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I-134 repeat a person on Dependent/AOS/Visa petitioned sections?
5:31 pm August 3, 2020



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A friend of mine filing I-134, we are trying to figure out Dependent/Affidavit of support/Visa petitioned section.

His both parents for whom he applied 7/8 years back, are still permanent residence and they are depended on him. On i-134 they are listed as depended Q10 & Q14.

Now as he sponsored and provided affidavit of support during his parents immigration in the past, would his parents be listed again on Q22 & Q24? As person provided AOS.

Would they be listed on Q26 & Q30 yet again as he did submitted their immigration petition i-130 as well!

Basically the question is, on Dependent/Affidavit of support/Visa petitioned section, would same person be listed on all three sections if qualify? or one person be listed once as some type of family head count?

Thank you

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Do new fees apply to EAD renewal?
5:18 pm July 31, 2020


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Hi all,

i filed in January obviously way before the new fees for USCIS applications go into effect (which is October 2). However I will likely have to apply to renew my ead before I get an interview for I485.

will I have to pay the new fee for EAD renewal or it stays free for me because my initial filing was before the new fees?

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Entering the USA on a tourist visa from Bangladesh
8:28 am July 11, 2020

Shariar Rahman

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Hi there,

I am curious to know if it is possible to travel to the United States with a existing tourist VISA at this moment. The person concerning this has already visited the states once and wants to revisit again, they would like to travel from Bangladesh either on a special chartered flight or regular commercial flights.

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Advice regarding I-944
8:15 am July 10, 2020



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I am a PhD student currently on an F1 visa, and my wife is a US citizen. I have been working on filing the necessary applications for adjustment of status from F1 to GC. However, I am sort of in a bind and facing a lack of information about experiences with filing the I-944, for someone especially in similar circumstances. The root of the problem lies in the fact that I own virtually no assets, basically living on a meager assistantship stipend. I have been studying in the US since 2015 starting with my masters, and have amassed a significant amount of CC debt while trying to compensate for living and medical expenses due to gaps in funding during grad school. My wife is also currently in grad school (supported by a TA position), and I can meet the federal income guidelines for AoS only if both of our incomes are combined. I feel like there is a high chance of rejection if I try to file my AoS application with an I-944 showing the state of our finances. Given the circumstances, I have thought about not filing for AoS, and instead just applying for OPT after I graduate. Once I get a job offer and have a better level of income, I could apply for marriage-based GC. I just wanted to see if anyone else is sort of in a similar situation and what you think, or at least get some advice.

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Documents for nvc processing F2a converted into F2b
5:47 pm July 9, 2020



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My mother applied for me in F2a category in april 2016. But my petition got converted into F2b category because i was over 21 years old in 2018.

Nvc alloted me a case number in 2018.

MY question is-

1) When my mother petitioned for me for F2a, we gave the original birth certificate to USCIS to prove relationship, now will we have to submit it again for NVC processing?

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