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My kids as VAWA derivatives,(adviceNEEDED)
2:25 pm January 15, 2018


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long story short I was married to a man who emotionally physically and verbally abused me almost daily. He used my immigration status as leverage to get away with hurting me. I filed my vawa 1 week ago on January 8, 2018.( My children are listed on my vawa application) but I only submitted a an adjustment of status form for myself attached to my vAWA(because I didn't have any money at the time to pay for my two kids to adjust their status right now). My concerns are:

1)if my vawa is approved does that mean my kids are also eligible for a green card just by being named on my vawa application?

2) the fact that I'm not adjusting my kids status now. Will I be able to adjust thier status at a future date based on my approved vawa?

Even if this date is a year after approval?

worried mom?

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Processing time for Vermont Center
9:49 pm April 24, 2017


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I-130 file May 9th 2013. How long for my case to be approved?

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What to do!!
11:31 pm January 26, 2017


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So.... i had my interview on Jan 4th 2017. It went great actually, i was told that it was recommended for approval and in fact if i want to wait outside for about 20 minutes, i could get the final approval because there is a ceremony next month on the 15th and they can add my name to the list of the people who are going, but needs the final approval by the supervisor, well guess what? The supervisor came out and congratulated me and told me that its done and i should get everything in the mail regarding the ceremony. So today is the 26th of January. Still nothing been updated on the website except that on jan 5th it said that you have been places in line for scheduling the oath ceremony. Exactly in 20 days i should have the ceremony. Do i need to panick now or should i stay on ice for a little more.

Thanks in advance

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AOS Interview cancelled; EAD expiring
12:15 am January 24, 2017


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Hello everyone, pls help. I was scheduled for AOS interview on 1/26/17. They cancelled the appointment with no explanation. My EAD expires on 1/28/17. I submitted a request for status on 1/13/17 as it has been over 75 days since I applied for renewal. I received a letter today stating that it is within normal processing time. I know it's up to 90 days but I figured they'd have the courtesy to renew as they cancelled my appointment. I am so frustrated as I can't work after Friday. I am still going to show up to the interview as I don't know what else to do. Please share your opinions on this matter. PS I attempted to contact a representative but have not received a response.

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AOS interview cancelled
12:17 am January 13, 2017


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I was scheduled for an interview on the 26th of January but received a letter today indicating that my interview was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. Does anyone know why? I'm so upset right now, my EAD expires 2 days after and I haven't received any communication about my renewal. I won't be able to work or renew my driver's license. I will be calling tomorrow.?

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