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Visit to the USA while k-1 visa is processing
1:22 pm February 1, 2023



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Hello everyone,

Can I get tourist visa and travel to the U.S. while waiting for my K-1 visa? Are there any restrictions to that? It's been 9 months already since visa application. (only NOA 1)

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Dallas Field Office
1:41 pm March 30, 2021


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Hi! Does anyone have an email address for someone in the Dallas Field Office?

My husband has a greencard and we are applying for his citizenship under the 319(b) exception (spouses of citizens stationed abroad). We have a deadline of April 22, 2021 to get his biometrics appointment scheduled and submitted. We were suppose to do overseas (where we are now) but because of COVID the embassy can't provide biometric services and we need to get it done in the States (Dallas). We would like to have his biometrics and citizenship interview scheduled very close to each other since we will be traveling from abroad and will need to return to my post quickly.

Thanks for any info!

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biometrics for n400 under 319(b)
5:01 pm October 28, 2020


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Hey friends,

My husband and I are applying for his naturalization under the 319(b) exception (employment abroad). We are currently in Dallas and my post starts in 2 weeks. We plan to send our application in at the same time that we fly our together to my post. I keep reading that fingerprints are required in the application and some places say that after they receive your N400, they will schedule you a biometrics appointment at a USCIS service center in the US (if you are in the US) or you can do it abroad. Is there anyway to schedule an appointment for fingerprints before we actually submit the N400 application? Or can we get fingerprints at a notary or local business center that provides them? We don't want to hassle with trying to find a USCIS center abroad (we think there is not one in the country where we are going) to get fingerprints after our application has already been submitted.

Thanks for reading and responding! You guys are the best <3


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Fee increase?
10:39 pm October 25, 2020


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Hello friends,

We are getting ready to send in my husband's n-400. I heard some rumors over the summer that fees were going to increase as of October 1, 2020. Does anyone know if they have indeed increased?

For example, I heard that the fee for naturalization would increase from $725 to around $1100.

Thank you!

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Flying to the US
2:33 pm July 30, 2020


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Hello ? We just received my husband's passport in the mail with his CR1 visa ? We are trying to book flights and want to know if its okay for him to travel from Istanbul (where we are now) through Doha, Qatar to the US. Has anyone tried used Qatar Airways with a CR1 visa recently? He is an Azerbaijani citizen. Its his first time to the US so we are wondering about the COVID restrictions. Also, with this newly issued visa, is he already considered a Legally Permanent Resident (or CPR) before entering the US?

Many thanks!!

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