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5:06 pm August 23, 2019

Maria N.

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Hi guys,

I am collecting all the documents for K-1 Affidavit of Support (I-134). I am using a joint sponsor. I know we can use tax returns for supporting documents, but are all 20 pages of it necessary?

What if my joint sponsor has a 1040 (individual tax return) as well as a 1120S (S Corporation Tax return)? Should we use both?

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From F2B to F1 (AP 6month)
12:07 am February 13, 2019


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Hello there.
Last year 8 August Me, my unmarried mother and my brother-in law(5 years old) attend on interview(F2B). Everything went fine , but mine and my mother's marriage document was expired, also CO told us that he needs "acceptance of father" for my brother and gave us 221g Pink paper. We collect everything the same day and submit them all. Aproximately 2 weeks we waited after that they emailed us that they also need "F2B retention letter", but our lawyer lost it and we didn't find that letter. Then our status changed from F2B to F1 and our case transfered in citizen's raw. On 22 january we write them that our PD is current and we need case update, after 7 days on 29 january our case was updated and they also replied that we must wait SHORT TIME and they will give us instructions. After last answer 15days gone, but still no updates.

I don't understand is it good or bad after our interview my mother's case changed from READY to AP at the same day, but my brother's and my case is frozen on READY since interview date.
Aproximately 6months is gone after our interview and how do you think howlong time is medical valid 6months or year? I mean we must take a new one?

If someone had the case like ours or don't know can anyone give us any advice? What we gonna wait next?


P.S Sorry for bad English.

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Remove Conditions on Permanent Residence Based on Marriage (merged topics)
7:59 pm January 15, 2019



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Good Afternoon,

I need your advise. My husband is a member of the US Marine Corps, he got stationed in California and we live in Maryland. We have to send papers for my 10 years green card in August. I want to move to California with him as well. My question is: if I move with him to California, should we take our case in California too? or can we keep our official address in Maryland and remain our case in Maryland? If somebody has experience like that could you share it with me, please? Thank you in advance!

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F2B to F1
9:46 pm January 3, 2019


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Hello everyone.

Our case changed category from F2B to F1, after interview because our lawyer lost retention letter.

Interview date was 8august.

Our cutoff date is 27 august. At this time the visa bulletin is on 22 august. What do you think on next visa bulletin our date will be current right?

And another question: We must attend on second interview or we ll take our passports and that s all?

During the interview consul was very nice with us.

Also our medical expires soon and we must do it again right?

Thanks for attention and please if someone knows anything like this situation please reply.

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I got scammed...
2:04 am December 13, 2018


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I got scammed... two and a half years and $20k later I m trying to find out how to report visa fraud and begin deportation. Can anybody advise?

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