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US Immigration from Ecuador

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How long after AOS delivered to NOA1?
12:10 am October 17, 2023


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Tracking says it arrived at the Chicago lockbox on Saturday October 7th. (9 days ago)

Any idea when we can expect our NOA1? I thought we would have heard something by now...

Thanks in advance

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Tourist visa expiring soon, can I still travel? and what is the interview wave program?
2:03 am October 13, 2023


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Mother in law's tourist Visa is expiring in 4 months, her passport expires in 5 years, can she still travel to the USA even if she has 4 months before it expires? how about 3 months before it expires?

She is an Ecuadorian citizen and has been in the USA 3 times, her daughter is a US citizen.

Also, looking to renew her Visa, and I'm almost done doing her DS-160, how does the interview waver program works? is it by country? does Ecuador apply? I saw in other forums that suggest not to schedule an interview appointment in case you get an IWP letter, just a little confused. Can't I just schedule appt and they will eventually let me know if she doesn't need an interview?

thank you!

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Yet another I-134 Question for K1 and K2 Visa
9:51 pm September 25, 2023

Ronald P

Ronald P

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Hi All,

I just have a couple questions regarding the I-134 and how to list her child and our child that was born out of our relationship. I understand that her child does not need a separate I-134 for the interview. So would I list her as "Child" or as "Beneficiary" in Part 2?

Second question, our child already received her CRBA and is currently just waiting for her passport so she can travel with my fiance and her child together. In the I-134, would I also list her under part 2? Or since she's our child with US Citizenship, would I list her under myself in Part 3? If I do list her in part 2, would I just write her as "Child"?

Lastly, do we count the beneficiary as a dependent or just the children? Thanks everyone in advance!

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India becomes the 4th country to successfully land on the moon
8:47 pm August 23, 2023


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This is a nice article about a historic achievement.


India becomes the 4th country to successfully land on the moon

India just became part of an exclusive club. With the successful touchdown of its Vikram lander today, it is now just the 4th nation to soft-land a spacecraft on the moon. [...]

Article continues here:


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U.S. Embassy in Belarus Advises Americans to Depart Immediately
4:57 am August 22, 2023


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U.S. Embassy in Belarus Advises Americans to Depart Immediately

Today, August 21st, the United States Embassy in Belarus has issued a warning against Americans traveling to that country and has also warned U.S. citizens to depart Belarus immediately. [...]


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