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    Mom & Dad. PD 7/02/18, Potomac. Mom's visa granted at interview 5/29/19 in Tbilisi, Georgia. Dad's went under AP for a missing military record. Granted 9/16/19.

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  1. Wondering if anyone is or was stuck in AP in Tbilisi. My dad had his interview 5-29-19. Was missing a military record statement. Embassy received it via TNT on 6-17 (Baku filers). On 6-27 emailed few questions, to which he responded same day. No updates since then. At the interview The consul said it would take 8-9 to issue visa after he'd mail the missing doc. Nearly 2 months and still under AP. Anyone else?
  2. Looking to see if anyone faced a similar situation at the same or any other consulate. My father was missing a doc showing he had no military affiliations at his May 29th interview. He received a 221g pink form. The embassy received the doc and his passport on June 17th. June 27th they emailed him asking to answer 6 questions (names of siblings, travel, work description, prior passport numbers). Responded same day. They responded to wait for an email with further instructions. Still nothing. Country of citizenship Azerbaijan. My dad never served in military, clean record, retired but was an engineer with a steel recycling facility. Anyone else?
  3. A month sounds about right from what I've seen too. No reason given to your fiance for 221g?? Did they at least say he was approved?My dad's interview was on May 29th and he was missing military record. He mailed in and they accepted it but instead of issuing the visa, then sent him follow up questions about his travel history, work and siblings names. That was June 27th with last update on 28th. My mom got her visa and now they are in limbo waiting.
  4. Hi, looking at the timeline your fiance had an interview shortly after my parents in Tbilisi. Was he put in AP? My dad is also in AP and I am wondering if everyone is going through similar timeline.Country of origin Azerbaijan. Thanks!
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