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Lost Extension Letter
11:09 pm October 19, 2018


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Hi guys, I tried to find this information but can't find exact problem that I have. Sorry in advance if this topic already exists but this is URGENT matter so I need anybody's HELP ASAP.

So my wife has applied to remove her conditions from green card. Her Green card now expired. She got a 12 month letter extension and then later we got 6 more month extension letter. her 12 month extension is expiring next week and we just realized that we can't find her 6 month extension anywhere. we might have forgotten it in the folder that was lost when we traveled for work. And the problem is that my wife's employer now that her 1 year extension is expiring next week requesting her the proof of residency. What should I do? I am guessing cooperation in that time frame from USCIS is not possible. what are my other options? I read somewhere that you can stamp the passport? but i don't think that's gonna be possible in that timeframe either. We tried to show the employer Case Status but they want the official paper that has her name and everything.

Please help. It would really suck to lose the job because of this.

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Marriage-Based Immigration / Conditional or Permanent Green Card?
2:03 pm January 10, 2017


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Hello Everyone,

I've a foreign national friend who married a US citizen in January of 2015. Here's the case timeline:

Got Married - August, 2014

I-130 filed - April, 2015

I-130 Approved - February, 2016

Immigrant Visa Approved - January, 2017

My question is whether the beneficiary will be issued a green card on a conditional or permanent basis upon the entry to the United States, considering the 2 year requirement. As you can see he had already been married for over two years when he was granted an immigrant visa.
Does this "2 year requirement" concern the date of the I-130 being approved or it is about the day you are lawfully admitted to the United States on an immigrant visa?

Your as detailed kind guidance as possible would be truly appreciated.

Many thanks.

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What it my next step
3:17 pm November 7, 2016


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Hello all,

Please I need help.

This is all new to me

I am an US citizen living abroad with my spouse.

I tried filing thru the closet USCIS near me, but they informed me that they could not take my case. They said only those living in Russia can file thru the USCIS there.

I have been living abroad with my spouse for 3 years. I recently traveled home to file and try to get life started so we can try get thru this process.

But after a month living apart was too much for me. With depression and anxiety attacks, I moved back abroad with my spouse, as we await this process.

My question is:

Will it be harder or take longer since I am here with him?

I am not working while abroad(and haven't worked for the 3 years Ive been with him)

He works and supports me

What is the next step after filing the I-130?

My case was just transferred to another USCIS on Oct 20, 2016

What other documents should I prepare for the next step?

Please help someone

I hear so many stories concerning this filing process and it seems as every case is treated differently

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Case was transferred to another uscis
8:19 pm November 5, 2016


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My case was transferred to another uscis office. They did not mention why. But since filing, I have moved out of the country with my spouse. I have tried to change my address to my new address living abroad. But I see there is no option for changing it to an abroad address.

Why would they transfer a case. And how do I go about changing my address?

This process has been nothing but STRESS!!!

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Coming on non-immigrant visa and working on I-130 in USA? (split)
9:42 am October 9, 2016


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Hello, I am from Azerbaijan and my wife is from the USA. We just got married on September 26th 2016 in Tbilisi, Georgia. We are on the phone everyday and we miss each other a lot. I'd like to re unite with my wife as quickly as possible. So my question is:

Is it possible to go to America under a Non Immigrant visa, get a job because i do have a social security number, and then work on my immigration in US while i am there with my wife? If its possible whats the process and how long will it take?

Thank you in adavnce.

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