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  1. Yeah. I should have checked the current processing times seeing as I have done this for other forms in other context. As for you point about would it be a waste if she was denied, the answer is yes or no. There's not reason to deny her. She has visited US dozens of times and every single time she left on time. Never became a public charge. Any cost she incurs, we paid from out pocket. Besides now she's 90+ years old. She's not going to be taking anyone's jobs or hiding in the bushes as illegal immigrant or something like that. Visa extension should have been automatic for her. And if it was denied, it should have been for a very specific and reasonable cause. The answer is also no because if they deny it in time, at least we would have known that she's denied. I'm fairly certain she will be approved but sadly and unfortunately this approval will come after she left USA. She can quite literally come back a week after she goes to UK. Which she's not planning on doing anyways. if she comes back again, it will be at least another year later. But you are right... this is a risk I knew going inwith my $455. And I knew the fee is non-refundable. I'll be okay.
  2. Found it. Texas Service Center. But I couldn't find it as a processing center for I539. Looks like my grandmother will have to go back by her 6th month anniversary of coming here as visitor. Meanwhile i will have wasted 455 dollars for nothing. I539 from said file it at least 45 days prior to the visa end. I filed it 60 days prior to the visa end. They are processing I539 from back in March 1st, 2019. Some are processing from back in 2018. So many people will have spend the fee for no reason.
  3. Case started with MCT prefix. What service center does this mean? Also it's been about month and half and still case hasn't been approved. Already bought the ticket for my grandmother to go back if they don't approve the visit visa extension in time. But we are still hoping she can stay an additional 3 months with us. I need to know MCT service center so I can check on processing time. Or if you guys know anything about this let me know. Case was filled on Jun 10, 2019. Already had the fingerprints taken on 5 July 2019.
  4. How do you know this guy wasn't lying about the cocaine charges and assault charges? Maybe he was making it up to sound macho? Tourist don't go on telling random people on Graceland about their prior criminal history, especially if they got away with it.
  5. Yeah. I'm assuming she will get approved for extension. She's 90+ years old and has always gone back on time. With extension or not. Past doesn't mean future will be the same. That's why I posted here to get your ideas. Before Trump, extending visa was a easy procedure. They would let you know yes or no within few weeks. Not the case anymore. She's still got 2 months within her 6 months visit visa stay. I'll wait till 5.5 month and then send her back if I don't get the approval letter for visa extension by then. Because she's legal resident of UK, she gets free healthcare in UK. And so far, luckily, when my grandmother stays with us, she doesn't need any extensive healthcare. Just routine check up and the odd pressure medicine here and there. The medication are reasonably price where I can just pay for those medicine. My mother is already a US citizen. This is my grandmother (my father's mother). She's permanent resident of UK and we have more family in UK than in US. She doesn't want to stay in US permanently. If she did, my US citizen father can apply for her and she'd become a legal resident of US within a year or so. But she doesn't want to stay in US permanently. And UK has free(r) healthcare, more family members, etc. After having read all of your advice, here's what we are going to do. We already bought ticket for her to leave before here initial 6 month's visa expiration. If, however, we get the extension approval before she leaves, she's obviously going to stay longer. I'll just pay the difference to change her ticket. We aren't going to risk her staying longer without the approval letter. We do want her to come back in another year or so. Thanks for all of your inputs. Stay blessed and helpful, folks. 😀
  6. My grandmother is a legal resident of UK. She's citizen of Bangladesh. She got tourist visa to US and she's been coming and going to US for last two decades. Every few years she comes and stays in US for 6 months and leaves. She's gotten very old and travelling is becoming hard for her. So this time, we want to extend her visit visa so she can stay a bit longer than the 6 months allowed. I filled out the I539 form online for her and I did so 60 days before her visit visa of 6 months expires. The case number I got doesn't tell me what service center the form went to. But current processing time in all of them are more than 2.5 to 3 months. So by the time we get the approval of extending her say, she will have gone over the 6 months. Should we risk it and let her say beyond her 6 months hoping that her extension will be approved. And she can stay 3 more months. Or should we send her back before the 6 months end. In that case, the approval will come after she's gone and it will not help us and I will have wasted $455 for nothing in the fee. We did get the NOA1 for this. Can she stay the 3 more months with NOA1? Seems like she can. Will she have trouble coming back to US again someday in future? What do you guys think we should do? Many years ago, we applied for extension for her and that approval came within a month. She said 6+3 months and left before 9 months. No issue. She came back few times after that. No issue. This time the approval won't probably come in time. Just wanted to know what do you guys think about this. Thanks for your help. Though I am not an active member of VJ anymore, I appreciate this site and uses a lot. You guys have helped me throughout the last decade so much and have literally saved me thousands and thousands of dollars in lawyer fees. I believe in a self-correcting universe. You will get the reward for all the good deeds you've done for me and my family and for countless others. :)
  7. Original poster, I read your initial post and some of the replies. One of the reason you want to come to America is to attend your niece's funeral. Throughout most of the world, a person is buried within a day or two of breathing their last. There's no realistic way you can attend her funeral. As sad as that might be. There's no way US is going to grant you that speedy visa. The second reason you want to come to US is because your mother has stage 4 cancer. I'm so sorry for your mother and your family. One of my friends mother died from cancer just weeks ago. So i can sort of imagine the pain this might cause you and your family. If you really want to come spend time with your dying mother and maybe take her home, you need to gather lots of medical papers. You need to get your mother's doctors to write notarized letters, and your sister also. People who work in US embassy and State department are humans also. They have sympathy. Maybe they might nudge upon you. You also need to write a letter detailing why you applied 3-4 times before and why you provided different information each time. As for your son going to universal studio while you are here, that's not really an issue. When you apply for visa, you don't write down mundane things like you'd go shopping, eating, bathroom. Besides I doubt you and your entire family might get visit visa so quickly with medical reason. They might let you come. But not your children. Unless you can convince them that your mother is dying imminently and her grand-kids need to see them asap. I hope that's not the case. I mean that your mother is dying soon. My condolences for your sister and her family for losing their daughter at a such young age. And sorry about your mother's illness. Good luck. If you can't come, at least you can do call and video chat. Be strong!
  8. Just an update guys. The dude who was giving wrong information is still arguing that since they gave him one page with one Alien + Case number, they have to pay only 1 fee of $220. That despite there being 4 visa's with four different alien number but same case number. I politely told him to STFU and not bother me about this case anymore. I have 99 other problems and this [female dog] ain't gonna be one of them.
  9. I applied for my wife back in 2010. I was/am a US citizen. I didn't change my last name. Well, since I am the dude, she didn't change her last name to match mine. We are originally from Bangladesh and we we are Muslim. In our culture and religion, it's not required for the wife to change her name to her husband's name. She kept her last name and I kept mine. And we went through the immigration process just fine. As you can see from my signature, she's a US citizen already after having gone through the whole shebang. You don't have to change your last name to match your husband's last name. If they ask why your last name isn't the same, you can honestly answer why you didn't change it. If you do change your name, you can't just change your name at your bank and payroll department. Changing name is a legal matter. You need to follow the rules in the state you live and possibly the rules in the county you live. Once it's done legally, then you change your name in your banks account, payroll, etc. You probably need to also let social security administration know your name change. And if you, yourself are an immigrant, you also need to possibly update USCIS of your name change. You gotta update your driver licences, voter registration, insurance companies need to know your name change also. You gotta make sure credit reporting company has your name correctly, etc, etc, etc. Changing name is a a big hassle, if you want to go about it the right way. It's not worth it, IMO, unless it's really, really necessary.
  10. That's what I thought. Thanks for confirming. I hate ####### who don't have any knowledge of said subject and still wish to spew their BS and create fake info and put people through bad situation. In this case, I'm talking about the guy who said even though they have four alien numbers, they had to only pay $220 because they had the same DOS case number. I'm going to give him a piece of my mind today or whenever I next see him.
  11. A family that I know has recently did their immigration interview in Bangladesh. They got the VISA to move to US. The husband, wife, and two children were applied for by the husband's brother. All together the process took about 15 years. In any case, since they got the visa, they need to pay the USCIS immigrants fee. The fee is currently $220. I told them that they have to pay for each person so a total of $880. Someone told them that they have to pay only $220. Since they have one case number. They have 4 different alien number obviously but same case number. They should pay $220 x4 = $880. Can you guys confirm thats' the case. I haven't had to use the immigration process since before there was an USCIS immigrant fee. So the process is a bit murky for me. I want to give them the right information. So help me, immigration gurus. Thank you.
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