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  1. Ours is 1/26 paper and 1/28 on the website!
  2. Me too!!!!! I tell her every time that she has the same name as my sister 😂
  3. I don't think they always know what they're talking about. You'll almost definitely make the March 5th shipment, but the 19th, maybe not. It'll be okay!
  4. I'm definitely not upset or anything and I'm totally understanding that it take time! I've just been really optimistic about it being in the February 19th batch and I'm getting nervous that it might not happen! It'll be okay either way, I just wanted to vent a bit of frustration!
  5. Our timelines are really similar! Our NOA1 was the 20th (or 25th, depending on which place you look) of September. And I feel really lucky that it was approved so fast. But I'd like it to stay at that pace 😂 I'm hoping that, since immigration from Iceland isn't super common, my fiancé will be able to get an interview pretty quickly once they receive our case. What time does the mail usually arrive there!?
  6. Yeah apparently everyone in Iceland wants to stay there 😂 I definitely think it bodes well for us in terms of the requirements and interview. Since it's so uncommon, I don't think they'll be super nit-picky, not that we're planning on giving them a reason to nitpick.
  7. That gives me hope! Honestly, it isn't the waiting, I just wish I had something to do in the meantime. My fiancé talked to the people at the embassy today and they're going to see if someone can send us a copy of the requirements for the p3, so at least that will give me something to do while we wait!
  8. Sigh. Called NVC again and they still haven't received our case. I know I'm just being impatient. I just have a hard time waiting. I refuse to call USCIS anymore because everyone I've talked to has given me different information and the people at the NVC are so nice. I was hoping we'd be in the February 19th batch, but it's starting to look like it'll be the beginning of March. Our NOA2 date is January 26th according to the paper, but January 28th according to the people on the phone at USCIS.
  9. Our NOA2 according to the paper is January 26th. The NVC hasn't received our case, but I got the NOA2 hard copy less than a week after the approval date. You can request another copy after 2 weeks, so I think it might be worth calling to ask.
  10. I've written on the other person's timeline to see if they can tell me anything, but they haven't gotten back to me yet. I'm just so ready for him to be here!
  11. Absolutely. There's another couple from Iceland listed and they're a bit ahead of us and I've been trying to get a copy from them ahead of time, too 😂
  12. Okay one more question for now! Does the embassy email the p3 or is it only sent via "snail mail"?
  13. I understand that part, let me see if I can clarify. Earlier someone said that, regardless of whether or not you were required to provide the I-134, you must provide financial proof that your fiancé won't become a charge/financial burden for the government. So I'm asking, if the I-134 isn't required but other proof of income is, are the requirements the same? If that makes sense.
  14. Compared to the minimum requirement according to the I-134.