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Non-English Roman characters on I129-F
6:26 pm December 30, 2019



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Hey all, I'm assembling the documents and support needed for my I-129F petition, and I have a simple question that I've been unable to find an answer to.

My fiance is from Czech Republic, a country whose language uses the Roman alphabet. However, when trying to enter certain Czech characters into the PDF form (such as or ) the form tells me "Allow only letters, space and hyphen."

Her passport shows her name as ******* (other letters removed). Do i simply proceed writing with her name as S******a - the Anglicized version of it? And in the additional support documents like the letter of intent to marry, do I remain consistent with this lettering?

Any help would be much appreciated!!

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Work Visa question (split)
1:20 pm December 25, 2019


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Using the H1-1B1 Visa, how can I improve the speed of my application review? Has anyone migrated with that VISA?

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Taking over 4 months to schedule oath ceremony...
10:58 pm December 13, 2019



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I had my N-400 interview in the beginning of August and it seemed like everything went great - my interviewer told me that I was approved and should expect to receive an oath ceremony scheduling notice within the next three weeks. It's now been over four months. I am wondering if there is anything I can do about this? I looked into making an e-request, but it seems like since my case is still within "normal" processing time, I cannot make a request. However, it seems unusual that it would take this long to schedule, especially since my interviewer said I should expect my letter very soon. I would also like to apply for scholarships in the spring that require citizenship, so I was hoping to be sworn in soon.

I am concerned my file got mixed up somewhere because I recently went out of state for college and mentioned this to my interviewer, who then changed my address and transferred my file to another office so that I wouldn't have to fly home just for my oath ceremony. (I didn't change my state of residency though.) Does anyone have any experience with their file getting lost when changing their mailing address?


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Expeditious Naturalization 319(b) - Form questions
8:50 am November 18, 2019



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Hi everyone,

I will be applying for N-400 Expeditious Naturalization via INA 319(b) as my husband will be employed abroad by an American corporation (publicly traded exclusively on NYSE and incorporated in Delaware). We have gathered most of our evidence and are ready to file the paperwork from abroad, however, I have a few questions concerning filling out/sending the form itself.

Would anyone have any experience with the following?

1. As the physical presence requirement is waived when applying through 319(b), is it necessary to complete Part 9. Time Outside the United States of the N-400? Can I write N/A in that field or am I still required to fill it out?

2. I am already living abroad with my spouse. Do you recommend filing the N-400 by mail or online? In either case, how should biometrics be completed? Would I be notified via mail at my foreign address? I will not be including a US mailing address on the form.

3. I ve read that the Washington District Office is the preferred office when applying through 319(b). Would you agree with that or what is your experience.

I tried searching online, but there is not that much info in regards to this specific procedure.

Thank you for any help!

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Modification of the Master Name CA DOJ (fingerprints)
4:41 pm November 13, 2019



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Applying for a Green Card for a Victim of a Crime (U Nonimmigrant) (Mexico)

In order to file we need to submit documentation for form I-485 #11 Certified Police and Court Records of Criminal Charges, Arrests, or Convictions.

In the State of California when the fingerprint report was run and the name of the applicant's fingerprints are linked to his brother's name.

Does an attorney have to write the letter to the Bureau of Criminal Information and Analysis at the CA DOJ or can a simple letter be written? Has anyone written such a letter and what did you put in the body of the letter requesting the master name on the Identity History Summary be modified?


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