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US Immigration from Ecuador

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Police records
6:39 am June 5, 2020


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Hello everyone,

Does anyone have any information about how to obtain a police record from Italy? We have no one living there right there that can help us and I am not certain where this type of document would be obtained.

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Filing N400 . Tax Return, Can I send H&R Block transcripts?
5:23 am May 30, 2020



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Hello everyone!

I am starting my Naturalization application and I know we need to attached our tax return for the past 3 years. Can I attached copies of H&R Block or do the need to be official transcripts from the IRS obtained at the IRS?


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Question about "Receipt date for a case inquiry"
4:56 am May 29, 2020


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On the USCIS website processing times, it shows "Receipt date for a case inquiry" October 30th, 2019 at the time of this post being made. However, on VisaJourney, I'm seeing people getting their NOA2 from NOA1's December 27th, 2019 and January 2020. How does that work? I'm confused because if the USCIS shows you can get a receipt inquiry from October 30th, that should make it where we'll get our NOA2 on October or September. My VisaJourney profile tells me it'll take around August 13-30, 2020.

Can somebody explain to me how this works? Does USCIS overshoot the estimates to make you not expect anything too s?

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No AOS within 90 days for K1
7:34 pm April 21, 2020



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My fiance and I were approved in very early March, and she had her visa in hand by March 10. Then the world caved in due to coronavirus. Since March 16th, there are very almost no flights from Ecuador to the US, and it's even against the law to drive to the airport if you aren't a foreign national. She's working through that dilemma now - how to get there without problems from the police.

We eventually booked a have a June 7 flight (Her visa expires August 10 - so long enough before expiration but potentially at a lower point of the outbreak)... but then Trump announced the immigration ban last night (without details), we decided to look on the US Embassy's website, where they show the flights. There happened to be one for late tonight. So we booked it this morning.

They are still writing it, but CNN reports that the ban is said to be 120 days, and the administration is likely to issue no green cards during that time period. They are still working out the details, and it is expected to be released in the next few days. So if she does make it to the US by tomorrow morning...and the US turns off green card filing for 120 days, she would spend at LEAST 30 days with no green application and an expired K1. What are the consequences of this?

I'm hoping even if the Trump administration stops all issuance of green cards, you can still file for one. I think proof of having filed makes you legal, right?

Any insight would be appreciated.

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Is the USCIS currently receving documents? (merged)
1:22 am April 15, 2020



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Hi. The official USCIS website update says that due the COVID-19 the offices would be closed for the public until may 3rd, but does this mean they re not working there? Are they receiving any application or not?

My husband (US citizen) and I are currently living in Ecuador. We sent the documents for the I 130 form to a paralegal in the US who is helping us with it about 2 weeks before the US closed their offices, and now we are unsure whether to send the documents now or wait until may 3th.

Maybe we should file it online instead?

Thank you so much.

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