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  1. It's been a bit, but my fiancé picked up his visa today and he arrives in the U.S. tomorrow!!!! He won't get to Cleveland until Friday, but this part of the process is finally almost done!!! Huge thank you to every (especially @Greenbaum) for all of their help and support through this process. You're all so very appreciated!!!
  2. My fiancé had his interview today! They didn't exactly say "approved," but they said everything was in order and to come get his passport on Tuesday? So I think that's good?
  3. I mean, this year I'll make well above the poverty line, but for the past few years, I haven't. So we will be using a co-sponsor. The I-134 actually isn't required for our embassy, but we still included a co-sponsor since I didn't make enough. Neither of us are lazy or leeches.
  4. No, Toronto is fine, it's just that I start a new job on the 25th and the first 6 weeks, attendance is mandatory. So the goal is for him to come Friday or Saturday (April 12th-13th.) But it's cheaper to fly on the 11th. So it's kind of just a puzzle of figuring out the cheapest flight with the least time spent between flights.
  5. Because with the available flight options, he'll likely have to stay overnight in Canada. Whereas if he doesn't have to be processed, he can take a flight to Cleveland an hour or two after landing in Canada.
  6. Yeah I'm just wondering if it's optional I guess. Like, is there an option for him to NOT get processed in Canada?
  7. Okay so if he flies to Toronto and then Cleveland, they'll process it as though he landed on U.S. soil while he's in Canada. It looks like no matter what we do, he'll have a POE besides Cleveland.
  8. I've been informed that not all airports process k1 visas? I've also been told that, if my fiancé flies into Toronto, they'll do his k1 processing there because Cleveland doesn't do it? I googled it, but I'm not finding much to validate this and was hoping someone here might know.
  9. Hey, I hear those late night drunks pay pretty well! That's awesome!!! I remember reading your story on your profile!! I'm excited that we're all getting so close to being done!
  10. The forum is so quiet on the weekends. I hope everyone is doing something fun!
  11. This whole website has been a Godsend (for lack of a better term) and I especially owe a lot of thanks to @Greenbaum for the amount of knowledge and expertise he provides. I'm so glad to be part of this community!
  12. Yeah that's the plan. He's going to book his flight(s) once he has the visa. We aren't in the business of wasting money.
  13. I'm also hoping flight prices don't jump too much because he's gonna be booking his flight with only a few days until he's moving.
  14. That's what we're trying to do too. We want to at least wait until they tell him whether or not it's approved. His interview is on the 3rd and we're planning on him (hopefully) flying here around the 12th. Fingers crossed it all works out.
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