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  1. Thanks. We actually filed in April. Yes we expect there to be a delay and I am familiar with the process to expedite.
  2. I am active duty and my husband is awaiting his biometrics appointment, do you think we should call and inquire?
  3. So I am active duty Navy. My husband is awaiting his biometrics notice. Thats why I was inquiring.
  4. For military members or family members also? Thank you.
  5. Do you really think they take being a spouse of a military member into consideration? Just asking incase you saw or read something I am not aware of. TIA
  6. Some of them did on June 22nd. At least I know for sure our local office in Jacksonville FL did.
  7. It is simply a courtesy letter. My husband got his a month after we filed for AOS. We are still waiting on biometrics, and just saw most of the application support centers closed again.
  8. While we are all waiting patiently for our biometrics appointment. I have some good news. My husband was able to get his Driver's license in the state of Florida using the AOS receipts. He doesn't have an SSN. We are adjusting from B2 so he had a temporary DL that was valid for the length of his i 94. What he took with him to the appointment: His passport i 94 (expired) all receipts (485,130.765,131) proof of residence (bank statement and lease) our marriage certificate My USA passport.
  9. I know in Florida you can use the I 130 and I 485 receipts to get a DL along with the other required docs. Not sure for other states
  10. Send paystubs from his old job and the new job he just started. I'm assuming the income from the old job is what he used to file this year's taxes.
  11. Oh wow. I'm in a fb group. Let me see if anyone there encountered a similar situation.
  12. I saw that IOE means that's something was done for and paid online.
  13. The only process time you can find at MSC which will be listed as National benefits center is for the EAD
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