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Applicants in Dhaka, colour photocopies question, CR1
7:04 pm October 4, 2019



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Hello lovely people.

For those of us appearing for interviews at Dhaka embassy, we are required to make colour photocopies of all civil documents. How did you go about making colour copies of the nikah nama? Do you just scan it and print it on standard a4? Or do you know of any stores that makes full colour copies of legal documents?

Thank you!

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Surname mistake in approved i-130 petition
7:12 pm September 17, 2019



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Applicants surname mistake in I-130 form. How to correct it? Petition approved from USCIS and now at NVC for IV and AOS bill payment.

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Time between interview and passport delivery at Dhaka
3:30 pm September 16, 2019



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Hello beautiful people!

As the title says, how long did you have to wait post interview till you had your passport in hand? This is for interviews taking place at Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Thank you.

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USC moved while beneficiary is waiting for interview
6:31 am September 16, 2019


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Hi all!

So I m in need of advice. I am the USC applying for my husband. We got DQ back in May of this year and we have yet to get an interview date. During the NVC phase, I was working 2 jobs to show that I make above the poverty guidelines. After I got DQ, I had a family matter which resulted in me not working and eventually moving to another state. I did get another job but I will barely make the poverty guidelines. I do have assets under my name which I can use to show that I can financially afford my husband to live here that I never originally put on the I-864 submitted.

My question is do I need to fill out another I-864 form on the ceac website with my current income and my assets (even though I m already DQ) or could my husband just explain the situation to the CO and give them paperwork to show my work income/assets in my name? I m trying to avoid getting a 221g asking for more financial proof.


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Mistakes in N400 application
1:00 am September 12, 2019



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I have submitted N400 application online on July 4 2019 and forget to mention about a mta class a misdemeanor. Can i update it now? Is there anyway i can ammend it?

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