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  1. I wanted to update the thread for anyone else who will wonder how long it takes for SS # to arrive upon immigrant's entry it took my spouse a week to get his, so we are waiting for his actual g.c. to arrive now. The last time I checked through USCIS status it just shows that it's paid for but no other update. SS arrives fairly quickly! This is if you pick SS option on your immigrant visa application DS-260.
  2. Thanks gus for all your advices here! So now we know why I was getting the error message. It is because once the visa was generated and handed to my husband, it didn't take me long to try to pay the fee. As I said before, perhaps less than 30 minutes or so, but now, after around 12 hours later I guess or whenever I posted the qustion, while my husband is in the air, I just made another attempt to pay for it and my A# with the ID # were found and I was able to successfully pay and got a confirmation email. So the issue here was that you need to wait a little before trying to pay for it as it seems that once the visa was handed to my husband, the system ahd not yet updatd his info, hence the error message. So all is good now and thanks again for all your help! The email confirmation contained all his tracking status info for us to later track the arrival of his green card. Do you guys know how long it takes to get the G.c. and also his social security now that I posted this last comment as a follow up to my situation earlier today? 2-3 weeks or longer for both? WOuld love to find out just recently how long it took people to get both docs?
  3. the digits were all correct as i double checked on the form they gave him but i did attempt to pay around 30 minutes after the US Embassy generated and stuck the visa in his passport so coud it be that i tried to pay for it fairly quickly and the system had not updated after 30 minutes of his visa pick up? ill try again but maybe this could be a possible reason?
  4. oh wow thanks so much...i panicked and freaked out..actually both of us...I just posed one more question here so id appreciate if you could advise me the last time so we will know at which stage then he can pay for his green card at the border or later on from our home when he finally arrives to my place? Just curious because i need to explain this to him.
  5. One more question for you guys...im feeling relieve that he doesn't have to pay before his travel...ill try to pay for it before his flight but in case if i still get the error, can u please tell me then when he needs to pay for it AFTER he enters the US? At teh border pattrol or we can do it after he leaves the airport a few days later from the comfort of our home? I need to explain this to him so he is aware...please advise.
  6. Ok thanks guys...im panicking still since i dotn understand then why the instructiosn say that he needs to pay before he etners the US and he was told the same whn he picked up his US visa...if someone can share their experience i'd appreciate it.
  7. Hi guys. So my husband just left the US Embassy with a CR-1 visa approved and stamped in his passport! He was already told a week ago to visit the Embassy again today to pick up his passport so he did and a week ago we booked his flight for the day after of his visa pick up to fly to the US (flying tomorrow early morning) and he also did his covid test for the flight and all he needs to do now after leaving the Embassy today is to go back and pack his bags for an early flight tomorrow. He was given instructions where to pay for his green card and it says to pay for it BEFORE he enters the US. Because he just got his visa an hour ago or less, I tried to follow instructions to pay for it myself but it keeps showing 'error' each time and in one instance it says that if you received your US visa, to wait 5 days to try again and if it doesn't work to contact USCIS. Well, now we don't have 5 days to wait as he is flying to the US tomorrow and I can't seem to go beyond the 'error' notice on USCIS fee website. The instructions, as mentioned, says we need to pay before he enters the US and I'm panicking because we thought all we smooth and now I'm not sure what to do. We we cancel his trvael arrangement, it's going to cost us around $500 now to wait several days to try paying for it again. Please advise as I'm really upset now and not sure what to do as we are running out of time rpetty much considering that where my husband is it's mid day and he's supposd to go to the airport early morning tomorrow. There's no way for him to pay for his US visa later on at all?
  8. thank you...i only worried because everyone seems to be picking up their passports based on the status and my spouse's status doesn't indicate pick up even though he is supposed to do it tomorrow. Can I also ask, once he enters the US, since he doesn't have an actual green card in his posession yet, is he supposed to go directly to the tourist visa border control or the us citizen/gren card/canadian citizen border control? My spouse asked me this and I have no idea. Which lane did immigrants with CR-1 status approach?
  9. Hi guys. My spouse was approved last week and although I had registered at a pick up location the passport was supposed to have been picked up according to the Embassy's instructions, at the end of the interview, the CO told my spouse to pick up the passport at the Embassy and not teh location the Embassy tells you to register on their website. Spouse was told to pick up passport tomorrow at 1pm at the Embassy and I just checked the status of his visa/passport, and it says "ready" and the last update was on the day of his interview. In the instructions, I read that "ready" means that spouse is scheduled for interview, so I'm confused now. Has anyone encountered "ready" status and what does that mean because I read that it's supposed to say "pick up" for you to pick up the passport although eh was given an exact day and time to go back to the Embassy for the passport. Can anyone explain this to me as we are both confused. I thought ready meant as if the passport is ready but I guess not. If spouse is supposed to pick up passport tomorrow at 1pm, shouldn't the status already say "pick up" as thre's just a day left? Thanks.
  10. ok great thanks for clearing my confusion. Now that the whole immigration stage is almost over I'd like to use this opportunity to just ask about the removal of his conditional green card 90 days prior to the end of the 2 year period. Would you mind briefly telling me from the moment he arrives, for the removal of his conditional status, what documents we need to submit all over again besides the forms and besides collecting evidence of us living together like bank statements, utilities, etc. Those I know, but i'm just wondering from our marriage certificate, previous divorces, birth certificates, his military record, and all his supporting docs that we already submited durign the whole process, what we have to re-submit all over again that we already did. I'd really appreciate if someone can let me know please as that's the only thing that i was going to ask on this website. I'm trying to delete some docs from my computer from the ones we had like previous travel boarding passes, hotels etc...im assuming those pre immigration that we already sent to show that we saw each other, no longer needs to be re-submit but rather new vacations as a couple living together? Thanks.
  11. I'm in the same situation but I'm the citizen wife...my husband was approved yesterday and his passport was kept by the embassy and he is supposed to pick it up next week and I was wondering should I pay the fee before he picks up his passport or after his pick up because he is supposed to fly the veyr next morning to the US after picking up his passport in the afternoon the day before so Im not sure at which point to pay for his green card? We already paid for AOS and IV at NVC stage so from what I read we need to pay for his green card before he arrives to the US. Don't we already have the A# on his notice of action forms that were sent initially? I see that he has an A numebr so can I use that to pay even before he gets his passport with the visa or it's best to have his passport in his possession before proceeding with the payment? You mentioned DOS number but im not sure what that is? Is it his case # or there's another ID number with which you log in ot Ceac portal? Also, when we did his IV application, one of the last question pertained to his SS# and we marked it as 'yes' so does this mean that we no longer need to contact SS in the US upon his arrival for his number and it will be automatically sent to us based on that visa?
  12. Hi :))

    I wanted to say thank you for helping me through my I-864 even though it turns out that I didn't need that help for today's interview because my husband was approved and is supposed to pick up his passport on april 30th! This 2 1/2 year ordeal is coming to an end for us soon and if you remember, i was so nervous, anxious, freaking out and all the good stuff regarding this affidavit of mine that you first were trying to help me with (since i put myself as landlord), then i had to come back and re-do it because of covid's cancellation of his interview for a year, then i went through hell tryign to find JP,  but who later stopped working due to covid so that was also waste of time...i swear i spent so much energy worrying over the AOS for 2 years to have the consular officer not even look at it today (although not sure why, isn't it a big part of the case anyways?), so i wish i didn't have that worry because it was brutal lol but im so glad that everything worked out and i had helpful people here for assistance with patience like you and a few others )) now at least i know how to do I-864 and can help someone else in need. Again, thanks for your helps and I quickly wanted to update you :))) oh and there will be no more questions for you about my AOS sagas anymore haha ))

  13. Hi guys. I was looking at the poverty guidelines for 2020 and 2021 and since Im composing a cover letter for I-864s, im a little confused if I should take into account the USCIS website's 2020 guideline or the new guideline for 2021 which isn't included on USCIS website yet? My husband's interview is next week so since uscis hasn't updated their website for the 2021 poverty guideline, do you think the consular officer will judge my sponsorship by 2020 or 2021 even though USCIS isn't updating for some reason? Aren't they supposed to update immediately when the guidelines get published by the federal government otherwise it gets confusing which option people should consider if there's a new 2021 one yet immigration shows 2020 still. I'd like to get your opinion please and maybe someone here knows why USCIS isn't updating.
  14. thank you but it dosn't show the 125% minimum so im trying to find 2021 125% for california...i just heard that they changed from 2020 to 2021 now does anyone have info on this?
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