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Need help
10:06 pm September 13, 2018


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Ok. So I've been if and butting on this issue, but now it's getting worst and my daughter is in the middle of it so need help.

I am a cr1 and I will be applying for i751 in November 2018. My husband has been very emotionally abusing, I'm even in therapy because I have tried to hurt myself. I now can't take it anymore. It a becoming mentally draining.

Now my problem is since I came here he as refuse to do taxes with me, claiming he doesnt want me to collect any of his debt. We have accounts and other stuff together. So what are my options.

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1:49 pm September 11, 2018


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So I got an Ir 2 for my daughter. She has been in the stated for about a week waiting on her green card and her ssn. What's the next step? Can I apply passport? If so can I get proof of her citizenship

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Norfolk Local Office AOS Filers
8:33 pm July 15, 2018


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Hey fellas, I m starting a thread for the USCIS Norfolk Local Office AOS filers awaiting interviews or who have had their interviews already. Feel free to tell your stories guys.

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Immigration lawyer
2:32 pm March 3, 2018


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I need to find out if I'm filing for divorce 6 months before my ROC and my daughter paper work is at nvm what's the next step

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Applying for mother
2:07 pm January 31, 2018


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My coworker just got her citizenship and she is now trying to apply for her mother in South Africa. I wanna help her could someone one tell me what we need to do to file her mother's paperwork. I know we have to fill out the i130 but could and tell me the requirements and help filling out the form correctly.

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