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F-1 student married to US citizen - tax credit for tuition 1098-T
9:01 pm March 24, 2021



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Hi! I have a question about tax return as a married international student.

I was a F-1 student from Fall 2019 until June 2020. I got married last year (June 2020) to a US citizen and we want to fill out our taxes jointly.
Recording to the IRS, I can choose to be treated as a resident for tax purposes for 2020 since I got married in 2020 and we want to fill jointly.

Will I qualify for the tax credit (1098-T) to get tax refund then? I paid my tuition by myself so I should qualify for that If I understand it right.

Is anyone in the same situation? Does your school have a problem to issue you the 1098-T or was there any problem with that?

Thank you for any advices!


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Received RFE for I-944 which is now DISCONTINUED [merged threads]
4:34 am March 22, 2021



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Hello, I have received Request for Evidence (in February 2021) for form I-944 which I just found out has been DISCONTINUED (https://www.uscis.gov/i-944). I was supposed to submit this form until May 2021 so now I am confused. Should I just ignore the RFE since it was discontinued???

Thank you!!!

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I751 Petition to remove conditions on residence - waiting time
3:16 pm March 5, 2021

Radka & Keith

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Hello there!

my 2 years Green Card expired and my 18 months extension as well. Case status is telling me that my case is ready for interview since 22 April 2020. I understand that we have Covid situation here but I need your advice, guys.

I'm currently back in Czech Republic and not sure if I can come back to USA. With expired Green Card and ended extension?! Logically I could but I have no proof really only I797 Notice of Action with that expired extension.



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N400 multiple travel outside USA
3:59 pm February 25, 2021



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Hello VJ members,

I am an airline pilot and travel out of country all the time. Also, one of the perks is cheap travel so we've been on many trips abroad in the last 4 years. When I was filing out the N400 I wanted to quickly get the form filled out. I thought I could come back and edit it with all the travel dates. Well, it seems the form can't be modified and looking though my passport it seems unlikely I will get it right anyway.

I've tried the CBP website but that doesn't work. None of my trips have never been over 1 year limitation for green card holders. Is there anything I can do? Maybe a affidavit that I've been unable to document my travel dates because of the extent of travel I've been doing and that at no point was I out of the country for more than a year at a time.

Any advice would be helpful

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Pending AOS (EAD & AP approved) - FAFSA Financial Aid
3:22 pm February 22, 2021



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The issue is. According to financial aid.gov, you are eligible under non-citizen if you have a i-94 that says paroled for a year and if you are in US with intention to become Permanent resident or USC. Combo card is an advanced paroled document and should be enough to determine eligibility along with 485 s i797. I honestly don t want to travel during covid19, risk my life and make a re-entry just get i-94 that says parolee. So the Question is, has there anybody else got approved financial aid on pending aos since on the combo card it says serves as I-512 Advance Parole ?

I will receive my EAD shorty and I was looking at job at Starbucks since they will pay your tuition - but without first applying the Fafsa they won t pay your tuition. That is why I am trying to find a ways if I am even eligible or not.

Btw on their website it also says
To qualify for federal student aid, certain eligible noncitizens must be able to provide evidence from the USCIS that they are in the United States for other than a temporary purpose with the intention of becoming a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. (As showed in the pictures)

I will be happy for any advices! Thank you :)



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