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Questions about applying for I-130 and I-485 (Split)
9:59 am May 4, 2024



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Good morning everyone! I have some questions to ask and I will appreciate if anyone can find some answers to my questions.

1. Can a US citizen( through naturalization) file for his kids that lives with him in USA for the past 7 years?

2. Can I file 1-485 and I-130 all together .

3. are there any forms like I need to file except from these 2 forms?

4. How much will it cost to file I-130 for a minor?
5. is 14 years going to 15 years considered a minor? Do I need to pay $1440(I-485)for the 14 years

I will appreciate if I can get some answers

thank you


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I-131 Expedite. Strange Response
10:03 pm March 22, 2024



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AOS from B2. There is I-131 pending where we requested expedited review. This is the status chage today however we got no communication.

Has anyone experienced this? What was the next update you got and when?


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GC Through Adoption
3:07 pm March 11, 2024



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Hi all,

a distant relative is a naturalized USC. His father who in not in the US has just now become a legal guardian of a 12 year old. Father is thinking of immigrating to the US via IR-5. Is it possible to take this child with him when he gets petitioned by his USC son? I think may not be a DIY but would love to hear if anyone has had similar experience and can share some details on this matter.


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USCIS - SSN Issued day Before EAD Approval Notice
9:17 pm February 20, 2024



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In the online account (under documents tab) it shows that the EAD approval letter was issued on 2/14. We do not yet have the EAD card, the status shows actively reviewed and informed delivery has no sign of any mail coming our way.

NOW... we received the SSN card today and it shows printed on 2/13 which is a day before EAD was even approved. I know USCIS is weird but what in the world is going on...

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Resident in 2 different states whole AOS pending?
9:01 pm February 19, 2024



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Some of you may remember my posts from a few weeks ago. My mother who has a pending AOS from B2 visa (concurrent filing) just got her EAD approved. If we decide to own property in a different state and be back and forth a lot can she claim residency in both states while her AOS is pending? By claiming residency I mean to have a registered address and possibly a DL in that state? She would maintain her current address as well (where we live now).

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