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Unemployment benefit income for I-864
3:31 am September 12, 2023



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I was unemployed for a couple of months and received unemployment benefit. Can those be added to my total income when determining eligibility for sponsor?

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Dhaka Embassy - Bangladesh, recent approximate wait time for interview after DQ in NVC (IR1/CR1 Visa)?
7:13 pm August 3, 2023



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Did anyone recently appear in their interview at U.S. Embassy, Dhaka, for IR1/CR1 visa? If so, how long did that take after getting documentarily qualified in NVC? Trying to get an estimation.

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Concurrent Filling i-130 & i-485
4:22 am June 18, 2023


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My wife is applying for her mother, who is currently here in USA in a B2 visa. So, she is applying i-130 and i-485 together. Here are some questions she has, if anyone can help that would be great.

1. During concurrent filling does she need to submit i-864 and i-693?

2. if i-864 is required then which address I have to send it out? NVC or USCIS?

3. is there any additional fees required for i-864.

4. Can I sponsor here where she is living in the same house hold with us and how?

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Transfer of Embassies
3:55 am May 28, 2023


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My fiance and I filed for our K1 in December of 2021. We were approved, it went to NVC and was sent to the wrong Embassy. We have jumped through hoops trying to get it to the Embassy where he's at. They accepted the transfer. It's been a few weeks. Has anyone transferred theirs? If so, do any of you know if our case number stays the same, just change the first 3 letters to the letters of the country he's in? Thank you.

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Need Money Transaction as Proof?
3:02 am May 1, 2023


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Not sure if this is a dumb question, but would we need documentation of sending money back home to bring parents to the USA? I know it was needed when I applied for my husband, not sure if it would be needed for parents.


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