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US Immigration from Bangladesh

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Can I see doctor without social security number?
11:34 am


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Hi I came to us with Cr1 visa. While I wait for my social security number can I see doctor or go to hospital without SSN or green card? Thank you.

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How long a wait after interview
7:59 pm


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My wife appeared for interview in Dhaka, Bangladesh on August 13, 2018. It has been more than

2 months and her status says " Under Administrative processing". Does any one know how long is the processing. The whole process has already taken more than 1-1/2 years.

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Interview Cancelled !!!!
12:44 pm


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My interview was never scheduled and the status changed to "Interview Cancelled" ?

Did anyone have similar experience ?

Interview Cancelled.jpg

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B2 Visa for In-Laws
1:59 am


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My wife is pregnant and we want her parents to visit us during our child birth. I have completed two ds-160 for them but didn t submit it yet. Here are my questions:

1. Can I submit the applications here from USA? In the submission page it stated that the person who is applying needs to do the electrinic sign and submit. Do they track where the application has been submitted?

2. In the application I stated that I am paying for this trip. Do I need to submit I-134? Or my financial documents during interview is sufficient? If I need to submit the form then how?

3. What kind of paper work they need to show for tie up with the home country? They have properties and my brother in law who is living with them currently but he is 25. My father in law is retired and mother in law is a home maker currently.

4. Since my wife is pregnant is it ok to provide a doctor s certificate during the interview?



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Question about Affidavit of Support form
12:10 am


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I'm getting ready to file Affidavit of Support for my wife. I understand that I have to provide income tax returns for past 3 years. The issue I have is, my most recent tax return (2017, and all prior years) is filed jointly with my ex-wife. Although, she did not have any income in 2016 and 2017 at all. All incomes reported on the return are from my W-2. My question is, do I have to file I-864A and have my ex-spouse sign it? Any clarification is hugely appreciated. Thanks.

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