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11:31 pm June 18, 2022



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Hello beautiful people!

As the title says, IRS is extremely backlogged with tax filings and I have no idea as to when ours will be processed. Our i130 application for parents is now at the NVC stage. What is everyone else doing? Waiting? Or just uploading a 1040 and pay stubs? Has anyone been accepted in this manner?

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N400 interview- No decision can be made yet- Seattle center
3:21 pm June 12, 2022



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I appeared for my N400 virtual interview in Seattle center on 6/10. I passed English and Civic test, but the officer said that she was taking my interview from home. My files are in her office and doesn t have access to my files from home. She said that she will need to review the files once she is in office . Until then she won t be able to approve the case. Hence I have passed box checked , but also no decision can be made yet box checked. She mentioned that approximately a month might take for me to receive the decision. Has anyone have a recent experience similar to mine? If so, could you please let me know how long it took to receive the decision? Thanks

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Seattle office- same day oath ceremony for new citizens
11:55 pm May 1, 2022



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I understand Seattle USCIS office has same day oath ceremony option for N400 applicants. But could anyone please let me know what s the cutoff time for the same day oath? My interview is scheduled for 2:30 pm. I have some upcoming travel plans. Wondering if I ll be able to make it on the same day , it I get approved. Thanks

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Traveling after 2 years of visa issuance
5:00 pm April 26, 2022


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Hello everyone,

I had a quick question. Some of my family members were granted US tourist visas two years ago. They didn't travel all this time due to COVID but now planning a trip next month. I wanted to know if the visas are still good and if there's anything out of ordinary that needs to be done.

Thank you in advance.

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Case Status Changed after 15 months From REFUSED to ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESS
5:47 am April 20, 2022

SJ Journey

SJ Journey

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Visa Type : IR 1 TO IW1
Case Created : JULY 05- 2019
Interview Date : JAN 19, 2021 (AP) & FOLLOW UP Interview at FEB 10- 2022 (221g)
Documents Requested : I-864W , NEW MEDICLE, POLICE CLEARANCE, PHOTO,UPDATE DS-260, New Passport
At 28 march- 2022 Embassy asked for My Birth Certificate. (Sent Via Drop Box At march 29- 2022)
Last Update : April 19-2022 ( From Refused to Administrative Process)
my kids are waiting for me. Can any one suggest me any ways what should i do in this situation?


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