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I-130 will expire soon (merged)
5:50 am March 25, 2021


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My spouse who is a USC petitioned my son to come here. We got the approval April 2020. I didn't really bother much on processing it yet coz plans changed due to the pandemic. It will expire next month, the 16th if I won't start processing for the immig fees. So I paid it last week. My only concern is, my son's passport is expired already. My mom back home wasn't able to renew it due to the lockdown in our city and senior citizens and kids weren't allowed to go out. They lifted it this month already so my mom was able to got an appt to passport renewal already.

My concern is, my son's passport won't be release before April 16. So that means I wont be able to upload his new passport info in the CEAC portal.

Are they gonna reject or deny the application if I won't be able to provide it by April 16 or the i-130 approval is extended already since I already paid the fees.

I'm just on a panic mode right now coz i don't want to go back to zero again on processing again. :(

Any advice will be appreciated.

Thanks bunch

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Application for i-751, 6 weeks w/ no response from the immigration
1:27 pm January 10, 2021


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I need some advice. I sent my ROC last Nov. 30,2020 since my visa will expire on Feb 21. I mailed it thru USPS but without tracking. Its been 6 weeks now and they still didn't take from my account the check i sent. I'm worried now if they didn't receive it or just delayed.

Should I mail a new application?

Anyone has the same case as me please?



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2 year conditional green card question
3:47 am November 30, 2020



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My husband and I are just shy of 3 months from our 2 year wedding anniversary. If he gets approval of his visa prior to the 2 year anniversary, but we are only 90 days away from the 2 yr anniversary, do we get a 10 year green card, or must it be that you pass the 2nd anniversary to qualify for the 10 year green card. I see 90 day comments for some things and wondered if this was applicable to the conditional green card. Appreciate any advice, thank you

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N400 feller for resident inland county california
8:59 pm November 12, 2020



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started this topic and just wondering if any one can share about naturalization progress , especially in inland empire/san bernardino/california.

FYI, i filled an application on january 2020 for 5 years rule, got biometrics done on feb 20. since then no progress at all,

i also kept monitoring in another forum for people who apply in the same month. mostly. they have any progress, even their naturalization process is done.

anyway, if any one having same problem/issue just like me, what is the best thing to do

thank you in advance

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Updates on USCIS Furloughs, coming soon!
2:53 pm July 14, 2020



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ST. ALBANS, Vt. (WCAX) We expect to learn more about furloughs at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services announced last week.

There will be a press call to discuss the matter with the American Federation of Government Employees on Tuesday.


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