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Administrative Processing for 221g in Tbilisi
2:59 am August 10, 2019



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Wondering if anyone is or was stuck in AP in Tbilisi. My dad had his interview 5-29-19. Was missing a military record statement. Embassy received it via TNT on 6-17 (Baku filers). On 6-27 emailed few questions, to which he responded same day. No updates since then. At the interview The consul said it would take 8-9 to issue visa after he'd mail the missing doc. Nearly 2 months and still under AP. Anyone else?

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221g pink slip IR-5 in Tbilisi, Georgia
1:29 pm August 1, 2019



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Looking to see if anyone faced a similar situation at the same or any other consulate. My father was missing a doc showing he had no military affiliations at his May 29th interview. He received a 221g pink form. The embassy received the doc and his passport on June 17th. June 27th they emailed him asking to answer 6 questions (names of siblings, travel, work description, prior passport numbers). Responded same day. They responded to wait for an email with further instructions. Still nothing. Country of citizenship Azerbaijan. My dad never served in military, clean record, retired but was an engineer with a steel recycling facility.

Anyone else?

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Is a 2nd Interview Normal?
12:40 pm July 3, 2019



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1st interview date was May 2, 2018. We were issued a 221(g) for some items that were particularly burdensome to obtain (and we had thought successfully petitioned to be waived by the NVC).

By the time we sent everything back for the 221(g) on December 13, 2018, the medical was apparently now out of date.

We were informed of this March 11, 2019.

It took about a month to get scheduled for a medical, and about another month for the embassy to get all the paperwork.

Finally the status tracker on the CEAC site changed this morning to "Ready" and says that "Your case is ready for your interview when scheduled at the U.S. Consular section...."

1. Is that normal for them to call you back for a 2nd interview after a 221(g)?

2. They requested her passport with her updated medical and the embassy is in a different country. If they schedule an interview too soon, she will not be able to have it back in time to travel...

3. If there is going to be a 2nd interview... what sort of problems should we be aware of for other documents that may be too aged now? (local background check? Petitioner's financials? etc...??)

Has anybody else encountered this?

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Notarized documents for proof
10:55 am June 28, 2019


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Hello from Turkey,

I am collecting documents to submit an i-130 for my husband to get a cr1 visa.

Do documents such as the following need to be notarized after being translated?

-marriage license

-apartment contract where we live together

-bank statement of our joint account

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Tbilisi, Georgia K1 applicant getting ready for interview
12:01 am May 30, 2019


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Hi everyone, are there any recent K1 applicants applying to Tbilisi Georgia. Just wanting to here some advice on how the process currently is on the day of the interview since the reviews on here are so dated, except one from 2018 regarding the K1. Of course i'm nervous and my fiance is quite a bit nervous as well and plus he is a shy person too. I've read they will ask about his previous B2/B1 visa denials. Plus i have a co-sponsor( I have 2 PRN jobs) and the previous income tax year i was in school so i didn't work that much then. My co-sponsor makes way over the poverty guidelines so i'm praying we are set. I sent all the required documentation organized and labeled in a accordion folder, plus about 35 pics and 3-8 screenshot pages of call logs and messages from WhatsApp. Wondering ,is there anything else i should be aware of at this point?

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