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6:37 pm November 28, 2023



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Hello there, how a Canadian mother can apply/petition to join her 14 years old US citizen?She's been traveling few times to see him but with a GC it will be easier and why not more chances/opportunities.I have only find about a major child petitioning for his parents and nothing about a minor child.Thank you

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It is finished
7:43 pm April 14, 2023



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All done guys, interview and oath ceremony in one day, 4/13/23. 2 month turn around. :D

Longest stretch was that awful period when I was removing conditions

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i751 -> N400
7:36 pm January 24, 2023



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So after 6 years my ROC was finally approved; since they took their sweet sweet time processing my ROC. Am i able to just apply for my N400 right away? I should've been eligible to apply from year 3 technically right?

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Point of Entry
12:24 pm July 23, 2022



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Is it better for me to be with my husband when he arrives at his point of entry and encounters CBP for the first time?

I m in the US but thinking of flying to him so that we can enter together and wondering if it s worth it because tickets are so expensive right now.

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Stokes Interview
11:41 pm May 24, 2022



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Applying for IR1 visa.
Hello, my spouse had an interview last week, I was not allowed to attend. But they didn t ask him much, and said they d be in touch. The same day, the Consular called me and asked if I could attend an interview with my husband. It turned out to be a stokes interview. They had suspicions due to my lack of travel to see him a few years ago and questioned our meeting online.
we have had a lot of time together for the last 2 years and showed several pictures of that. I also mentioned that we have bills together, a lease together, buying a new house together, and more. But they were not interested in any of that, the only thing they wanted to see were the pictures.

so after the interview she said she has to write up her report and it could be a few weeks. My question is - has anyone gone through a stokes interview? How long does it usually take to hear back?

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