lost her job in October. Having a cosponsor is not an option for us so its something we're not considering.

Would we need for her to wait to get a new job, and hence be able to present paystub+employment letter, or can we go ahead and attend the interview just by using her recent tax returns and bank statement? The tax returns alone will demonstrate that she's lived well above the povery line.

I asked this question a couple of times in the regular forum, but I was advised to ask it here in the regional section. So hopefully someone with more knowledge on specific requirements for the embassy in Kuwait can advise.

Thank you for your time in advance.

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K1 interview and unemployment
10:30 am December 12, 2018


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My fiance is unemployed and we're having problem finding a cosponsor. Should we wait until she has a job to receive letter of employment+paystub to schedule interview, or should we schedule interview anyway and only use latest tax returns and bank statements?

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Urgent help
3:03 pm December 6, 2018

Kuttai & Kuttapi

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Hlo friends I got email from NVC today it s shows My Marriage certificate Rejected and that s explanation is We are unable to accept multiple documents types what is means ?? Our marriage certificate issued from India and its single paper and no multiple documents attached with this?..and my Affidavit of Support shows incomplete and we can t open that s,Once we try to open its shows Application error ?????..What is this ?any body experience these please help me..thank you


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How long to evaluate uploaded CEAC documents
8:17 am November 29, 2018

Kuttai & Kuttapi

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Hai frnds..I upload my all documents in CEAC last week how longs to take evaluating these..and my pasport biographic pages uploaded in a horizontal view some one says it s should be vertical view ? It s correct or not

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