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US Immigration from Georgia

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Changing Petitioner Address before NOA2
9:41 pm April 7, 2021


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I was wondering how risky is it to change the petitioner's address before NOA2? Of course, my fear is that any RFE would not be sent to the new address and I would miss it. Have address changes generally been smooth? Is it best to change address online than follow-up with a call?

Also, if there is an RFE sent will I see that in my case status?

Thank you

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U.S embassy Tbilisi, Georgia
1:30 am March 26, 2021



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Hello everyone I am looking for information about Embassy in Tbilisi, Georgia. I ve been documentary qualified waiting for interview over 11 month/ I know proclamation 10014 made everything slow but as it is lifted right now I am trying to see if anyone is waiting in line for interview or have already received an interview appointment so please if you have any information/timeframe , I would appreciate it.

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Filling US citizenship documents
4:05 am February 21, 2021

Sylvestre Lokossi

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Filling my citizenship documents

I am a French speaker and living Georgia. I can not remember my work history. Is it a big deal?

Need help to make sure that I'm doing everything right.

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Interview appointment line
6:22 am February 18, 2021


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Given most US embassies have suspended visa operations for almost a year already, will K1 visa appointment have incredibly long wait times given the backlog of all sorts of people waiting for US visa appointment? Or does K1 take priority?

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G-1145 Phone Number Format
5:23 am February 1, 2021


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I noticed I entered my phone number in the G-1145 form with the format: +1 (###) ###-#### rather than having all the numbers together without space or parentheses. Will this be a problem? Will they be able to decipher the full format with which I wrote my US phone number?

Thank you.

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