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US Immigration from Czech Republic

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Officially certified translation of Birth certificate
4:56 pm


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do I need officially certified translation of my Birth certificate and Police report on my interview?

Thank you,


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Left country after my husband applied for divorce, while aos was still in process
4:31 pm

Katerina Hall

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Hi everyone,

I got a big issue. I came to US in January this year on ESTA, I met my recent husband, I got pregnant and we got married before my ESTA expired. We applied for AOS after like 93 days after my ESTA expired. Everything was really fast, but we had a nice relationship and it was real marriage.. After 3 months of pregnancy I miscarried and our relationship got worse after that experience. We had few arguments, but it wasn't anything bad, it was like everybody usually have some disagreements in relationship. But my husband he started to be different, I think he married me, because I got pregnant and he wanted to start a family and we were so excited to have a baby together and he cared about me a lot and I did about him as well. But since we found out that I miscarried, so he started to be different and didn't show me that much care like before. After a while he left and went to his ex and applied for divorce, I was shocked and tried to talk to him about everything, but he was decided to divorce me. I went to a lawyer, but she told me since he applied for a divorce I have no chance, how to stay in US. Because AOS was in process and I didnt get work permit or even interview wasn't scheduled yet. So I stayed in the house we lived together and then I decided I better leave the country, before USCIS will decide to deport me and because it was gonna be 6 months, that I would overstay the ESTA, so I wanted to leave before it was 6 months overstay, which means I should still be able to get visa in the future. I was served the divorce papers before I left, but I didnt sign them. Then I just left the country and now I don't know, what to do, because my husband doesn't talk to me and blocked me everywhere. I read he would have to withdraw the petition before it will be denied and I would have even more problem to visit US again.

I would like to ask, if I can just withdraw my form I-485? I heard, if the petition will be denied, so I will have a problem to get a visa in the future after all that my experience. And also how I will get the final divorce papers, if he doesn't talk to me at all and I'm not in the US anymore? Because in the future I will definitely need them. And want to ask, if I ever will be able to visit US again? I know I will have to apply for other visa than ESTA, but if there's a chance I will be able to go there again? And also how long is the divorce gonna take, if I didnt sign the divorce papers and I'm not in US anymore?

I would appreciate any answer, because I have no idea, what to do now and don't have money for a lawyer right now. And I think I have to do something immediately, so I'm not gonna get into more trouble.

Is or was anybody in the same situation? Thank you

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Emergency Advance Parole
5:39 pm


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Hi there, I was wondering if anyone might have advice to offer in regards to requesting emergency advance parole.

We applied for adjustment of status for my husband about a month ago, and all we've received so far is NOA in the mail for them receiving it which is fine. We filed an I-131 at the time, because my husband's father has been in really poor health. He suffered an aortic aneurysm rupture and has gone through two surgeries in the past year, but a few days ago he suffered from a stroke and his health is declining more so.

I've called USCIS twice, once while I was at work and the representative said there was other options to request for emergency advance parole aside from an infopass appointment, but couldn't share the information with me without my husband present. Today I called again and spoke with another representative, I assume from Tier 2 because the first representative transferred me and waited for a call back from them. This representative said an infopass appointment is the only way and can take up to 30 days of processing time, she explained that there is no other way and when I explained that there was no appointments available till two weeks from now, she suggested that I should try a walk-in and see if the office will see me.

The nearest office to us is a 4 hour drive away, in Portland, and I haven't heard any positive experiences or success with walk-ins at this office. Is there anyone who has had experience with the Portland field office, or has had experience in the process of getting an emergency advance parole? I've gone ahead with making an appointment in two weeks from now, but we don't know how long his father might have, it could be weeks or days, we don't know.

Thank you so much for your time in advance.

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SSN card with EAD
6:45 pm


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for those who received EAD sent to their attorneys office. Did your SSN Card come also to your attorney s office?

Thank you

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Employment contract from NATIVE county after entering US with K1 VISA + health and social insurance before marriage.
10:43 am


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I would like to ask you a few questions.?

First is If you have an experience with a contract of employment from your native country after entering the US with K1 visas. My employer in my home country will allow me to work externally for them. I'm mainly asking because of social and health insurance. Is it therefore possible to work still for a company from your native country and have a classic employment contract with them?

Where should I report this (what kind of office) in the US to prevent that both countries (US and native country) won t pay social insurance at the same time?

How is it with the health and social insurance before marriage??

I am asking mainly because of the time before the wedding after entering US (we won t get married the next day after my arrival :)) and before the necessary documents and work permit are handled in the US.

Or should I solve this with employment Department in my native country?

I hope you understand my questions.?

Thank you very much!


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