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does passport photo need to be taken to interview?
9:30 pm April 20, 2020

FM Beauty Bar

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does both passport photos need to be taken to the interview? thank you.

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I-29F Approved 2/14/2020 STILL nothing from NVC. what do i do? Covid delay?
1:20 pm April 20, 2020

FM Beauty Bar

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Hi everyone.. USCIS approved our i29f on V-Day.

I called the NVC they said they're still processing it and gave me a case number but no invoice number. cant seem to get in with anyone.

NVC said the US Embassy in London is closed for interviews.

I know i need to send a copy of the packet along proof of relationship, I-134, etc. do i still send that now. What do i do? if i send now wont they want more current information by the time of interview?

Ugh we were so close and this pandemic is crazy.

thank you in advance i hope youre staying safe out there guys

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Can I Pay My Wife's AOS Fees?
2:35 pm April 14, 2020


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Hello, so we are on mandatory lockdown now due to COVID-19 and this happened before my wife and I managed to open a joint bank account. She doesn't have a US bank account yet, would it be okay for me to write a check for her to attach to the front of her AOS packet and send in, since her name isn't on my account and it's technically only my funds, or do they want her to be the one paying AOS fees? Thanks! I'm the US citizen if that wasn't too clear.

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AOS proof of relationship???
2:28 pm April 14, 2020


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I am seeing some conflicting information on here about whether or not we should include proof of relationship with our AOS packet. What do you guys think? And if so, what type of evidence should we include with the AOS packet? Thanks!

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Moving to Puerto Rico- help.
8:50 pm March 25, 2020


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Good evening!

We have submitted our application and we are currently awaiting our NOA2. The estimate time for NOA2 was middle of may (probably won t be that anymore)

My fianc e (US citizen) is thinking of moving back to her home country of Puerto Rico.

She is currently in a job which earns way above the poverty line in NYC. Giving the current circumstances, (and she s been thinking about it for a while due to her job) she is thinking of moving back to PR. She would more than likely go into a job that is below the poverty line for the time being but we can have sponsors.

She will either move in May or August. Die to lease and insurances. I would then move there when i finally get the K1and we would then decide which state we want to eventually live in the USA.

I am wondering what are the implications to our application with her doing this? Will it prolong it at all? What do we need to do if she does this? (I know current circumstances may mean it s prolonged anyway).

Are we okay to do a K1 for me to eventually move to PR with her? And if this is okay, how is it we notify them of change of address (i m sure i can find that somewhere on here just thought i d kill 2 birds with 1 stone).

Thank you so much in advance ??

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