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N-400, Applying for Naturalization
2:18 pm August 1, 2019



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Does anyone of you use Dochub to fill out N-400 form?

This is my first time to use Dochub and just wanna make sure, is it okay instead of an "x mark" for the answered box in Dochub is a "check mark"?

Thank you,

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Asked to fill DS-5535 after verbal approval!
9:57 am August 1, 2019

Aziz 33

Aziz 33

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I had my interview today and got verbal approval, but after 3 hours I got an email to fill out a DS-5535 form

Is that a bad sign ?

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PLEASE HELP! family petition but the beneficiary is dead
2:31 pm June 14, 2019



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Hello! Please help maybe some of you have the same case with my relative.

His father died last 2004 ( Philippines ) with a pending petition from his grandmother ( United States citizen ).

They recently received the letter saying that his dad should start the process in migrating to the US.

As children, should they go to the nearest US Embassy to check maybe they have a pending petition also or will the petition also applies to the children?

Maybe some of you have the number to contact or email , I have been trying to call the USCIS call center but they don't have an option for the customer service agent.

Really appreciate your help!

Thank you very much

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N-400 Expedited Naturalization (319b)
11:37 am May 26, 2019



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Hello guys I just received a letter from USCIS about the Biometric appointment schedule for finger prints. Sigh. The 2 finger print cards were already included in my application package.

Has anybody experience here. What I'm gonna do?

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VAWA For men
8:31 am April 16, 2019



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I am feeling like laughing stock but it's the reality that I wanted to share now. I need your opinions. I came to USA and married a girl. She was sweet and nice. We had a great chemistry together. After six months, we decided to get married. Things were good for a couple of months but she started doing drugs. I tried to stop her but she began threating me with my immigration status. She asked me to bring money for her by any kind. Took control of phone and bank accounts completely. Sometimes, she kicked me outa home for weeks. I had to spend nights at my friend's house and store. It was horrible. She kept threating me with deportation and she also told me that she wouldn't hesitate to withdraw the application. She threw knives and scissors on me during arguments. Last time, she threw a knife and It hit me on my arm. I had some cuts on my arm. I have psychologist reports of seeking medical help. I have witnesses of marriage and abuse. I also have joint lease of two years and auto insurance. My question is I should go for VAWA or I should keep licking her feet. Please, help me out. I am not sure about my life. I had sold all properties and I have job back in my home country now. My wife has taken everything from me.

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