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Helsinki, Finland
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Phone Number: English and Finnish speaking customer service agents are ready to assist you from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. local Finnish time and 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Eastern Standard Time in the United States. The call center is closed weekends and Finnish national holidays, as observed by the U.S. posts.

Callers in Finland: Call (09) 42451555

Callers in the United States: Call +17035202571

E-Mail: HelsinkiIV@state.gov To reach a customer service representative via email, please write to support-finland@ustraveldocs.com. For inquiries regarding pending petitions at NVC, KCC, or USCIS or any other specific case questions, please contact HelsinkiIV@state.gov.
Address: Itäinen Puistotie 14 B
00140 Helsinki
Working Hours: They are open four hours from 8 am to 12 pm and answer the phone between 2 and 4 pm from Monday to Thursday. However, you can obtain your Visa when the paperwork is done by going to Gate B between 8 am and 4 pm from Monday to Thursday.
Best Contact Method: Email
Approx Waiting Time for Interview After Consulate Recieves NVC Package: Varies between two and six weeks.
Issues Packet 3?
Packet 3 Contains: Visit http://www.ustraveldocs.com/fi/index.html?firstTime=No for P3 information
Issues Packet 4? Yes
Packet 4 Contents (if known): A letter of appointment for the interview.
K-1 DS-160 CR-1 DS-260
Medical contact information
Vaccination requirements
Forms to Consulate? DS-230 Immediately after packet 3 arrives.
Signed checklist when you have all contents.
Other Forms (if any)?
Direct Consular Filing Offered? No
If DCF Allowed: For all or only US citizen lawfully resident in country? Residents_Only
Can fiance(e)/spouse attend interview? No
Visa fee payment "same day" or "in advance"? Advance
Did embassy schedule interview or could you walk-in? Embassy Scheduled
Visa issued same day? Sometimes
If not what's the waiting period? Anything from two hours to two weeks. Non-immigrant Visas (K1 and K3 for example) are generally obtained faster than CR-1 or IR-1 visas.
Is the Medical exam same day as interview? Prior to Interview
Cost of Medical Exam? 480€
List of doctors? Dr. Erkki-Pekka Helle � 3 different private medical centers to contact (check list from packet 3)

Dr. Anna Back � 1 private medical facility to contact (check list from packet 3)

How many Passport Photo's Required for the medical? 4
How many Passport Photo's Required at the interview? 4
Estimated waiting time at the consulate on the day of interview? 45 mins - 1 hour
Vaccination requirements? - Mumps
- Measles
- Rubella
- Polio
- Tetanus and diphtheria toxoids
- Pertussis
- Influenza type b (Hib)
- Hepatitis B
- Varicella
- Pneumococcal
- Influenza

Most Finns are already vaccinated against everything on the list with the exception of Hepatitis B and Influenza. Try to obtain Hepatitis B in advance just in case, as it may take up to six months to recieve the last vaccination. The doctor may decide that some vaccines do not apply in your case.
Cheap and good hotels near the Consulate?
Additional Info? Don't go to the consulate gate B until about 5-10 minutes before your interview time because they won't let you in before that. Be prepared to spend even 2 hours or possibly more at the consulate.

ADIT or passport photos for the interview?

ADIT. 5 Full front special size 50mm X 50mm Square with head centered in frame can be color or black and white.

ADIT or passport photos for the Medical Exam?

Passport. Photos must be color.

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