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US Immigration from England

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Can we visit England?
8:53 pm July 8, 2020

FM Beauty Bar

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Since our interview has been canceled I would like to go there in september. Living in AZ. Looks like i can still book a ticket just not sure if i should. All these restrictions are confusing. thank you

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K-1 final interview in August canceled in London?
7:41 pm July 8, 2020

FM Beauty Bar

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we got an email that my fiance's interview set for aug.10 is canceled. :( Cant find any info as to why. anyone have any info?

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I-485 Most Recent Address, More Than One Year?
2:33 pm June 24, 2020


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AOS for K1 visa. On the I-485, Part 3. 9.a. asks:

Provide your most recent address outside the United States where you lived for more than one year (if not already listed above).

In the UK she lived at her childhood home for 19 years, moved into an apartment for 6 months, then moved back to her childhood home (most recently) for 5 months before coming to the US. The question is contradictory.

which address should go in this space?

Thanks again

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I-485 Priority Date from Underlying Petition
1:39 pm June 24, 2020


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Hello again, we're doing AOS based on a K1 visa. On the I-485 Part 2. Number 13. it asks:

"Priority Date from Underlying Petition (if any)"

Above that it asks for the case number, I put the WAC number in that box. For the priority date, I'm looking at both our NOA1 and NOA2 and cannot for the life of me see a priority date. There is nothing on the NOA1. On the NOA2 I see a box that says "priority date" but it is empty. Should I leave the priority date box blank on the I-485?

Thank you.

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I-485 Current Immigration Status??
12:40 pm June 24, 2020


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We're almost ready to submit documents for AOS finally. The I-94 has expired and so has the K1 visa. On the I-485, Part 1. Question 24. it asks:

"What is your current immigration status (if it has changed since your arrival)?"

What should we put? I've seen very conflicting information online about this. The example form on here leaves it blank, should we? Has our status changed?

Thanks so much.

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