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US Immigration from Burkina Faso

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Is this a false checklist ?
12:30 am August 27, 2017



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So on july 29th 2017 my mother gets a checklist to send 2016 taxes and it says

"Do not send the corrected form and documents to NVC. Instead, give all requested
documents to the visa applicant, who should present them to the consular officer during the
visa interview."

One week Later, on 02-AUG-17

i, the beneficiary gets a letter that says this:

Dear Sir/Madam,

The National Visa Center (NVC) received all the requested documentation for this immigrant visa case. The applicant is now in the queue awaiting an interview appointment overseas, where a consular officer will adjudicate the applicant s visa application.....

Do you guys think this is a false checklist ?

How lond do you think i will get my interview ?

Thank you sooo much guys

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Green card married with visa tourist B2
3:17 am July 20, 2017



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This is my story . I came to United States almost two years with green card ! My girl friend came one year after with tourist visa B2 and four months after we got married . Now she is pregnant and I would like to know what form I need to file for her . Did somebody already done before ?thanks

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12 weeks processing time (as of June 23 2017)
5:03 pm July 12, 2017



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Hello all , i am the beneficiary of this i-130 case that is now with the NVC. They sent me a check checklist on February 15, 2017. We have managed to gather all requested documents but it took us 3 months to get all the documents. NVC received our files on 05/23/2017. So i called them on july 10 2017, thats 3 days ago and the lady i spoke to said they got my documents and they need 6 more weeks to review.

We first submitted my i-130 application 10 years ago

Any advice on how this can be speed up ?

Thank you

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DId the i485 interview
5:02 pm October 20, 2016



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Greetings ALL

I had my interview on oct 14 had the officer asked us basic questions like where we met,dob,how many attended wedding(just my brother),yes/no questions and photo album which had a few photos not sure if thats was bad idea because he kept scrolling through blank pages until very last page.

The officer that was interviewing me noticed my middle name was not included in any form and passport.My middle name was only used in my birth certificate,so he said his going to include it in my conditional green card.I was given a written document that included my middle name and asked to sign it . Before he noticed my middle name he said since yall are married only less than year you will be given condition gc.

I never did ask him what i signed ,I am a lil worried and not sure if i was approved.Has anyone had same experience?HE SAID I WILL RECEIVE A MAIL IN 30 DAYS EITHER A LETTER OR GC.That kinda confused me because i thought we were approved on the spot.

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got a pink letter about 1864
3:00 pm August 18, 2016



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Couple months ago, I submitted the whole package of application to USCIS(marriage-based green card, adjustment of status), which includes I-864 with every single supporting document. then few days ago i got a pink letter saying petitioner should also do 1864 form and provide supporting evidence.My issue is my husband has only worked small time jobs the past 3 years and therefore never filed for taxes infact he has never filed at .How important is a w2 for petitioner when you have a joint sponsor with adequate documents.what should we do?

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