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N-400 blanks?
1:11 am May 19, 2021


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Should we put N/A in blank spaces on the N-400 form or just leave them blank, unless the instructions specifically say otherwise?

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USCIS Online Case Status disappeared?
5:15 pm September 4, 2019


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Hi Everyone,
My husband was approved for the oath ceremony last month following his citizenship interview. They told us it would take up to 2 months for him to receive the letter, and we're still within that time frame. However, as of Monday, I can no longer pull up his case status online. When I enter in the receipt number, we only see the image of "my" with the scrolling lines and no updates. Does USCIS close out online case status once they issue an oath letter, is this a bug, or should we be concerned?


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Interview notice - help please
12:04 am June 28, 2019



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Hi everyone. My status changed to "interview was scheduled" on 6/12. Then on 6/24 status changed to "document has been sent". I called USCIS today and apparently the letter was returned undeliverable and resent from them on the 24th. I'm almost certain they sent it to my previous address and mail forwarding has expired. I still haven't received the letter and am getting very concerned. What should I do?

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filed 2 weeks ago no NOA1
4:52 pm February 26, 2019


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Hello everybody,

My fianc sent the K-1 package away on the 11th of feb. The same day, he moved out where he was living .. so we have his old address on the forms..

but i did fill out the email form & sent it with.

but what worries me is we have not got any notification via text or e-mail ... & today i asked him to call the bank to see if the check has been cahsed & it has not!

im so upset i feel like its not gonna happend & he tells me to be positive but i feel like i can t until i have something in my hands!

why is this taking so long.. i see so many people to get it in few days!

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Didn't meet income requirements last year but I will this year.
1:51 pm February 3, 2019


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So my tax transcripts won't show that I met the income requirements for the affidavit of support last year, but I can provide paystubs and letters from my employers showing that I will make enough this year to sponsor my fianc . Will this be sufficient? I'm also looking into having a co/joint sponsor, but I'd prefer to do it myself if possible.

Thank you!

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