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What non-immigrant visa do I need for foreign parent of US citizen? Please help.
12:35 am June 27, 2022


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Hi everyone. You guys were super helpful years ago when I went through the process of bringing my wife to the US before we got married.

She hasn't seen her family in many years and her mom wants to visit us this year.

I am stuck trying to figure out what visa to apply for. She doesn't want to become a permanent resident - she's in the process for that in Italy.

So I started the B2 visa application as tourism, and I don't see an option for purpose of the trip as either tourism or visiting immediate family... N8 is for a parent of a special immigrant, which I find as something related to a NATO employee or something. Definitely not our case here.

NS-5 is what many of our friends have done for their parents, but this is an immigrant visa application.

Am I looking in the wrong place? Does anyone have any support in this area?

Any speedy responses will be greatly appreciated. ???? ???????

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Wrong place of birth on passport
10:55 pm March 9, 2022



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Has anyone gotten wrong place of birth printed in their passport? My place of birth is Georgia (country) and I thought it was clear when I applied for a passport with a certificate of naturalization that lists Georgia as my former nationality, however my passport arrived and printed "Georgia, U.S.A" as my place of birth. I'm confused on how I can get that corrected. What document would I need to submit as evidence of place of birth? My birth certificate is in Georgian and my last translated copies were submitted with my immigration applications. Can I submit a translated photocopy for this that's not notarized? I can't see how I could get a notarized translation without traveling to Georgia first.

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Advice in detail
5:08 pm September 21, 2021



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I am a high school graduate student who completed high school in 2016 and have attended f1 visa interview 3 times in 2018, 2019 and 2021. I was denied under 214(b) of US INA laws. Now during my last interview, I was told that I couldn't qualify as a bona-fide student because I been outside school for 4 years and that I was denied for a visa and didn't join any Kenyan school.

I need some detailed advice about this reason and if I can change this situation and apply for another visa interview soon.

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F1 visa interview preparation
4:22 pm September 4, 2021



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I am preparing for the f1 visa interview, visiting for the third time, having been denied 2 times under section 214 b of US non-immigrant visa law. I need some advice. Thanks

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Traveling with a pending I-130
3:09 pm May 24, 2021



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I m a newly naturalized USC and want to petition for my mom s immigrant visa. I have a few questions:

1) She has a B1 visa right now. Will she have problems visiting US while the I-130 is pending/processing?

2) Once she gets a green card, will my dad (her spouse) have problems visiting US on a tourist visa? He doesn t want a green card yet.

She has visited me several times and stayed for 6 months at a time a few times but never overstayed her entrance stamp date.

Bonus question:

3) Can I use my and my spouses combined income for the sponsorship or does one of us have to meet the limits individually? We file taxes jointly. I was confused on the wording on USCIS website.

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