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  1. That’s what I think too, probably no harm in just letting my mother write the i864 either way I guess
  2. Yes, I do, as well as for filing taxes. however, I clearly live abroad as I’ve spent about 75% of my time here over past 5 years.
  3. Hi, I'm currently completing form I-864 as the petitioner for my wife. We plan DCF in Tbilisi, Georgia. I've been living abroad on a shoestring for many years, so I don't meet income requirements based on assets or foreign income (which will naturally not continue when I return to US anyway) I'm including evidence of my intent to reestablish domicile in the US, in the form of my job offer, bank statements from the US, up-to-date driver's license, and already purchased airline tickets, as well as a letter from my mother that shes inviting us to live at her home. QUESTION: Since we plan to reestablish domicile at my mother's house, should I consider as my principal residence that resience where we plan to reside in the US, already? In this case, my mother should be listed as household member and file form I-864a instead of form I-864. Our current residence abroad is just a monthly airbnb we are staying in until we get an answer.
  4. Thanks, we will follow up with my senator in the US. Until then, formulating plans b-z.
  5. We assumed that it was because we were applying a second time. Perhaps you are right, and we should contact our senator. there was one other issue with that U4U which I should mention. Since we got married in the US, we already changed my wife’s name on her social security card. But all her foreign documents are still with her old name. We used her new legal name (my last name) on the U4U application, and included her maiden name on the “other names” part of the form. But I wouldn’t think that would be a problem..
  6. Additionally, there is a lot of conflicting information about filing immigrant visas for Ukrainians. for a long time, Kyiv was not processing immigrant visas and the embassies of Poland, Georgia, etc were recommending all filings for Ukrainians i130 to file in person in Frankfurt. now the Kyiv embassy has resumed processing, but this policy is still stated on websites of Georgian and Polish embassies.
  7. Thanks for the reply. Is there any expectation that the job offer should be something extraordinary? Or can any job work?
  8. Hi, I’m a US citizen currently living abroad in 🇬🇪 Georgia. My wife is Ukrainian. We were married in the US last year when she was on immigration parole after fleeing Ukraine during the war. We left the US in December. We have planned to live in Europe for the near future, we had hoped to return to ukraine but the situation is not improving. Now my mother has informed me that my grandmother’s health is declining and she has asked me to return to US and become my grandmother’s full-time caretaker, as she is too close to retirement to quit her job and move to her mother. I am not a resident here in Georgia, but I’m a business owner. Ive been here much of the year for the past 5-6 years. My wife has no connections here in Georgia except for me, so obviously it’s not an option for her to just wait here. Her home (sumy) is under regular shelling and only a few KM from the Russian border, so it’s not possible for her to wait at home. My plan is to request DCF here in Tbilisi. - Any tips or advice? - What kind of documentation should I have? Proof of my wife’s address in the war zone? Medical evidence of my grandmother’s health problems? - Which circumstance should I choose? Humanitarian/dangerous situation? Related to US domicile - have still been receiving mail and bills in the US for all these years at my mother’s house. I don’t have a lot of money, but my grandmother is very wealthy and she’s willing to sponsor us and to testify to financial sponsorship, or even to transfer a large sum to my savings.
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