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  1. Thanks so much!!! I'm so happy to have found someone here who is so helpful that's why the first thing that crossed my mind was to update you on the situation. In regard to correctly filling out the affidavits etc, nothing regarding that was said as in fix this or that, so do you think if I made other mistakes, for example, incorrect calculation of the total incomes for us 3 or specific errors on one of the forms, they would have asked specifically for that to be correct or would I just get the standard email even in that situation about me not meeting the requirement? Just trying to figure out if they go into specifics about the form errors or not because I heard that NVC only allows you twice to fix an error before forwarding the docs to the consulate. Thanks in advance, sir.
  2. OMG!!!!! I was DYING :))))) My husband overseas couldn't sleep as it's a night there... i need to tell him to chill now. I literally couldn't feel my stomach and had to write you since you were so helpful to see what this was and what to do. Thanks for the comment )))
  3. Hi. I did submit everything 3 weeks ago and just heard back from NVC! This is so bizarre because they just said that I (as petitioner) don't meet the minimum to be a sponsor. Well, I knew that and that's why I also added parents as my household members and with the 3 of us combined, we are above the household size of 4 (my immigrant husband included). I don't understand why they sent me the following "Jane" (me) does not meet the minimum income requirement to sponsor the intending immigrants for this case. The consular officer will make a decision regarding this requirement at the time of the interview. For more information, please visit https://www.uscis.gov/i-864p. To avoid delays, an additional Affidavit of Support Form I-864 for a joint sponsor may be submitted." For a household of 4, a minimum of $32,187 is needed, so here's what my household financial breakdown is on the affidavits that I submitted: 1) Me -$11,428 (Self-employed landlord). Obviously I don't meet the requirement, hence adding both parents' work retirement SS incomes. 2) Dad- $15,831.60. I asked SS to fax me his current (this year's (2019) SS income since he hasn't received his SS benefits statement for 2019 yet). 3) Mom-$12,102. Same scenario as my dad. Once I got SS fax me both of their individual incomes, I multiplied their gross monthly incomes for each by 12 to get their 2019 annual income on each of their I-864A. So based on our income, we are at $39,361.60 for a household of 4, which is $7, 174.60 above the minimum, so what is the problem here? The letter didn't mention anything about household members, it just mentioned me, but why would they say that if my household members are added too? It's not like I only submitted my $11,428 not to meet the minimum, you know? Also, I know that only SSI/SSD etc are not counted as income and SS employment retirement beneficiaries are, so I don't understand why they didn't mention parents? At last, do you think that the notification was more like a warning and ot a rejection of my AoS since they also requested my 1st marriage divorce decree and in the letter they said that it is up to the consular officer to decide, which means that NVC isn't denying the transfer of my case to immigration? The letter confused me a bit.
  4. I think I made a mistake by submitting my IV application, financial docs and also the civil docs at different dates with intervals. I later read that we had to submit all that at once otherwise the docs review will be significantly delayed. I started worrying about my mistake and I was wondering if any of you had made that mistake and how long it took NVC to get back to you after the review? To be more specific, we submitted IV on October 17, civil docs were submitted October 25, then once i finished the financial docs, I submitted that on November 1. I wanted to know how this might delay the review? Also, there's a notification on state department's website where it says that as of November 12, 2019, they are reviewing docs submitted to NVC on September 25, so I wanted to know will they be reviewing my case starting on October 17 when I initially submitted just the IV form or November 1st when I submitted the last portion which was financial docs? has anyone recently dealth with NVC for CR-1 case?
  5. Hi guys, I uploaded all civil docs to NVC for my husband and only stuck on "Photographs" section. Which photos are they asking? The 2X2 passport size two pics or photos of us from trips in general, for example, the additional ones we might have after submitting the petition a year ago? It just says photographs so I dont know what specifically they want. What did you guys submit? P.S. I had submitted all his civil docs with the petition at the very beginning and kept the copies for us thinking that they will forward all these civil docs for him to NVC and then to the consulate, but NO they want the copies again obviously as if we never even sent them the original translated and notarized civil docs, so now because we submitted the original translated notarized one to them, we uploaded the copies and my husband I guess has to start translating and notarizing and paying a lot of $ to get the same docs translated again to take these 'originals' with him to the future interview. Has anyone made this mistake like us before? This is double work for us when all the nicely stamped and sealed docs were sent to them, what a bummer.
  6. I apologize for bringing this thread from a while ago back, but I have completed everything regarding the AOS and I am only trying to figure out which line to use for my parent's tax return income. I will quickly remind you about parents' financial background to get my last help so that I can submit the AOS right now. I-864A household members question. Parents file jointly. Both retired and only income is their SSA benefits. Dad's 2018 SSA 1099 Statements has gross $15,396 & mom's $11,772. Add both together you get a total of $27,168 as the only annual income they get and this number is reflected on their tax return 1040 form line 5a (social security benefits). There's also tax return line 6, which shows as total income of $192. I also ordered their tax transcript to submit and it's mainly all zeros except sections: INCOME: -Taxable IRAs, Pensions, and Annuities: $192; -Total Social Security Benefits: $27,168; -Total Income: $192; -Total Income Per Computer: $192. ADJUSTMENTS TO INCOME: -Adjusted Gross Income: $192; -Adjusted Gross Income Per Computer: $192; TAX & CREDITS: -Standard Deduction Per Computer: $24,000; -Additional Standard Deduction Per Computer: $2,600; -Total Positive Income Per Computer: $192 ********This is my confusion: Do I just put $27,168 SSA amount on I-864A as the total tax return income or do I add $192 to that SSA amount making it $27,360, although in nowhere on taxes do I see that added $27,360 number reflected as you see above tax transcript? Or is their total income just the above "-Total Social Security Benefits: $27,168"? and that I shouldn't count the $192 total income indication?
  7. We just got our NOA2 end of August. After 8 months of 'received' I went back to check the status and my case number had disappeared the screen was blank, but only the part where it was supposed to show a message either received, approved etc....then i did a little inquiry online and a few people said that it means that they are working on the case and you will be approved soon. I waited another week with the same error notice too...it was blank at first then after a week there was an error notice as if the case status didn't work, so anyways then the day after or so I got an approval letter in mail! So if someone is having glitches to their case number around the time it is supposed to be approved, be advised that it means you are being approved. Even after getting the hardcopy letter, our case showed as 'received' so it went back to it's old way lol but about 3 weeks after, it was updated saying that the case has been moved to the state dept.
  8. Just submitted IV and need to submit AOS to finish with NVC stage, but I am oh so stuck just because household members I am using, mom and dad, file joint taxes, which is confusing me as to how to properly proceed with their I-864A. 1) Upon reading I-864 instructions, it says that Total Income on tax return is what's taken into consideration when determining the income, ok so parent's joint tax return form 1040 shows $192 as Total . come on line 6, but right above it, on Line 5a, show's their combined SSA benefits of $27,168. To break down what each parent gets based on their SSA Statement 1099 is $11,772 for mom and $15,396 for dad, totaling the above $27,168 yearly SSA benefits for both. Q: Do I fill out separate I-864A for each, but if so, when uploading I-864A, do I then upload their joint tax returns/joint transcripts, plus the individual SSA form 1099 for mom, then for dad's upload the same joint tax doc and only dad's SSA form 1099? Also, there's a paragraph on I-864 instructions which really confuses me as I don't understand what they are saying/wanting, can someone please explain to me clearly? it's this paragraph "If you provide a photocopy of your tax returns, you must include a copy of each and every FormW-2 and Form 1099 that relates to your returns. Do not include copies of these forms if you provide an IRS transcript of your returns rather than a photocopy unless you filed a joint Federal income tax return with your spouse."
  9. I'd appreciate some advice regarding my concerns as I have just a week and a half to let my hubby know whether he needs to get the same docs translated as we will be meeting up for a month soon in a different country so that he can get those to me during our meeting. Thanks in advance.
  10. I was wondering if someone can please share their experience regarding docs at NVC stage. I have the following concerns: 1) USCIS approved our case on Aug. 21 and the letter I got said that they have send my petition to NVC for consular processing. This was at the end of August, but the case wasn't updating until now on the website, but now it did update and when I checked the email, it said that the USCIS has forwarded our case to NVC on Sept 10! There seems to be a large difference between both dates that's claimed on the approval letter vs the status change on uscis website, so which is the truth? Oh and on dhs website it showed September 9th when the case was sent, so Im getting conflicting dates/time frames as to when the case was forwarded, if it has. 2) From the time we started the petition, we gathered much more evidence than what we submitted, and although approved, I heard that the consular officers look into each case before the interview and the decision it already made based on the evidence, so since we have more evidence that will help us further for the officer to look at, and I don't want to just rely on ym hubby to take stuff with him (which he will), i'd like the consulate to have our new evidences, so how can I proceed with these additional evidences now that the USCIS is forwarding our case to NVC? I heard that this is 'side-loading' so at which moment did you guys side-loaded? What I mean is the NVC I heard does everything electronically now like uploading AOS etc, so how can I and when can I at this NVC stage send them the evidences by mail? Is there any document that can be still submitted by mail to NVC? I would love to create a cover letter and mark everything I'm submitting with a request that the bonafide evidences be added and forwarded to the consulate. 3) I made a mistake of submitting ALL supporting docs of NVC stage with my original petition to the USCIS, which includes the military records and police clearance of my hubby, which was a year ago almost, so what should I do now since NVC stage requires those docs. DO I get my hubby get a new clearance, but this time until month of September and submit it all voer again with his military record? This way his police clearance will be 'fresh'? Are all docs and evidences get forwarded to the consulate? Since the time is running out, I need to tell my husband if he needs to get his military record from many years ago when we served in the army plus his clean police record translate and notarized again.
  11. aaa ok :)))) I get it now. Yes, their ONLY income is just that...their SS monthly benefits they get, nothing else, so unless the government raises/adjusts it due to inflation, then it's pretty stable. Just last question before I finish filling out that I-864A. You said to use their SS statement if that's the only income for them, so thought I attached my parent's each statements above, I'll use my dad as an example: Statement shows that his net benefit is $15,396 out of which he is paid check/direct deposit $13,788 and the rest, $1,608, is his Medicare Part B premium as deduction. So is his income the net benefit of $15,396 that he gets or it's only the direct deposit/check he gets for $13,788? Which one is the income? That's all I need to know to get this ordeal over with. Sorry for my earlier confusions. I feel like it's the net benefit of $15,396 but had to double check.
  12. I see what you mean although im still confused as to how to now calculate their individual income without using their 2018 tax return, but I understand now that it has nothing to do with their tax return then although Im not sure why i took into account my own tax return line 6 then if we are not using tax return to calculate income. This is too complicated for me and I was wondering if you know of any services who can assist me in filling out the income part on I-864? Do local USCIS offer assistance with the forms? I feel like to deter any more confusion, I need to find someone who can help me either free (if USCIS has such a service) or for a fee but I am not aware of such services myself. Are services available on this website regarding assistance in filling out petitions although my issue is trying to figure out the current income and not how to fill out a form as that is the easiest part so I just don't know what the current income is to put it on the form.
  13. I am sorry Im totally lost. Current income is their monthly SS retirement benefits they get, which shows on tax returns and their benefit statement I attached here, they don't have any other income other than their SS retirement benefits per month that they get. Where do I look for the 'current' income then? I thought it's all about tax return. You said "Use their individual income to state their current individual income. It's any earned income they may have, or other passive income that is individual, plus their gross social security. " My line 6 shows $11,456, theirs shows $192 as you can see from the attachment of their joint tax return, but how is their income only $192 for both doesn't make sense based on the amount they get paid for their SS social benefits.
  14. Thank you sir for the helpful advice. I was waiting to get my parent's joint income tax return before replying to you to say thank you! I filled out I-864 for myself and used Line 6 of my tax return, but I am VERY confused regarding my parent's household income that I need to add and I feel like I need guidance otherwise I will mess things up and delay/reject the whole thing. I heard that for a slight number mistake they can reject the AOS. 1) Parents' tax return: You said to me previously that "Mom and Dad's income calculation MIGHT be more complicated than just taking the number on line 6 though. You would take total income minus the taxable amount of SS, if any, PLUS the total SS number." I'm a little worried not to screw this up as there's just 1 tax return for both, filed married jointly. You mentioned to provide I-864A's for mom and dad, so I take that I need to submit two separate I-864A's for parents even thought they are filing jointly and there's only one combined ss benefits retirement income showing on their #1040 tax form? Only their Form SSA-1099-Social Security Benefit Statements show their benefits for each person, otherwise their joint tax return shows the combined total amount only. I attached their SSA-1099-Social Security Benefit Statements to show what I mean. Also, there's nothing showing on their Line 6 of tax return and I also attached it here to show what I mean. It's blank. I am looking at their tax return and this is what I see: Line 4b: taxable amount $192; Line 5a: SS benefits $27,168; Line 8: Standard deduction or itemized deductions $26,600. The two SS Benefit statements I attached show that dad's net benefit (box 3 minus box 4) = $15,396 (he paid $1,608 for Medicare Part B premium deduction from his benefit) & mom's net benefit is $11,772 and she got deducted Medicar Plan B premium for $1,524. I'm assuming that their income on the tax return is that "5a. Social security benefits amount of $27,168" and that the Medicare premium deductions don't play a role here since $15,396 (dad) + $11,772 (mom)=$27,168, hence the 5a SS benefit total $. I'm afraid I can't figure this out on my own and while I compiled a really good petition by myself & got the approval, I knew that this part was going to be tough for me although it is fairly easy...the question is where the hell do I find parent's income to use on AOS forms lol? Could you please help me out by pointing at which $/line to use on income tax return? I just need to know is it their NET BENEFIT that counts or do we deduct the medicare premiums they get deducted before their direct deposit is made each month.
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