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What email does the NVC send the Welcome Letter from?
8:16 pm March 10, 2024


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TL/DR: What is the email NVC sends electronic version of Welcome Letter from, so I can whitelist the email address?

I did not get my Welcome Letter from NVC. I need it for the included Cover Sheet, to be able to submit documents. So I Asked NVC to resend it. They did, but I didn't receive anything. I think, if they send it by email, that maybe my email provider has too aggressive spam filter and would like to whitelist the email address, so the spam filter lets it into my inbox, before I ask them to resend it yet again. Could someone who received the Welcome Letter copy through email please let me know what email address they sent it from? Thank you very much.

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B1B2 denied for 214(b), how do you overcome this?
10:23 pm February 26, 2024



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Hello, I'm a USC living in Prague with my Czech wife and our kids aged 12 and 17. She tried to get a B1B2 visa in December of 2023 and was denied by 214(b). I can't quite figure out how to get around this problem.

Firstly, we do indeed want her to get a tourist visa even though a K3 shouldn't be a problem, because we don't plan to move any time soon. We've been together since around 2003, other than a few trips (6 to the US), we've spent the time living in Czechia where both of our children (12 and 17) were born and go to school. Her parents and brother also live nearby, and she has a job and is enrolled in continuing education.

My wife has had 10 year B1B2 visas in the past, and getting them had never a problem. Her last renewal was in 2008, after that, ESTAS were available in Czechia and were popularly known as "visa waivers." Without any real research, we assumed they worked the same as visas and went on a trip to the US in 2019, which went fine. In 2021, COVID was tailing off and it was possible to travel overseas again. Consulates were closed, so she got another ESTA and we went back, but this time for four months rather than the two months we'd gone each time before.

As we found out, this was an overstay for the ESTA, so another is no longer an option. However, I believe she should still be able to get a tourist visa. After this, her first attempt to get a B1B2 was June 2022, which was denied for 214(b). So, I did some research and found out that she needed to prove strong ties to Czechia, and we put together a package of documents detailing her parent's, brother's and our real estate here, the children's schools, and her job. None of that mattered, though because the consul didn't look at it,

I wasn't allowed at the interview, so I don't know in detail what was said, but one question my wife told me about was how she was able to travel when flying to the US was only allowed for USCs. The correct answer is that spouses of USCs were also allowed, although she didn't remember that at the time of the interview. Another question was who she knows in the US, and the correct answer was a number of people we'd met on prior trips. Unfortunately she replied no one, to which the consul said, but what about your husband's relatives? We had met my brother on one trip, but he's hardly the reason we travel there.

So, I have several thoughts: How do you convey strong ties to your home country when your supporting documentation doesn't get looked at? Is "proof" of strong ties even possible? Is it possible to add information to the DS-160 since the documents you bring don't get looked at? Is a 214(b) denial a kind of a catchall when the real reason lies elsewhere?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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DS-260 filed, cannot submit documents?
8:37 pm February 26, 2024


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I self-petitioned for EB-2 with NIW on 17th January 2023 and had it approved in April 2023.

My case was resent to NVC. By Visa Bulletin, since January 2024, the Date for Filing for my visa category is 15th February 2023, so as far as I found out, I should get Welcome Letter and do the steps needed to become Documentarily Complete.

I never got a Welcome Letter or another contact from NVC.

I contacted NVC, got my login info. I paid fees, submitted DS-260, but there is no option to upload documents.

As far as I know, there are three ways to send documents:

- upload to CEAC : can not do because the option is missing (I am self-petitioned so I do not need Affidavit of Support)

- send by mail: can not do because one NEEDS to include Cover Sheet from Welcome Letter, which I never got.

- send by email: maybe I should try this? But they write one shouldn't unless specifically asked. But then, NVC didnt bother ask or inform me of anything so far.

I also contacted NVC about not having the Cover Sheet, twice. I got a generic reply to the first, and that they are resending the Welcome Letter to the second. After that, I got into my mailbox a letter, that they resent the Welcome Letter. I did not get the Welcome Letter itself. I'm lost, how do I submit the documents? Anyone faced similar issue?

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How/When to marry, dilemma
9:46 pm May 31, 2023



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Hey everyone,

me (Czech) and my partner (US born citizen) were aiming to file for K-1 sometime between this June and July this year, but after reading through a number of threads here, it seems CR-1 will be the sensible choice. We will have been together for a year by the end of July/beginning of August and I already visited them earlier this year on ESTA (stayed 80 days). Reading through the forums here, I'm becoming convinced we should have just winged it and done a round trip to Vegas, lol.

My partner is visiting me in December, so the next idea is to get married then, but here's the one argument for K-1 - making the wait "shorter" by about 5-6 months by filling the I-129F now instead of getting married in December and filling the I-130 afterwards . Third option is the Utah online marriage thing, I only learnt about it today - is it actually possible to apply for a CR-1 after an online marriage, considering my partner would be connecting from the US and I from Czechia? Evidence wise, my visit to the States earlier this year and my partner's visit to the Czech Republic this December sounds okay enough?

Thanks in advance and I'm sorry if the same questions have been answered elsewhere already, I tried to read through a bunch, but didn't quite find the reassurance.

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N-400 April 2023 Filers
8:30 pm April 8, 2023


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Hi everyone,

I haven't seen a thread for April 2023 Filers so here's one I just filed yesterday 4/7/2023 after some technical issue with the online application. Hope you're all doing well, WE ARE NEARLY DONE WITH THIS THING!

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