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Expired passport
4:48 am March 26, 2024

Black Sand

Black Sand

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I have one old expired passport which I have unfortunately lost.Since we are required to bring all expired passports at the interview, what should I do ?

Can I even apply for a citizenship without this expired passport?

It makes me very worried. Thank you.

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Biometrics & Documents
3:30 pm March 23, 2024

Black Sand

Black Sand

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Hello guys ,after 2,5 years my 10 years GC is finally approved and I will be filling n400 in couple of days. Therefore I would need some suggestions and I have some rookie questions .

1st one is about biometric appointment. It was waived for my 10 yrs GC so can I expect an appointment for my N400 ? What are usually conditions for it to be waived for n400 - asking because one trip less to Helena is always better.

2nd question is about the documents I will be sending and bringing to my interview ( 3 years rule) .I will prepare all our tax returns since we began to fill jointly, house deed ,last wills ,health insurance, vehicles titles and insurances,some family members mail on our address, utility bills and joint bank account statements.

Question about the bills and statements: I have enormous amount of them saved since the period I have been preparing my AOS documents, which ones should I send and bring to my n400 interview? Just a couple of new ones or all this big pile ?

Also ,this time I decide not to ask neighbors for affidavits as I did it for GC and we don't have so many pictures as we simply don't like to take pictures. Would it be a problem?

Finally the 3rd question- since it will not be a combo interview but just my n400 ,can my husband wait outside of the USCIS building?

Thank you for reading this long post and thank you in advance for your help.

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I-864 - income in 2022 not enough but current year is
12:10 am November 9, 2023



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We just got an RFE in the mail saying the combined income of my husband (petitioner) and his dad (joint sponsor) isn't enough. We made the rookie mistake of not reading the instructions well enough. He (his retired dad) has plenty of income but only a fraction of it taxable (which is required, that we now know). So we have only $2000 on my husband's 2022 tax return (we both lived abroad for many years). There is equity in the house and the car. But these things don't add up to the required $24,650 a year for a 2 ppl household.

Will they accept his current pay if we provide paystubs for the whole year plus a printout from his account showing his employer's deposits all year?

I also have an income in my home country (remote) that will continue after aos and I can get confirmation for that.

But then I would have to have our foreign tax return translated (which isn't cheap but of course worth it).

What do you guys think? Will his current income be enough or should we add mine and maybe file the I 765 while we're at it

We of course sent his employment verification letter initially but no paystubs to support them (another mistake).

Then we also had the wrong edition of the form (yea I know, we're a mess )

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Aos, spouse of USC, been married 14 years
2:39 am October 30, 2023



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Hi everyone

I'm wondering about my job in my home country. It's a part time accounting job that is completely remote. Does that count as "working in the US" even if I log on to a server physically located in Iceland to do this job? Company is located there and all business is there. Taxes are paid in Iceland while I wait, salary is paid into an account over there etc.

Is this a gray area or do I have to quit this job while the AOS is going on?

One other question. The intent has been to.move over to the US, using the consular route but a few setbacks this summer had me so exhausted that I didn't have it in me to go back. So we decided to just go ahead and file I130 and 485 concurrently right before the 90 days were up

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much trouble am I in with that do you think?

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Traveling without Covid vaccine
11:37 pm January 29, 2023

Volcano 5

Volcano 5

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Hello everyone!

I am a new member so I might put this in the wrong section, admins please move it to the right one if needed.

I am waiting for my 10 years green card to be approved, I have valid 2 years extension letter and I would like to travel back home to Iceland for like 2 weeks and come back .

Traveling there wouldn't be a problem but I am afraid that I might not be allowed to come back in the US due to my vaccination status- I am not vaccinated for Covid and not planning to be.

So I would like to know if any of you have traveled abroad and come back without problems despite the vaccination status?

Thank you so much in advance for your help.

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