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website update
9:09 am March 6, 2020


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Hello Fellow Visa Journeymen,

We submitted our i130 petition about 7 months. Our account on the USCIS website was updated on July 17, 2019 with this information: "Your benefit request has been accepted and is under review."

Another update was just made on February 23, 2020 but the information remained the same: "Your benefit request has been accepted and is under review."

Any idea what that means? Maybe they started to review our case? Any idea how long it takes a USCIS officer to make a decision on a case once they start to look at it?

Thank you!

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Need advice regarding financial proof
4:57 am March 4, 2020



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Hello everyone! My fianc (US citizen) and I are getting married pretty soon, and we want to start the procedures straight away as I need to work to support my family. We both are students in the US, and my fianc has been employed recently to make over $ 21,000 a year. He never worked full-time, and got financial aid, student loan, and child support from his father. And he never filed his taxes either during recent three years. So, we are very confused and concerned regarding financial documents, and whether our case is acceptable. I was recommended to include his recent pay stubs, a letter from his employer indicating his expected annual income, and all his financial aid/loan documents. Please note that his family will not be co-sponsor. Any advice will be so much appreciated!

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Administrative Processing- 6 Months Update
2:47 pm December 16, 2019


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Hi everyone, okay so our case has been in administrative processing for the past 6 months in Tbilisi Georgia. They just emailed my fiance today stating that they would like him to download and send communication logs from loli chat, WhatsApp, & Skype. They stated they would like to see a trail of our communication logs from the day we met.

The problem is we met six years ago when I was 19. Lollichat does not hold logs it was a random chat site,and we only spoke on there for two weeks before we went to WhatsApp/Skype. We stayed on Skype for a few months, but then we move to Whatsapp completely.. I have whatsapp logs dated back to 2017 or maybe 2016 at most. But we have none from 2014 or 15, due to the fact of us both changing phones, and not even thinking we'd be engaged, let alone wanting to actually get married. I don't know how to get any older WhatsApp messages if it's possible. If anyone knows please let me know. Or how to explain this to the embassy?

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Wrong date of birth on I-797C
7:43 am October 27, 2019


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We applied for CR-1 and recently got I-797C to create an account on the USCIS website.

However, the petitioner's date of birth is typed wrong by USCIS. Note: Just the year is wrong. It should be 1988 instead of 1990.

We double-checked our application to make sure that we didn't make a mistake on I-130 Forms (It was the correct date).

We filed e-request a month ago (the website says we should receive a response by Oct 22th.) but still no answer from them.

Now, we are unsure if we should go ahead and registered on USCIS with the wrong date of birth or wait for the response.

Does anyone experience something like this and Does anyone knows the date of birth can be changed later?

Thank you

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Administrative Processing for 221g in Tbilisi
2:59 am August 10, 2019



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Wondering if anyone is or was stuck in AP in Tbilisi. My dad had his interview 5-29-19. Was missing a military record statement. Embassy received it via TNT on 6-17 (Baku filers). On 6-27 emailed few questions, to which he responded same day. No updates since then. At the interview The consul said it would take 8-9 to issue visa after he'd mail the missing doc. Nearly 2 months and still under AP. Anyone else?

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