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  still waiting........

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still waiting........
11:21 pm February 23, 2020



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My husband had his visa interview in Barbados on January 15. On the checklist it says we need 2018 taxes or IRS transcripts. 2018 tax was the first thing available so I put that in the package for them to review at the interview. At the end they now said I need IRS transcripts. I felt frustrated because it said either or on the checklist. Nonetheless, I sent over my IRS transcripts the very next day and their response was: "The next step is that the consular officer will review the entire case and make a determination. We will communicate with the applicant once we have further instructions. We cannot say whether or not the visa will be ready within your time frame. Considering that the embassy will be closed Monday and Tuesday, processing will be delayed. Then there is the factor of getting the passport to us and getting it back to the applicant". I don't Understand why the entire case needs to be reviewed if that's the point of the interview and if we was only missing one paper why is it taking over a month to reviewed. I honestly didn't think I would be waiting so long after the interview.. I was so excited to get the interview date because I told my self the end is finally near. I also email again on January 30th and their response was "Once the consular officer reviews the case, we will provide an update". I don't know what to do at this point, and waiting is just so frustrating.

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When exactly do I apply for the K1 Visa after approved petition?
7:00 pm January 31, 2020



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Hello everyone. My i-129f was approved, and I received the email telling me that it was sent to the NVC to begin processing. Part of the letter specifically says: "Go to our website http://nvc.state.gov/k1 to learn how to apply for a K visa and prepare for the visa interview".

Okay. So I filled out the DS-160, and I would just like to know when and how to actually apply for the K visa. Do I have to wait for them to contact me after I submit my DS-160? Or can I simply apply for it after I submit it?

Were they simply telling me to learn what the next step consists of, or to actually go ahead and apply? I'm confused.

I really appreciate any help guys. Thanks!

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complex question green card, mother is citizen before son was 18, overstayed green card
10:01 pm December 2, 2019


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Hello I am trying to help a friend, Ok here goes.

1. His mother is a citizen

2. He ,her son had a green card

3. she was a citizen ,before he was 18

4. he over stayed his green card, in his home country

5. Green card was returned

what is his next course of action to be legal in the USA

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Ready For This to be DONE!
4:38 am November 25, 2019



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So, after months and months of anxiously waiting, our paper work has been approved by the NVC.

I got the email while visiting my husband in Barbados.. We were both very excited to open the email, just to find out that we will STILL be waiting. Anyone on here will be or already interview at the Barbados embassy. How long was your wait till you got an interview date. Me and my husband started the paper work October 2018, I know we are near the finish line but it doesn't feel like it! Best wished to all.

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2:17 pm September 30, 2019


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My wife a citizen cant find her birth certificate, we have our citizenship interview coming up soon? what else can she use?

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