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  1. I have filed since dec 3 2018 and I have yet to hear anything
  2. I lived in cayman n did the process. use address in cayman n put jamaica address in the history portion. yes you need records from jamaica, you can get it from consulate. you also need Cayman records too.
  3. you can only apply in the time you are required. at this point I personally recommend you seek legal advise.
  4. you are allow to send a picture of documents...just download a scanner app from your app store .
  5. it took me ten days after I arrive to find a job. I had to take a low ball offer and once I solidify my position I ask for a raise. I worked as a receptionist until got promoted to Administrative Assistant, then I found a new job that pays better. I have a question, did anyone try working for the city ?
  6. Now I did not mean to give conflict but this site has probe these days not to be helpful but the opposite
  7. Let me make one thing clear. She ask because of her our personal reason which I'm not about to shame her on this platform. And if you had a good friend you could as as well. She also ask cause I went through the process on my own without help and she thought it would have been the same process for her which it's clearly not. I treat people the way I want to be treated seeking help. I gave her the site and the link to this feed, and I thought this platform was to help which it's clearly not.
  8. She s already married she just don't know what papers to file. She been married for a while husband wanted her here. What papers should she file ...i130, i485 and what esle and how is she suppose to file one at time or together
  9. Asking for a friend she is planning on getting married and filing in the usa. Can someone please explain the process, what paperwork is needed.
  10. Please how long did it take from the date you filed
  11. Are filling under the 3 year or 5 year rule ?
  12. Yes he signed but did not file. The 130 process did not start just the documents were done for her and her son. They haven t been married long but they knew each other for a long time
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