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  1. Today, randomly I remembered about this website/forum. I thought I'd pop in and say hello. I doubt I would recognize any one of you (or you, me) from my stint here from back in 2010 era. You guys have new-fangled online filing and stuff. Back in my days, we had to fill out PDF and print it and mail it and them someone would have to type it back in immigration system. It was quite a thing. Also when we emailed NVC, we had to put "ATTN: Supervisor Sue" in the subject line and whatever it's worth, it actually worked. We'd get replies. I hope everyone from those time are having a good life and a happy life. And I hope everyone new here much luck and well wishes. May your immigration process and life goes as smoothly as you want. I'm going to stick around for a bit to learn some stuff. Are there still racists here? I remember we had some anti-immigrant immigration applicant here back in the days. It was surreal. Here they were asking for immigration advice and help and then coming to off topic to post anti-immigration opinion. The "I got mine, screw you' crowd. I hope they are not here and they are having a terrible life.
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